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120 races with stadium= Rabapatona, date = 2011 and any class
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
Puppy Derby SprintRabapatona15 OCT 20111OPEN280 / 306Memphis True Bonusz17.17
Greyhound & Whippet Shop OpenRabapatona15 OCT 20112OPEN492 / 538Westmead Dolly30.47
Young Ladies TrophyRabapatona15 OCT 20113OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto Jennifer30.22
Select StakesRabapatona15 OCT 20114OPEN280 / 306Rocking Rolo16.84
October TrophyRabapatona15 OCT 20115GR S2280 / 306Ah Sure Duffy17.38
Select StakesRabapatona15 OCT 20116OPEN492 / 538Heartland Voodoo30.04
Puppy DerbyRabapatona15 OCT 20117OPEN492 / 538Primo JPY29.98
rába kllubmaisterschaft SemifinalRabapatona8 OCT 20111OPEN492 / 538Dopping Black Magic Woman30.06
rába kllubmaisterschaft Semifinal 2.Rabapatona8 OCT 20112OPEN492 / 538Dopping Hutch30.18
rába kllubmaisterschaft finalRabapatona8 OCT 20113OPEN492 / 538Dopping Bonnie30.47
European Grand Prix Plate Cons FinalRabapatona2 OCT 20111GR A2492 / 538Andor30.93
European Grand Prix Sprint Plate Cons FinalRabapatona2 OCT 20112GR S2280 / 306Primo Kelly17.53
European Grand Prix Sprint Cons FinalRabapatona2 OCT 20113OPEN280 / 306Pennys Cartel17.08
European Grand Prix Puppy Cons FinalRabapatona2 OCT 20114OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutó Spirál30.40
European Grand Prix Cons FinalRabapatona2 OCT 20115OPEN492 / 538Dopping Boy30.18
European Grand Prix Plate FinalRabapatona2 OCT 20116GR A2492 / 538Heartland Voodoo29.94
European Grand Prix Sprint Plate FinalRabapatona2 OCT 20117GR S2280 / 306Lynn Camolin17.21
European Grand Prix Sprint FinalRabapatona2 OCT 20118OPEN280 / 306Cashen Gerry17.09
European Grand Prix Veterans FinalRabapatona2 OCT 20119OPEN280 / 306Brother Mick17.07
European Grand Prix Stayer FinalRabapatona2 OCT 201110OPEN730 / 798Miss Castalano45.59
European Grand Prix Puppy FinalRabapatona2 OCT 201111OPEN492 / 538Zeagle Tessa29.40
European Grand Prix FinalRabapatona2 OCT 201112OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto First Bibor29.57
European Grand Prix Sprint Plate 1st SemiRabapatona1 OCT 20111OPEN280 / 306Cara Camolin17.13
European Grand Prix Sprint Plate 2nd SemiRabapatona1 OCT 20112OPEN280 / 306Lynn Camolin17.51
European Grand Prix Sprint 1st SemiRabapatona1 OCT 20113OPEN280 / 306Boxster Camolin17.18
European Grand Prix Sprint 2nd SemiRabapatona1 OCT 20114OPEN280 / 306Wide Jo17.13
European Grand Prix Plate 1st SemiRabapatona1 OCT 20115OPEN492 / 538Westmead Dolly30.02
European Grand Prix Puppy 1st SemiRabapatona1 OCT 20116OPEN492 / 538Zeagle Tessa29.86
European Grand Prix 1st SemiRabapatona1 OCT 20117OPEN492 / 538Dopping Lulu30.17
European Grand Prix Plate 2nd SemiRabapatona1 OCT 20118OPEN492 / 538Heartland Voodoo30.08
European Grand Prix Puppy 2nd SemiRabapatona1 OCT 20119OPEN492 / 538Z-Eagle Joana29.97
European Grand Prix 2nd SemiRabapatona1 OCT 201110OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto First Bibor29.49
Szeptember sprintRabapatona10 SEP 20110GR S2280 / 306Kengyelfuto Jumping Yes17.26
TEREZAS NIKITA OPEN SPRINTRabapatona10 SEP 20111OPEN280 / 306Wide Jo17.05
CZECH CHAMPIONSHIPRabapatona10 SEP 20112OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto First Bonus30.06
September TrophyRabapatona10 SEP 20113OPEN492 / 538Fehérhegyi Futó East30.02
Cinpress SprintRabapatona20 AUG 20114STAKE280 / 306Cara Camolin17.29
Masters VeteransRabapatona20 AUG 20116OPEN280 / 306Rocking Rolo17.29
Cinpress TrophyRabapatona20 AUG 20118STAKE492 / 538Puckaun Romina30.02
August OpenRabapatona20 AUG 20119OPEN492 / 538Brother Mick29.63
August TrophyRabapatona20 AUG 201110STAKE492 / 538Kengyelfuto Sisy30.39
Masters SprintRabapatona20 AUG 201111OPEN280 / 306Boxster Camolin16.84
OaksRabapatona20 AUG 201114OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto First Bibor29.70
MastersRabapatona20 AUG 201115OPEN492 / 538Z-Eagle Yukon29.87
Moonshine Derby - semifinal females 1Rabapatona6 AUG 20111OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto First Bibor29.80
Moonshine Derby - semifinal females 2Rabapatona6 AUG 20112OPEN492 / 538Z-Eagle Joana29.95
Moonshine Derby - semifinal males 1Rabapatona6 AUG 20113OPEN492 / 538Dopping Hutch30.03
Moonshine Derby - semifinal males 2Rabapatona6 AUG 20114OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutó First Blue29.48
Moonshine Derby - semifinal males 3Rabapatona6 AUG 20115OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto Snow30.11
Moonshine Derby - Males B finalRabapatona6 AUG 20117OPEN492 / 538Fehérhegyi Futó East30.44
Moonshine Derby - Females A finalRabapatona6 AUG 20118OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto First Bibor29.97
Moonshine Derby - Males A finalRabapatona6 AUG 20119OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutó First Blue29.39
Summer SprintRabapatona16 JUL 20111GR S2280 / 306Kengyelfutó Solár17.29
Czech Championship 2011 280m dogsRabapatona16 JUL 20112OPEN280 / 306Pennys Cartel16.79
Chudleys Greyhound Racer Puppy OpenRabapatona16 JUL 20113OPEN492 / 538Fehérhegyi Futó East30.05
Summer TrophyRabapatona16 JUL 20114GR A2492 / 538Heartland Action30.41
Czech Championship 2011 280m bitchesRabapatona16 JUL 20115OPEN280 / 306Kengyelfuto First Bibor16.85
Chudleys Greyhound Crunch OpenRabapatona16 JUL 20116OPEN492 / 538Dopping Lulu30.28
Chudleys Greyhound Racer OpenRabapatona16 JUL 20117OPEN492 / 538Dopping Boy29.80
Federation Sprint Cons-FinalRabapatona3 JUL 20111OPEN280 / 306Moonlight-Hunter Kiss Me Quick17.36
Czech Derby InvitationRabapatona3 JUL 20112OPEN492 / 538Dopping Black Magic Woman30.07
Federation Trophy Cons-FinalRabapatona3 JUL 20113GR A2492 / 538Talisker Skye30.40
Czech Derby Cons-FinalRabapatona3 JUL 20114OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto Snow29.80
Federation Trophy FinalRabapatona3 JUL 20115GR A2492 / 538Zeagle Tessa29.79
Federation Sprint FinalRabapatona3 JUL 20116OPEN280 / 306Perfect Runner Maximus17.13
Czech Derby FinalRabapatona3 JUL 20117OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutó First Blue29.39
Federation Sprint 1st SemiRabapatona2 JUL 20111OPEN280 / 306Ah Sure Duffy17.28
Federation Sprint 2nd SemiRabapatona2 JUL 20112OPEN280 / 306Perfect Runner Maximus16.84
Federation Trophy 1st SemiRabapatona2 JUL 20113GR A2492 / 538Andor30.18
Federation Trophy 2nd SemiRabapatona2 JUL 20114GR A2492 / 538Dopping Boy29.79
Federation Trophy 3rd SemiRabapatona2 JUL 20115GR A2492 / 538Z-Eagle Joana29.94
Czech Derby 1st SemiRabapatona2 JUL 20116OPEN492 / 538Cooliska Bullitt29.56
Czech Derby 2nd SemiRabapatona2 JUL 20117OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutó First Blue29.55
Czech Derby 3rd SemiRabapatona2 JUL 20118OPEN492 / 538Z-Eagle Adriano29.85
Hungarian Derby - semifinal 1Rabapatona11 JUN 20111OPEN492 / 538Fool Fighter Jumping Jet29.80
Hungarian Derby - semifinal 2Rabapatona11 JUN 20112OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto Snow29.91
Hungarian Derby - semifinal 3Rabapatona11 JUN 20113OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutó First Blue29.76
Hungarian Derby - semifinal 4Rabapatona11 JUN 20114OPEN492 / 538Dopping Lulu30.33
Hungarian Derby - semifinal 5Rabapatona11 JUN 20115OPEN492 / 538Dopping Hutch30.25
Hungarian Derby - C finalRabapatona11 JUN 20116OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfuto Skrepy30.76
Hungarian Derby - B finalRabapatona11 JUN 20117OPEN492 / 538Dopping Bonnie30.01
Hungarian Derby - FINALRabapatona11 JUN 20118OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutó First Blue29.55
Smart Capital TrophyRabapatona4 JUN 20111OPEN280 / 306Ah Sure Duffy17.30
Czech Derby Trial StakesRabapatona4 JUN 20112OPEN492 / 538Dopping Bonnie30.31
Czech Derby Trial StakesRabapatona4 JUN 20113OPEN492 / 538Z-Eagle Adriano29.91
June SprintRabapatona4 JUN 20114GR S2280 / 306Moonlight-Hunter Upsy Daisy17.15
June TrophyRabapatona4 JUN 20115GR A2492 / 538Primo Bound30.35
Smart Capital TrophyRabapatona4 JUN 20116OPEN492 / 538Fenomen Co Co30.29
International Slovak Chship - Females finalRabapatona21 MAY 20110OPEN492 / 538Gacsaj Pesta Magic Day30.57
International Slovak Chship - Sprint semifinalRabapatona21 MAY 20110OPEN280 / 306Mums Lee17.06
International Slovak Chship - Females semifinal 1Rabapatona21 MAY 20111OPEN492 / 538Dopping Lulu30.34
International Slovak Chship - Females semifinal 2Rabapatona21 MAY 20112OPEN492 / 538Dopping Bonnie30.39
International Slovak Chship - Males semifinal 1Rabapatona21 MAY 20113OPEN492 / 538Fool Fighter Jumping Jet30.19
International Slovak Chship - Males semifinal 2Rabapatona21 MAY 20114OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutó First Blue30.08
International Slovak Chship - Sprint finalRabapatona21 MAY 20115OPEN280 / 306Mums Lee17.06
International Slovak Chship - Males B finalRabapatona21 MAY 20117OPEN492 / 538Katatjuta's Walt Disney31.64
International Slovak Chship - Males finalRabapatona21 MAY 20119OPEN492 / 538Dopping James Bond30.22
May SprintRabapatona14 MAY 20111GR S2280 / 306Moonlight-Hunter Kiss Me Quick17.54
Supersonic TrophyRabapatona14 MAY 20112OPEN280 / 306Mums Lee17.15
Supersonic Veterans TrophyRabapatona14 MAY 20113OPEN280 / 306Dopping Sinfein17.53
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