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20522 races with country= IE, date = 2011 and any class
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
The Welcome to Curraheen Park 525Cork30 DEC 20111GR A6480 / 525Master Geoff29.38
The Bet With The Tote 525Cork30 DEC 20112GR S5302 / 330Ballygree Jake17.98
The Try Allways Trio 525Cork30 DEC 20113GR A4480 / 525Rocky Power29.20
The Upcoming Events 330Cork30 DEC 20114GR S2302 / 330Kilmoney Alex18.23
The Find Us On Facebook 525Cork30 DEC 20115GR A3480 / 525Look That Way29.06
The New Year A3 550 Stake. Round 1Cork30 DEC 20116GR A3503 / 550Aughacasla Jack30.36
The New Year A3 550 Stake. Round 1Cork30 DEC 20117GR A3503 / 550Mucky Donal30.63
The New Year A3 550 Stake. Round 1Cork30 DEC 20118GR A3503 / 550Hurricane Hawk30.15
The New Year A3 550 Stake. Round 1Cork30 DEC 20119GR A3503 / 550Splendid Wish30.42
The Happy New Year 525Cork30 DEC 201110GR A2480 / 525Cherokee Field29.01
WELCOME TO THE SPORTSGROUND A8/A9Galway30 DEC 20111GR A8480 / 525Hold It Paddy30.41
THE TOTE BETTING S8/S9Galway30 DEC 20112GR S8320 / 350Knockmeale Lad19.73
THE PICK 4 JACKPOT AT GALWAY S5/6Galway30 DEC 20113GR S5320 / 350Sparrows Monty19.48
THE FUNDRAISING FOR 2012 A6/7Galway30 DEC 20114GR A6480 / 525Grenanstown Ama29.89
THE ONLINE RACE ENTRY A6Galway30 DEC 20115GR A6480 / 525Boherash Torpedo29.81
Happy 30th Birthday to Donna O'Neill StakesGalway30 DEC 20116GR A5480 / 525Orbsen Myth29.81
THE ONLINE RESTAURANT BOOKING A4Galway30 DEC 20117GR A4480 / 525Premier Glory29.70
THE iPHONE APP A3Galway30 DEC 20118GR A3503 / 550Outback Kirsty31.09
THE TRACKSIDE ADVERTISING A3Galway30 DEC 20119GR A3480 / 525Cill Dubh Range29.79
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR FRIENDS A2Galway30 DEC 201110GR A2480 / 525So They Say29.74
THE LAST OF 2011 A1Galway30 DEC 201111GR A1480 / 525Call Me Bullet29.59
The TT insulation A6 525 FinalLongford30 DEC 20111GR A6480 / 525Jet Girl30.03
The Longford Track Grade A4 525Longford30 DEC 20112GR A4480 / 525Double Belief29.11
The TT insulation S3 330 FinalLongford30 DEC 20113GR S3302 / 330Old Fort Missile18.08
The Longford Track Grade A3 570Longford30 DEC 20114GR A3521 / 570Castleroggy Gold31.48
The TT insulation A4 525 FinalLongford30 DEC 20115GR A4480 / 525Dannys Legacy29.08
The Longford Grade A1-A2 525Longford30 DEC 20116GR A1480 / 525Martinstown Tina29.52
The TT insulation A3 525 FinalLongford30 DEC 20117GR A3480 / 525Roving Express29.26
The TT insulation A2 525 FinalLongford30 DEC 20118GR A2480 / 525Athboy Fantasy29.51
The Longford GOBA Grade A1 550Longford30 DEC 20119GR A1503 / 550Paulines Pride30.30
Welcome To Thurles Stadium S4/S6 360 ydsThurles30 DEC 20111GR S4329 / 360Speed Steed20.20
Festive Season A5/A6 525yds FinalThurles30 DEC 20112GR A5480 / 525Ericks Bloom29.67
Bet With The Tote N2/A8Thurles30 DEC 20113GR A8480 / 525Bodens Champ29.78
Merry ChristmasS6/S8 360 yds Stake FinalThurles30 DEC 20114GR S6329 / 360Spa Nelson20.11
Try A Trio A5/A6 600 ydsThurles30 DEC 20115GR A5549 / 600Brave Roisin34.18
Track Bookmakers A5/A6 525 ydsThurles30 DEC 20116GR A5480 / 525Maldinis Berry29.66
Race Sponsorship A3/A4 525 ydsThurles30 DEC 20117GR A3480 / 525Polaris29.67
Thurles Stadium A3/A4 600 yds FinalThurles30 DEC 20118GR A3549 / 600Fair Spin33.76
Seasons Greetings A3 525yds FinalThurles30 DEC 20119GR A3480 / 525Slaneyside Shay29.06
Slan Abhaile A1/A2 525 ydsThurles30 DEC 201110GR A1480 / 525Rising Ruby29.37
Welcome to the Kingdom Greyhound Stadium 525Tralee30 DEC 20111GR A8480 / 525Boherbee Dash29.86
The Tote Trio Pool 325Tralee30 DEC 20112GR S8297 / 325Twist Swallow18.24
The www.igb.ie 525Tralee30 DEC 20113GR A7480 / 525Moyvane Majestic29.84
The Text Alerts to your Mobile 325Tralee30 DEC 20114GR S6297 / 325Ballygree Alice18.23
The Bet Online with the Tote 525Tralee30 DEC 20115GR N2480 / 525Facebook Kate29.70
The Tralee Tote Pick Five Jackpot 525Tralee30 DEC 20116GR A6480 / 525With What29.82
Book Your Unrecorded Trials Online 325Tralee30 DEC 20117GR S4297 / 325Zara Tashadelek18.12
The Benefit Night's at the Stadium 525Tralee30 DEC 20118GR A5480 / 525Surreal Beauty29.47
The Kate Browne’s Grandstand Restaurant 525Tralee30 DEC 20119GR A1480 / 525Waycross Soraya29.27
The Hospitality Suites 550Tralee30 DEC 201110GR A2503 / 550Knocknaboul Hero30.47
The Slan Abhaile 525Tralee30 DEC 201111GR A3480 / 525Looster Katie29.53
Welcome to Kilcohan Park A2 550Waterford30 DEC 20111GR A2503 / 550Coco Dash30.08
The Tote Intertrack A4 525Waterford30 DEC 20112GR A4480 / 525Kilgraney Oscar28.94
The Try a Trio A8/N2 525Waterford30 DEC 20113GR N2480 / 525Boozed Brother29.39
The E 29.99 January Restaurant Special A6 525Waterford30 DEC 20114GR A6480 / 525Noreview Pat29.28
The Happy New Year to all our Patrons A4 525Waterford30 DEC 20115GR A4480 / 525Willies Brindle29.02
The Benefit Meetings A3 550Waterford30 DEC 20116GR A3503 / 550Willies Chap30.36
The Racing Every Saturday A2 525Waterford30 DEC 20117GR A2480 / 525Cruising On By28.84
The www.igb.ie A5-A6 525Waterford30 DEC 20118GR A5480 / 525Foxy Fagin29.77
The Masters Restaurant A1 550Waterford30 DEC 20119GR A1503 / 550Stage Gold Gary30.24
The Happy New Year & Slán Abhaile A2 525Waterford30 DEC 201110GR A2480 / 525Avalon Soldier28.99
The Welcome to Curraheen Park 525Cork29 DEC 20111GR A9480 / 525Able Customer29.27
The Bet With The Tote 525Cork29 DEC 20112GR N3480 / 525Glenartney29.36
The Try Always Trio 330Cork29 DEC 20113GR S8302 / 330Upton Classic18.35
The Upcoming Events 525Cork29 DEC 20114GR N2480 / 525Aberfoyle29.24
The Find Us On Facebook 525Cork29 DEC 20115GR N3480 / 525Faran XVIII29.64
The Fundraising @ Curraheen Park 330Cork29 DEC 20116GR S6302 / 330Castlecor Tricks18.04
The New IGB APP 525Cork29 DEC 20117GR N0480 / 525Fermoy Scolari29.57
The Hen @ Stag Parties 525Cork29 DEC 20118GR A7480 / 525Noel Named Holly29.42
The www.igb.ie 525Cork29 DEC 20119GR A5480 / 525Galley Express29.34
The Carrigdhoun Carvery 525Cork29 DEC 201110GR A4480 / 525Julia29.09
RACE 1Derry29 DEC 20111GR S7274 / 300Mild Night17.80
RACE 2Derry29 DEC 20112GR S4274 / 300Masada Sabrina17.32
RACE 3Derry29 DEC 20113GR S2274 / 300Bond of Love17.22
RACE 4Derry29 DEC 20114GR A1457 / 500Lissan Bo28.94
RACE 5Derry29 DEC 20115GR A3457 / 500Hi Marian29.44
RACE 6Derry29 DEC 20116GR A5457 / 500Quill Mover29.00
RACE 7Derry29 DEC 20117GR S1274 / 300Cloud Dancing17.06
BRANDYWELL TRACK TUESDAY 27/12/12 AT 8.00PMDerry27 DEC 20111GR S7274 / 300Alexanders Girl17.54
RACE 2 WILLIAM EDGAR MEMORIAL SPRINTDerry27 DEC 20112GR S7274 / 300Knockalla Blue17.26
RACE 3 WILLIAM EDGAR MEMORIAL SPRINTDerry27 DEC 20113GR S7274 / 300Strom Blower17.40
RACE 4 50 CLUB 500Derry27 DEC 20114GR A1457 / 500Moorlough Devil28.48
RACE 5 50 CLUB 500Derry27 DEC 20115GR A1457 / 500Tirmaquin Bunker29.22
RACE 6 50 CLUB 500Derry27 DEC 20116GR A4457 / 500Imperial Beauty29.52
RACE 7 50 CLUB 500Derry27 DEC 20117GR A4457 / 500Let Him See29.50
RACE 8 50 CLUB SPRINTDerry27 DEC 20118GR S1274 / 300Shanty Disguise17.02
Welcome to Drumbo Park S7 335Drumbo Park23 DEC 20111GR S7306 / 335Lanesdown Ban18.66
Try a Forecast S5 335Drumbo Park23 DEC 20112GR S5306 / 335Yorkhill Blue18.57
Plantation Road Nursery Stakes 525Drumbo Park23 DEC 20113GR A0480 / 525Fiancee Alsation29.08
Drumbo Park Jackpot (Pick 7) Starts now A4 525Drumbo Park23 DEC 20114GR A4480 / 525Glory Or Pride29.45
The Dowds Group Stakes S1 335Drumbo Park23 DEC 20115GR S1306 / 335Swift Justin18.27
Material Test Stakes S3 335Drumbo Park23 DEC 20116GR S3306 / 335Black Rascal18.48
The Yuletide Novice 835 FinalDrumbo Park23 DEC 20117GR D0764 / 836Hiding Escort47.59
The Festive A2 525 FinalDrumbo Park23 DEC 20118GR A2480 / 525Amoodler29.04
Thermocrete Chimney Stakes S4 335Drumbo Park23 DEC 20119GR S4306 / 335Monicas Gem18.29
George NelsonDrumbo Park23 DEC 201110GR S0306 / 335Cain18.38
Drumbo Park Tote Stakes A0/A1 525Drumbo Park23 DEC 201111GR A0480 / 525Hoots Mon29.04
Santa’s Coming to Town S2 400Dundalk23 DEC 20111GR S2366 / 400Harveys Point21.57
Jingle Bells S3/S4 400Dundalk23 DEC 20112GR S3366 / 400Monleek Force21.60
Under the Mistletoe S2 400Dundalk23 DEC 20113GR S2366 / 400Munderadoe Star22.04
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