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98 races with racename like irish st leger, country= IE, and class=4 or better

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
Friends Of Lmk Irish St Leger Open 550 FinalLimerick28 NOV 20209GROUP1503 / 550Epic Hero29.44
Friends Of Limerick Irish St Leger 550 FinalLimerick23 NOV 201910GROUP1503 / 550Ballymac Anton29.53
2018 Barking Buzz App Irish St Leger Open 550 FinaLimerick3 NOV 201810GROUP1503 / 550Blastoff Jet29.65
2017 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinalLimerick4 NOV 201710GROUP1503 / 550Clonbrien Hero29.60
2016 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinalLimerick29 OCT 201610GROUP1503 / 550Priceless Brandy29.30
2015 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinalLimerick31 OCT 201510GROUP1503 / 550Skywalker Rory29.47
2014 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinalLimerick22 NOV 20149GROUP1503 / 550Paradise Silva29.50
2013 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinalLimerick23 NOV 20139GROUP1503 / 550Locnamon Bridie29.34
2012 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinalLimerick24 NOV 201211GROUP1503 / 550Cashen Mafuma29.57
2011 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinalLimerick2 JUL 20119GROUP1503 / 550What a Tornado29.58
E 61,000 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinalLimerick18 DEC 20108GROUP1503 / 550Farley Turbo29.57
KERRY AGRIBUSINESS IRISH ST LEGER FinalLimerick13 JUN 20099GROUP1503 / 550Bar Blackstone29.62
KERRY AGRIBUSINESS IRISH ST LEGER Semi-FinalLimerick6 JUN 20098OPEN503 / 550Shaneboy Lee29.71
KERRY AGRIBUSINESS IRISH ST LEGER Semi-FinalLimerick6 JUN 20099OPEN503 / 550Marked Urgent29.98
KERRY AGRIBUSINESS IRISH ST LEGER FinalLimerick14 JUN 20089GROUP1503 / 550Boherash Gaoithe29.71
35000 KERRY AGRIBUSINESS IRISH ST LEGER FINALLimerick24 JUN 20069GROUP1503 / 550Indesacjack29.66
Kerry Agri Business Irish St. Leger Final 2005Limerick9 JUL 20058GROUP1503 / 550Redbarn Panther29.72
IRISH ST LEGER 2004 FinalLimerick4 JUL 20048GROUP1503 / 550Never Give Up29.88
Kerry Agribusiness Irish St. Leger Final 2003Limerick8 JUN 20038GROUP1503 / 550Mountleader Rolf30.01
Irish St Leger 02 FNLLimerick30 JUN 20020OPEN503 / 550Larking About *29.73
Irish St. Leger Consolation 01Limerick30 JUN 20016OPEN503 / 550Soviet Premier30.19
Irish St Leger 2001 FinLimerick30 JUN 20018OPEN503 / 550Droopys Kewell30.37
Irish St Leger Final 2000Limerick1 JUL 20000GROUP1503 / 550Extra Dividend *29.79
Irish St Leger 00 Semi1Limerick24 JUN 20001FEATURE503 / 550Deerfield Tycoon 30.01
Irish St Leger 00 Semi2Limerick24 JUN 20002FEATURE503 / 550Crossleigh Fudge30.43
Irish St Leger 99 FINLimerick16 OCT 19990GROUP1503 / 550Frisby Flashing29.64
Golden Vale Irish St Leger 99 ConsolationLimerick16 OCT 19996OPEN503 / 550Unique Reward30.04
Irish St Leger 99 FS1Limerick9 OCT 19990OPEN503 / 550Frisby Flashing29.66
Irish St Leger 99 FS2Limerick9 OCT 19990OPEN503 / 550Cable King30.04
Irish St Leger 99 FS3Limerick9 OCT 19990OPEN503 / 550Aussie Prince30.02
Irish St Leger 98 FINLimerick17 OCT 19980GROUP1503 / 550Deerfield Sunset30.03
Irish St Leger 97 FINLimerick8 NOV 199750GROUP1503 / 550Fire Fly30.36
Irish St Leger 96 FINLimerick1 NOV 199650GROUP1503 / 550Airmount Rogue29.89
Irish St Leger 95 FINLimerick1 NOV 199550GROUP1503 / 550Batties Spirit30.42
Irish St Leger 94 FINLimerick1 NOV 199450GROUP1503 / 550Kilvil Skinner30.84
Irish St Leger 93 FINLimerick1 NOV 199350GROUP1503 / 550Barefoot Marty30.54
Irish St Leger 92 FINLimerick1 NOV 199250GROUP1503 / 550Barefoot Dash30.40
Irish St Leger 91 FINLimerick1 NOV 199150GROUP1503 / 550Castleland Dream30.22
Irish St Leger 90 FINLimerick1 NOV 199050GROUP1503 / 550Alans Judy30.42
Irish St Leger 89 FINLimerick1 NOV 198950GROUP1503 / 550Dereen Star30.24
Irish St Leger 88 FINLimerick1 NOV 198850GROUP1503 / 550Local Kate31.04
Irish St Leger 87 FINLimerick1 NOV 198750GROUP1503 / 550Randy30.23
Irish St Leger 86 FINLimerick1 NOV 198650GROUP1503 / 550Storm Villa30.65
Irish St Leger 85 FINLimerick1 NOV 198550GROUP1503 / 550Ballintubber One30.42
Irish St Leger 84 FINLimerick1 NOV 198450GROUP1503 / 550Morans Beef30.06
Irish St Leger 83 FINLimerick1 NOV 198350GROUP1503 / 550The Stranger31.04
Irish St Leger 82 FINLimerick1 NOV 198250GROUP1503 / 550Supreme Tiger30.44
Irish St Leger 81 FINLimerick1 NOV 198150GROUP1503 / 550Oran Jack30.60
Irish St LegerLimerick19 OCT 19813GROUP1503 / 550Just It31.16
Irish St Leger 80 FINLimerick1 NOV 198050GROUP1503 / 550Rahan Ship30.72
Irish St Leger 79 FINLimerick1 NOV 197950GROUP1503 / 550Airmount Champ31.20
Irish St Leger 78 FINLimerick1 NOV 197850GROUP1503 / 550Rhu31.44
Irish St Leger 77 FINLimerick1 NOV 197750GROUP1503 / 550Red Rasper31.15
Irish St Leger 76 FINLimerick1 NOV 197650GROUP1503 / 550Nameless Star30.62
Irish St Leger 75 FINLimerick1 NOV 197550GROUP1503 / 550Ballybeg Prim *30.44
Irish St Leger 74 FINLimerick1 NOV 197450GROUP1503 / 550Lively Band *31.20
Irish St Leger 73 FINLimerick1 NOV 197350GROUP1503 / 550Romping to Work31.04
Irish St Leger 72 FINLimerick1 NOV 197250GROUP1503 / 550Time Up Please31.05
Irish St Leger 71 FINLimerick1 NOV 197150GROUP1503 / 550Time Up Please30.56
Irish St Leger 70 FINLimerick1 NOV 197050GROUP1503 / 550Mark Anthony31.02
Irish St Leger 69 FINLimerick1 NOV 196950GROUP1503 / 550Own Pride30.95
Irish St Leger 68 FINLimerick1 NOV 196850GROUP1503 / 550Pools Punter30.88
Irish St Leger 67 FINLimerick1 NOV 196750GROUP1503 / 550Yanka Boy30.77
Irish St Leger 66 FINLimerick1 NOV 196650GROUP1503 / 550Movealong Santa30.92
Irish St. LegerLimerick11 JUL 19660GROUP1503 / 550Brook Jockey31.66
Irish St Leger 65 FINLimerick1 JUL 19650GROUP1503 / 550Lovely Chieftain30.92
Irish St Leger 64 FINLimerick1 NOV 196450GROUP1503 / 550Brook Jockey31.66
Irish St Leger 63Limerick1 NOV 196350GROUP1503 / 550General Courtnowski31.12
Irish St Leger 62Limerick1 NOV 196250GROUP1503 / 550Apollo Again31.26
Irish St Leger 61Limerick1 NOV 196150GROUP1503 / 550Jerrys Clipper31.10
Irish St Leger 60Limerick1 NOV 196050GROUP1503 / 550Swanlands Best31.60
Irish St Leger 59Limerick1 NOV 195950GROUP1503 / 550Ocean Swell31.18
Irish St Leger 58Limerick1 NOV 195850GROUP1503 / 550Firgrove Snowman31.28
Irish St Leger 57Limerick1 NOV 195750GROUP1503 / 550Kilcaskin Kern31.05
Irish St Leger 56Limerick1 NOV 195650GROUP1503 / 550Prince of Bermuda30.66
Irish St Leger 55Limerick1 NOV 195550GROUP1503 / 550Doomore Dreamer30.98
Irish St Leger 54Limerick1 NOV 195450GROUP1503 / 550Mount Nagle Surprise31.10
Irish St Leger 53Limerick1 NOV 195350GROUP1503 / 550Gortaleen31.26
Irish St Leger 52Limerick1 NOV 195250GROUP1503 / 550Silver Earl31.25
Irish St Leger 51Limerick1 NOV 195150GROUP1503 / 550Ella's Ivy31.08
Irish St Leger 50Limerick1 NOV 195050GROUP1503 / 550Maddest Daughter31.55
Irish St Leger 49Limerick1 NOV 19490GROUP1503 / 550Ballybeg Surprise31.45
Irish St Leger 48Limerick1 NOV 194850GROUP1503 / 550Beau Lion31.52
Irish St Leger 47Limerick1 NOV 194750GROUP1503 / 550Pouleen Boy31.48
Irish St Leger 46Limerick1 NOV 194650GROUP1503 / 550Star Point31.55
Irish St Leger 45Limerick1 NOV 194550GROUP1503 / 550Dark Shadow31.37
Irish St Leger 44Limerick1 NOV 194450GROUP1503 / 550No Relation31.48
Irish St Leger 43Celtic Park1 NOV 194350GROUP1503 / 550Monarch of the Glen31.48
Irish St Leger 42Shelbourne Park1 NOV 194250GROUP1503 / 550Monarch of the Glen31.28
Irish St Leger 41 not runLimerick1 NOV 194150GROUP1503 / 5500.00
Irish St Leger 40Limerick1 NOV 194050GROUP1503 / 550Cherry Grove Cross31.82
Irish St Leger 39Shelbourne Park1 NOV 193950GROUP1503 / 550Negros Crown31.77
Irish St Leger 38Shelbourne Park1 NOV 193850GROUP1503 / 550Abbeylara31.61
Irish St Leger 37Harolds Cross1 NOV 193750GROUP1503 / 550Cheers for Ballyduff31.42
Irish St Leger 35Harolds Cross1 NOV 193550GROUP1503 / 550Carras Son31.82
Irish St Leger 34Shelbourne Park1 NOV 193450GROUP1503 / 550Chicken Sandwich31.59
Irish St Leger 33Clonmel1 NOV 193350GROUP1503 / 550Brilliant Bob31.53
Irish St Leger 32Celtic Park1 NOV 193250GROUP1503 / 550Castleve32.08