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1600 races with racename like steel city cup, any country,
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
SHIRLEY STEEL MEMORIALMoree16 APR 202210GR Non421 / 460Mauritian Jazz24.06
KUSTOM STEEL FABRICATON HT2Sale12 DEC 20213GR Mixe440 / 481Thatll Do Neo25.32
NEJAIM STEEL APPRECIATIONBroken Hill4 DEC 20215GR Free375 / 410Iceni Riot21.73
CASEY STEEL CUP NIGHT MATCH RACECranbourne30 OCT 20219FEATURE520 / 569Invictus Rising29.74
BresBet Steel City Cup FinalSheffield30 OCT 202111GROUP1500 / 547Forest Gold28.71
BresBet Steel City Cup Semi Final 1Sheffield23 OCT 20217OPEN500 / 547Forest Gold28.66
BresBet Steel City Cup Semi Final 2Sheffield23 OCT 20218OPEN500 / 547Signet Ace28.72
BresBet Steel City Cup Semi Final 3Sheffield23 OCT 20219OPEN500 / 547Potent Touch28.90
BresBet Steel City Cup Heat 1Sheffield16 OCT 20211OPEN500 / 547Duke de Janerio28.66
BresBet Steel City Cup Heat 2Sheffield16 OCT 20212OPEN500 / 547Brynoffa Lloyd28.71
BresBet Steel City Cup Heat 3Sheffield16 OCT 20213OPEN500 / 547Look Out28.91
BresBet Steel City Cup Heat 4Sheffield16 OCT 20214OPEN500 / 547Droopys Dazzler28.74
BresBet Steel City Cup Heat 5Sheffield16 OCT 20215OPEN500 / 547Signet Ace28.70
BresBet Steel City Cup Heat 6Sheffield16 OCT 20216OPEN500 / 547Hardy Rebel28.99
BresBet Steel City Cup Trial StakesSheffield12 OCT 20216OPEN500 / 547Cascade King29.20
BresBet Steel City Cup Trial StakesSheffield12 OCT 20218OPEN500 / 547Ballyboss Baz29.00
BresBet.com Steel City Cup Trial Stakes DuplicatedSheffield5 OCT 20215OPEN500 / 547Hardy Rebel29.03
Bresbet Steel City Cup Trial StakesSheffield28 SEP 20216OPEN500 / 547Bandicoot Sammy29.06
Bresbet Steel City Cup Trial StakesSheffield28 SEP 20218OPEN500 / 547Easy Warrior29.00
KEN WATSON MAN OF STEEL BEST 8Capalaba26 SEP 20219GR Grad366 / 400Magic Prince19.72
NEJAIM STEEL SUPPLIESBroken Hill25 SEP 20216GR Grad375 / 410Iceni Jinx22.47
KUSTOM STEEL FABRICATION SALESale12 SEP 20214GR Grad440 / 481Aussie Legend25.04
NEJAIM STEEL APPRECIATIONBroken Hill28 AUG 20216GR Grad375 / 410Skylar Jen22.62
NEJAIM STEEL SUPPLIES APPRECIATION 0-1WBroken Hill31 JUL 20211GR Mixe375 / 410Pearcedale Flyer22.03
NEJAIM STEEL SUPPLIES APPRECIATIONBroken Hill17 JUL 20216GR Grad375 / 410Spot the Witch22.34
GET WELL SOON RON STEEL 0-1 WINSDubbo3 APR 20212GR Mixe516 / 564Bonnie Keeping29.65
CASEY STEEL Cranbourne12 MAR 20217GR Grad311 / 340Stebonheath Lad17.41
KUSTOM STEEL FABRICATION Sale7 FEB 20216GR Mixe520 / 569Annie Rose29.47
CASEY STEEL VICTORIA CUPCranbourne6 FEB 20216FEATURE699 / 764Pilbara41.45
CASEY STEEL (2-3 WINS)Cranbourne21 AUG 202010GR Rest311 / 340Why Not Rose18.03
CASEY STEEL (275+RANK)Cranbourne19 AUG 202011GR Grad311 / 340Shaun John18.21
CASEY STEEL (1-3 WINS)Cranbourne17 AUG 20206GR Tier520 / 569Sheer Bliss30.76
CASEY STEEL (1-2 WINS)Cranbourne14 AUG 20203GR Rest311 / 340Alumni17.84
CASEY STEELCranbourne12 AUG 202010GR Free311 / 340Why Not Bazzar17.77
CASEY STEELCranbourne7 AUG 202011GR Grad311 / 340Ignatious Bale17.90
CASEY STEEL (2-3 WINS)Cranbourne3 AUG 20206GR Tier520 / 569Cosmic Vigilante30.75
CASEY STEEL GDRCranbourne29 JUL 20205FEATURE699 / 764Burn Time41.38
CASEY STEEL HT3Cranbourne22 JUL 20203GR Maid311 / 340All In Time17.64
CASEY STEELCranbourne20 JUL 20208GR Grad311 / 340Princess America18.13
CASEY STEEL (1-2 WINS)Cranbourne17 JUL 20205GR Tier520 / 569Steinmark30.71
CASEY STEEL HT2Cranbourne15 JUL 20206GR Grad520 / 569Tekki Nibbles30.45
CASEY STEELCranbourne13 JUL 20209MAIDEN311 / 340Coco Chum18.17
CASEY STEEL FINAL (3-6 WINS) (VICGREYS)Cranbourne8 JUL 202011GR Rest311 / 340Shakalaka17.81
CASEY STEEL (2-5 WINS)Cranbourne6 JUL 20208GR Tier520 / 569Flashy de Goey31.05
CASEY STEELCranbourne3 JUL 20208GR Grad520 / 569According30.53
CASEY STEEL (3-6 WINS) HT3Cranbourne1 JUL 202011GR Rest311 / 340Fast Food Junkie17.96
CASEY STEEL HT1Cranbourne24 JUN 20206GR Grad520 / 569Sharnis My Girl30.15
CASEY STEELCranbourne20 JUN 20201MAIDEN520 / 569Where's the Rum30.62
CASEY STEEL HT2Cranbourne17 JUN 20204GR Mixe311 / 340Im the Greatest17.95
CASEY STEEL (3-6 WIN) HT1Cranbourne10 JUN 202010GR Rest311 / 340Rusty Model17.83
CASEY STEELCranbourne8 JUN 20207GR Grad311 / 340Greysynd Spectre18.39
CASEY STEEL (1-3 WINS) (275+Rank)Cranbourne3 JUN 20206GR Rest520 / 569Talented30.66
CASEY STEELCranbourne27 MAY 20209GR Grad311 / 340Maverick Bob17.93
CASEY STEELCranbourne25 MAY 20209GR Tier311 / 340Jumping Breen17.89
CASEY STEELCranbourne20 MAY 202010GR Grad311 / 340Brother Griff17.75
CASEY STEEL FINAL (VICGREYS) (VICGREYS)Cranbourne13 MAY 20202GR Maid311 / 340Isnt She Sleek17.64
CASEY STEEL (0-3 WINS)Cranbourne11 MAY 20206GR Tier520 / 569Hook Along Mint30.73
CASEY STEEL HT1Cranbourne6 MAY 20201GR Maid311 / 340Why Not Hutch17.91
CASEY STEEL (VICGREYS) (VICGREYS)Cranbourne29 APR 20208GR Grad520 / 569Better Watch Out30.05
CASEY STEEL FINAL (3-6 WINS) (VICGREYS)Cranbourne22 APR 20207GR Rest311 / 340Kraken Jacki17.48
CASEY STEEL (0-1 WIN)Cranbourne20 APR 20204GR Tier311 / 340Gin Lees Girl18.01
CASEY STEEL (3-6 WINS) HT1Cranbourne15 APR 20209GR Rest311 / 340Kraken Jacki17.61
CASEY STEEL HT2Cranbourne8 APR 20202GR Maid311 / 340Always Primed17.76
CASEY STEEL (2-3 WINS)Cranbourne6 APR 202010GR Tier311 / 340Negan18.07
CASEY STEEL FINAL (VICGREYS)Cranbourne1 APR 20206GR Grad520 / 569Lektra Fireball30.07
CASEY STEEL HT2Cranbourne25 MAR 20206GR Grad520 / 569Lektra Fireball29.98
RACING POST GREYHOUND TV STEEL CITY CUP FINALSheffield21 MAR 202012OPEN500 / 547Headford Ranger28.63
RACING POST GREYHOUND TV STEEL CITY CUP SEMI FINALSheffield14 MAR 202010OPEN500 / 547Headford Ranger28.72
RACING POST GREYHOUND TV STEEL CITY CUP SEMI FINALSheffield14 MAR 202011OPEN500 / 547Ballymac Ambrose28.81
CASEY STEEL (1-3 WINS) (275+RANK)Cranbourne11 MAR 20205GR Rest520 / 569Red On Black30.82
CASEY STEEL (1-3 WINS)Cranbourne9 MAR 20205GR Tier520 / 569Invictus Tilly30.69
RACING POST GREYHOUND TV STEEL CITY CUP HEAT 1Sheffield7 MAR 20209OPEN500 / 547Headford Ranger28.85
RACING POST GREYHOUND TV STEEL CITY CUP HEAT 2Sheffield7 MAR 202010OPEN500 / 547Rockforest Hugo29.17
RACING POST GREYHOUND TV STEEL CITY CUP HEAT 3Sheffield7 MAR 202011OPEN500 / 547Nah Then Bella29.17
RACING POST GREYHOUND TV STEEL CITY CUP HEAT 4Sheffield7 MAR 202012OPEN500 / 547Kilara Lion28.91
RACING POST GREYHOUND TV STEEL CITY CUP HEAT 5Sheffield7 MAR 202013OPEN500 / 547Coney Boom Boom29.11
RACING POST GREYHOUND TV STEEL CITY CUP HEAT 6Sheffield7 MAR 202014OPEN500 / 547Antigua Romeo28.89
CASEY STEEL HT2Cranbourne4 MAR 20207GR Grad520 / 569Bartholomew Bale30.53
CASEY STEEL (1-3 WINS)Cranbourne2 MAR 20205GR Tier520 / 569Cosmic Katie31.18
CASEY STEEL HT3Cranbourne27 FEB 20203GR Mixe311 / 340Jebrynah Echo18.19
CASEY STEEL FINAL (VICGREYS)Cranbourne19 FEB 20202GR Maid311 / 340Johnny Be Good17.79
CASEY STEEL (1-3 WINS)Cranbourne17 FEB 20206GR Tier520 / 569Patient Panda30.97
CASEY STEEL (1-4 WINS)Cranbourne12 FEB 20205GR Rest520 / 569Looby Sky30.88
CASEY STEEL 2020 VICTORIA CUP (VICGREYS)Cranbourne8 FEB 20208FEATURE699 / 764Annie Lava41.47
CASEY STEEL (1-2 WINS)Cranbourne5 FEB 20205GR Tier520 / 569Mindil Beach31.08
CASEY STEEL VICTORIA CUP - FEB 8Cranbourne1 FEB 20201MAIDEN311 / 340Greta June18.13
CASEY STEEL (1-3 WINS) (275+RANK)Cranbourne29 JAN 20205GR Rest520 / 569Scarred Warrior30.76
CASEY STEEL VICTORIA CUP - FEB 8Cranbourne29 JAN 20208GR Grad520 / 569Tilly Lee30.55
BARGAIN STEEL CENTRE STAKEAngle Park22 JAN 20207GR Grad515 / 563Rock It Fernando29.76
CASEY STEEL (2-3 WINS)Cranbourne22 JAN 20206GR Rest520 / 569Rollo Ragnar30.48
CASEY STEEL VICTORIA CUP - FEB 8Cranbourne22 JAN 202012GR Grad311 / 340Little Miss Ivy17.84
G-SIX BARGAIN STEEL CENTRE STAKEAngle Park20 JAN 20202GR Grad388 / 424Long Gully Bella22.46
CASEY STEEL (1-2 WINS)Cranbourne20 JAN 20204GR Tier311 / 340My Girl Mel17.97
CASEY STEEL VICTORIA CUP - FEB 8Cranbourne20 JAN 202012GR Grad311 / 340Gone Early18.20
2020 BARGAIN STEEL CENTREAngle Park16 JAN 20208GR Grou515 / 563Coorong Lucy29.52
BARGAIN STEEL CENTREAngle Park13 JAN 20206GR Grad515 / 563Hot Sambuca30.19
BARGAIN STEEL CENTREAngle Park9 JAN 20202GR S/E515 / 563Its a Riot29.63
BARGAIN STEEL CENTREAngle Park9 JAN 20203GR S/E515 / 563Tornado Alley29.78
BARGAIN STEEL CENTREAngle Park9 JAN 20204GR S/E515 / 563Firetail29.91
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