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148 races with stadium= Isaszeg, date = 2018 and any class
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
November TrophyIsaszeg3 NOV 20181GR A2485 / 530Casandra29.88
Juvenile Championship SprintIsaszeg3 NOV 20182OPEN275 / 301Big Blood Lexa17.05
November SprintIsaszeg3 NOV 20183GR S2275 / 301Ballymac Whit17.10
Juvenile Championship SprintIsaszeg3 NOV 20184OPEN290 / 317Daddyslilmonster17.39
Red Mills 290Isaszeg3 NOV 20185OPEN290 / 317Kengyelfuto Oregon17.36
B12 Power 275Isaszeg3 NOV 20186OPEN275 / 301Ballymac Jo Jo16.72
November TrophyIsaszeg3 NOV 20187MAIDEN485 / 530Amigo Paco30.13
Neutradex 485Isaszeg3 NOV 20188OPEN485 / 530Kentish Dream29.47
Juvenile TrophyIsaszeg3 NOV 20189OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Ticket29.61
Beta Cel 485Isaszeg3 NOV 201810OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Idaho29.58
Juvenile ChampionshipIsaszeg3 NOV 201811OPEN485 / 530Dark Raven29.96
CRF SprintIsaszeg20 OCT 20181GR S3275 / 301Dopping Tina Turner16.88
Puppy Stake SprintIsaszeg20 OCT 20182OPEN275 / 301Baby Face17.04
October TrophyIsaszeg20 OCT 20183GR A3485 / 530Lepke30.05
October TrophyIsaszeg20 OCT 20184GR A2485 / 530Pretty Beast29.68
October SprintIsaszeg20 OCT 20185GR S2275 / 301Stemgrove Jaxx16.89
Puppy Derby SprintIsaszeg20 OCT 20186OPEN275 / 301Black Jenny17.07
Select Stakes Sprint BitchesIsaszeg20 OCT 20187OPEN275 / 301Ballymac Jo Jo16.70
Select Stakes Sprint DogsIsaszeg20 OCT 20188OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Oregon16.59
Puppy StakeIsaszeg20 OCT 20189OPEN485 / 530Barcelona31.25
Select Stakes 500Isaszeg20 OCT 201810OPEN500 / 547Kengyelfuto Colorado30.28
Select Stakes 485Isaszeg20 OCT 201811OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Scooter29.26
Puppy DerbyIsaszeg20 OCT 201812OPEN485 / 530Dark Raven29.83
CRF Puppy TrophyIsaszeg29 SEP 20181OPEN275 / 301Berlinetta17.44
CGRC TrophyIsaszeg29 SEP 20182GR S3275 / 301Kengyelfuto Illinois17.23
CGRC TrophyIsaszeg29 SEP 20183GR S2275 / 301Ballymac Whit17.29
CGRC TrophyIsaszeg29 SEP 20184GR A3485 / 530Barcelona30.51
CGRC TrophyIsaszeg29 SEP 20185GR A2485 / 530Best Grey Alf30.09
European Sprint Derby InvitationIsaszeg29 SEP 20186OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Oregon16.94
European Sprint Derby ConsolationIsaszeg29 SEP 20187OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Kentucky16.83
European Derby Plate InvitationIsaszeg29 SEP 20188OPEN485 / 530Amigo Paco30.20
European Derby InvitationIsaszeg29 SEP 20189OPEN485 / 530Speed Ramos30.26
European Veterans DerbyIsaszeg29 SEP 201810OPEN275 / 301Kenya Farloe17.36
European Puppy Derby finalIsaszeg29 SEP 201811OPEN275 / 301Alfred17.11
European Derby Plate finalIsaszeg29 SEP 201812OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Tennessee30.09
European Derby consolationIsaszeg29 SEP 201813OPEN485 / 530Kentish Dream29.44
European Puppy Derby finalIsaszeg29 SEP 201814OPEN485 / 530Best Grey Ashley29.99
European Sprint Derby finalIsaszeg29 SEP 201815OPEN275 / 301Coming Soon16.60
European Derby finalIsaszeg29 SEP 201816FEATURE485 / 530Jaytee Milan29.60
European Derby Plate 1st semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20181OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Tennessee29.34
European Derby Plate 2nd semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20182OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Maryland29.66
European Sprint Derby 1st semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20183OPEN275 / 301Ballymac Jo Jo16.42
European Sprint Derby 2nd semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20184OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Ego16.64
European Sprint Derby 3rd semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20185OPEN275 / 301Coming Soon16.64
European Puppy Derby 1st semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20186OPEN275 / 301Dark Raven16.79
European Puppy Derby 2nd semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20187OPEN275 / 301Black Jenny16.53
European Derby 1st semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20188OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Idaho29.72
European Derby 2nd semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20189OPEN485 / 530Jaytee Milan29.27
European Derby 3rd semiIsaszeg27 SEP 201810OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Dynamo30.32
CRF SprintIsaszeg8 SEP 20181GR S2275 / 301Dopping Bonie Tyler16.90
Terezas Nikita Open SprintIsaszeg8 SEP 20182OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Virginia16.87
CRF TrophyIsaszeg8 SEP 20183GR A3485 / 530Best Grey Alf30.02
CRF TrophyIsaszeg8 SEP 20184GR A2485 / 530Kingdom Kite30.37
Euro Derby Trial StakesIsaszeg8 SEP 20185OPEN485 / 530Dopping Jazz30.11
Terezas Nikita Open SprintIsaszeg8 SEP 20186OPEN290 / 317Legyen 1 Poker17.20
Czech Championship dogsIsaszeg8 SEP 20187OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Scooter29.17
Czech Championship bitchesIsaszeg8 SEP 20188OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Idaho29.61
Czech ChampionshipIsaszeg8 SEP 20189OPEN500 / 547Somersby Kody30.75
August SprintIsaszeg25 AUG 20181GR S3275 / 301Csontraketa Midna17.25
Masters VeteransIsaszeg25 AUG 20182OPEN275 / 301Dopping Tina Turner17.14
August TrophyIsaszeg25 AUG 20183GR A3485 / 530Csett Unicum30.82
August SprintIsaszeg25 AUG 20184GR S2275 / 301Ballymac Jo Jo17.01
Summer Open SprintIsaszeg25 AUG 20185OPEN290 / 317Kengyelfuto Ego17.37
MastersIsaszeg25 AUG 20186OPEN500 / 547Black Jack30.47
Masters SprintIsaszeg25 AUG 20187OPEN275 / 301Legyen 1 Poker16.74
August TrophyIsaszeg25 AUG 20188GR A2485 / 530Stemgrove Jaxx30.41
MastersIsaszeg25 AUG 20189OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Scooter29.47
OaksIsaszeg25 AUG 201810OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Idaho30.03
SUMMER SPRINT S3Isaszeg4 AUG 20181GR S3275 / 301Ballymac Whit17.27
SUMMER SPRINT S2Isaszeg4 AUG 20182GR S2275 / 301Dopping Tina Turner16.96
SUMMER TROPHY A2Isaszeg4 AUG 20183GR A2485 / 530Lady Million29.97
SUMMER TROPHY A3Isaszeg4 AUG 20184GR A3485 / 530Stemgrove Jaxx30.02
HUNGARIAN CHAMPIONSHIP bitchesIsaszeg4 AUG 20185OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Virginia16.97
HUNGARIAN CHAMPIONSHIP dogsIsaszeg4 AUG 20186OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Oregon16.66
SUMMER OPENIsaszeg4 AUG 20187OPEN485 / 530Uniqueness Cherokee30.01
HUNGARIAN CHAMPIONSHIP bitchesIsaszeg4 AUG 20188OPEN485 / 530Best Grey Ashley29.75
HUNGARIAN CHAMPIONSHIP dogsIsaszeg4 AUG 20189OPEN485 / 530Baszhan Parij Almost29.38
CRF SPRINT INVITATIONIsaszeg8 JUL 20181GR S2275 / 301Kengyelfuto Pötyi17.22
FEDERATION TROPHYIsaszeg8 JUL 20182GR S3275 / 301Admiral17.36
CRF SPRINT FINALIsaszeg8 JUL 20183GR S2275 / 301Kengyelfuto Daren17.05
FEDERATION TROPHY INVITATIONIsaszeg8 JUL 20184GR A2485 / 530Big Blood Daisy30.04
FEDERATION TROPHY CONSOLATIONIsaszeg8 JUL 20185GR A2485 / 530S-Kish Pandora30.49
FEDERATION TROPHY A3Isaszeg8 JUL 20186GR A3485 / 530Lepke30.25
CZECH SPRINT DERBY CONSOLATIONIsaszeg8 JUL 20187OPEN290 / 317Bugatti Eridanus Star17.53
FEDERATION TROPHY 670Isaszeg8 JUL 20188OPEN670 / 733Old Fort Ohio42.50
CZECH DERBY CONSOLATIONIsaszeg8 JUL 20189OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Colorado99.00
FEDERATION TROPHY FINALIsaszeg8 JUL 201810GR A2485 / 530Best Grey Aurora30.14
CZECH SPRINT DERBY FINALIsaszeg8 JUL 201811OPEN290 / 317Kengyelfuto Ego17.33
CZECH DERBY FINALIsaszeg8 JUL 201812OPEN485 / 530Kentish Dream29.55
CZECH SPRINT DERBY 1st semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 20181OPEN290 / 317Kengyelfuto Polo17.65
CZECH SPRINT DERBY 2nd semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 20182OPEN290 / 317Kengyelfuto Kentucky17.48
CZECH SPRINT DERBY 3rd semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 20183OPEN290 / 317Legyen 1 Poker17.34
CRF SPRINT 1st semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 20184GR S2275 / 301Kengyelfuto Daren17.14
CRF SPRINT 2nd semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 20185GR S2275 / 301Dopping Tina Turner17.05
CZECH DERBY 1st semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 20186OPEN485 / 530Kentish Dream29.85
CZECH DERBY 2nd semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 20187OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Dynamo29.51
CZECH DERBY 3rd semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 20188OPEN485 / 530Black Jack30.01
FEDERATION TROPHY 1st semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 20189GR A2485 / 530Best Grey Aurora30.23
FEDERATION TROPHY 2nd semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 201810GR A2485 / 530Best Grey Angel30.44
FEDERATION TROPHY 3rd semifinalIsaszeg7 JUL 201811GR A2485 / 530Best Grey Ashley29.81
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