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81 races with stadium= Isaszeg, date = 2014 and any class

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
Hungarian Puppy Derby SprintIsaszeg8 NOV 20141OPEN275 / 301Dopping Mick Jagger16.77
Red Mills 290Isaszeg8 NOV 20142OPEN290 / 317Devil in Disguise17.50
Gain 500Isaszeg8 NOV 20143OPEN500 / 547Dopping Katy30.47
November TrophyIsaszeg8 NOV 20144GR A2485 / 530Holdem Impact29.92
Hungarian OaksIsaszeg8 NOV 20145OPEN485 / 530Pennys Trush29.69
Hungarian Puppy DerbyIsaszeg8 NOV 20146OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Magnezium30.42
Hungarian MastersIsaszeg8 NOV 20147OPEN485 / 530Dopping Joker29.58
Select Stakes VeteransIsaszeg25 OCT 20141OPEN275 / 301Rabbit Fanatic Drafty16.75
Puppy Derby SprintIsaszeg25 OCT 20142OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Paradise Daisy16.98
Greyhound & White Shop OpenIsaszeg25 OCT 20143OPEN500 / 547Dopping Katy99.00
October TrophyIsaszeg25 OCT 20144GR A2485 / 530Tedy Lee Hooker99.00
Select Stakes SprintIsaszeg25 OCT 20145OPEN275 / 301Cassidy Veyron16.59
Select StakesIsaszeg25 OCT 20146OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Jennifer30.24
Puppy DerbyIsaszeg25 OCT 20147OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Magnum29.66
EC InvitationIsaszeg27 SEP 20141OPEN485 / 530Tedy Lee Hooker30.35
EC PlateIsaszeg27 SEP 20142GR S2275 / 301Kengyelfutó Big Bride17.05
EC Veterans ConsolationIsaszeg27 SEP 20143OPEN275 / 301Rabbit Fanatic Drafty16.89
EC Bitches 275m ConsolationIsaszeg27 SEP 20144OPEN275 / 301Cashen Charm16.88
EC Plate 485mIsaszeg27 SEP 20145GR A2485 / 530Herberts Rose30.83
EC Bitches 485m ConsolationIsaszeg27 SEP 20146OPEN485 / 530Queen Jade29.74
EC Dogs 485m ConsolationIsaszeg27 SEP 20147OPEN485 / 530Perfect Runner Grafit29.90
EC Stayers 670m FinalIsaszeg27 SEP 20148OPEN670 / 733Sam41.58
EC Dogs 275m FinalIsaszeg27 SEP 20149OPEN275 / 301Unique Rolex16.98
EC Veterans 275m FinalIsaszeg27 SEP 201410OPEN275 / 301Scroggy Fly16.99
EC Bitches 275m FinalIsaszeg27 SEP 201411OPEN275 / 301Devil in Disguise16.77
EC Puppys 485m FinalIsaszeg27 SEP 201412OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Magnum29.60
EC Bitches 485m FinalIsaszeg27 SEP 201413OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfutó Big Bird29.76
EC Dogs 485m FinalIsaszeg27 SEP 201414OPEN485 / 530Daves Rifle29.57
European Championship Veterans 1st SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 20141OPEN275 / 301Scroggy Fly16.80
European Championship Veterans 2nd SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 20142OPEN275 / 301Hudson Hawk17.32
European Championship Bitches 275m 1st SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 20143OPEN275 / 301Cara Camolin16.79
European Championship Bitches 275m 2nd SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 20144OPEN275 / 301Devil in Disguise16.82
European Championship Bitches 485m 1st SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 20145OPEN485 / 530Pennys Trush29.64
European Championship Bitches 485m 2nd SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 20146OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Big Brook29.63
European Championship Bitches 485m 3rd SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 20147OPEN485 / 530Dopping Katy29.56
European Championship Puppys 485m 1st SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 20148OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Magnum29.93
European Championship Puppys 485m 2nd SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 20149OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Magnezium29.76
European Championship Dogs 485m 1st SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 201410OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Big Ball29.93
European Championship Dogs 485m 2nd SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 201411OPEN485 / 530Moonlight-Hunter Heartbreaker29.53
European Championship Dogs 485m 3rd SemiIsaszeg25 SEP 201412OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Big Blood29.75
Czech Championship VeteransIsaszeg6 SEP 20141OPEN275 / 301Westmead Dolly17.10
September SprintIsaszeg6 SEP 20142GR S2275 / 301Devil in Disguise16.60
September Puppy TrophyIsaszeg6 SEP 20143GR S2275 / 301Kengyelfuto Magnum16.66
Czech CahmpionshipIsaszeg6 SEP 20144OPEN670 / 733Sam99.00
September Puppy TrophyIsaszeg6 SEP 20145GR A2485 / 530Tedy Lee Hooker30.68
European Championship Trial StakesIsaszeg6 SEP 20146OPEN485 / 530Moonlight-Hunter Heartbreaker29.56
Teresas Nikita Open SprintIsaszeg6 SEP 20147OPEN290 / 317Perfect Runner Natiry17.39
Czech Championship bitchesIsaszeg6 SEP 20148OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfutó Big Bird29.79
Czech Championship dogsIsaszeg6 SEP 20149OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Big Bolt29.78
Masters VeteranIsaszeg23 AUG 20141OPEN275 / 301Moonlight-Hunter Poppyseed17.05
Cinpress SprintIsaszeg23 AUG 20142GR S2275 / 301Cooliskas Eleanor16.89
Summer TrophyIsaszeg23 AUG 20143GR A2485 / 530Csontraketa Rapid Pauli30.20
Summer TrophyIsaszeg23 AUG 20144GR A3485 / 530Rabbit Fanatic Rosario30.25
Summer Puppy TrophyIsaszeg23 AUG 20145GR A2275 / 301Kengyelfuto Magnum16.74
Masters StayersIsaszeg23 AUG 20146OPEN670 / 733Sam42.40
Masters SprintIsaszeg23 AUG 20147OPEN275 / 301Unique Rolex16.73
Summer OpenIsaszeg23 AUG 20148OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Big Bolt29.55
Oaks 2014Isaszeg23 AUG 20149OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Joker29.77
Masters 2014Isaszeg23 AUG 201410OPEN485 / 530Dopping Joker99.00
Federation Trophy InvitationIsaszeg6 JUL 20141GR A2485 / 530Dopping Face to Face30.49
Czech Derby VeteransIsaszeg6 JUL 20142OPEN275 / 301Gacsaj Pesta Magic Day17.39
Federation Open SprintIsaszeg6 JUL 20143OPEN290 / 317Legyen 1 Snowflake17.79
Federation Trophy FinalIsaszeg6 JUL 20144GR A2485 / 530Dopping Quins30.76
Czech Derby ConsolationIsaszeg6 JUL 20145OPEN485 / 530Queen Jade29.86
Czech Derby FinalIsaszeg6 JUL 20146OPEN485 / 530Dopping Joker29.42
Czech Derby 1st SemifinalIsaszeg5 JUL 20141OPEN485 / 530Dopping Joker29.38
Czech Derby 2nd SemifinalIsaszeg5 JUL 20142OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Jennifer29.77
Czech Derby 3rd SemifinalIsaszeg5 JUL 20143OPEN485 / 530Dopping Ryan29.66
Federation Trophy 1st SemifinalIsaszeg5 JUL 20144GR A2485 / 530Moonlight-Hunter Heartbreaker30.34
Federation Trophy 2nd SemifinalIsaszeg5 JUL 20145GR A2485 / 530Elvis the King30.77
June SprintIsaszeg14 JUN 20141GR S2/275 / 301Kengyelfuto Joker17.05
www.dogracing.cz TrophyIsaszeg14 JUN 20142GR A2485 / 530Kengyelfuto Activ30.53
Gain OpenIsaszeg14 JUN 20143OPEN500 / 547Dopping Ryan30.68
Czech Championship mixIsaszeg14 JUN 20144OPEN275 / 301Mums Honcho17.17
June TrophyIsaszeg14 JUN 20145GR A2485 / 530Laki Peggy30.67
Czech Derby Trial StakesIsaszeg14 JUN 20146OPEN485 / 530Queen Jade30.51
May SprintIsaszeg17 MAY 20141GR S2/275 / 301Szamosszegi Sartaposo Aliz17.52
Supersonic TrophyIsaszeg17 MAY 20142OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Big Ball30.21
May TrophyIsaszeg17 MAY 20143GR A2/485 / 530Dopping Hutch29.07
Supersonic TrophyIsaszeg17 MAY 20144OPEN275 / 301Mums Honcho16.67
Naome St LegerIsaszeg17 MAY 20145OPEN485 / 530Queen Jade30.10