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290 races with stadium= Cannington, date between 2015 and 2017 and distance = 275 and any class
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Name of RaceStadiumDateHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintime ^Film
D & L Building ServicesCannington9 MAY 20164GR Mixe275 / 301Quedos15.78
Get The TABtouchCannington19 DEC 20167GR All275 / 301Collision Bolt15.83
D & L Building ServicesCannington2 MAY 20166GR Grad275 / 301Quedos15.85
Love The ChaseCannington14 NOV 20167GR All275 / 301Timmy Mac15.87
Get The TABTOUCHCannington27 NOV 20178GR Free275 / 301Sunset Mouse15.88
Check In With TABtouchCannington8 MAY 20173GR Grad275 / 301So Fine15.88
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington4 DEC 201710GR Mixe275 / 301Vinson Monelli15.89
Sign Strategy Call PhillCannington13 NOV 20172GR Grad275 / 301Harlan Rocks15.90
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington17 MAY 201710GR Novi275 / 301Smooth Ride15.90
Penny Monelli Track StarCannington27 MAR 20179GR Mixe275 / 301Saint Lucia15.90
Box 1 Bar RestaurantCannington20 FEB 20177GR All275 / 301Simply Ready15.90
skyracing.tvCannington9 MAY 20167GR All275 / 301Jamaica the Fun15.91
Property Plus Real EstateCannington6 NOV 20177GR Free275 / 301Em Morney15.92
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington15 APR 20171GR All275 / 301Karon's Boy15.92
Get The TABtouchCannington27 FEB 20179GR Grad275 / 301Rickshaw Millie15.92
Best Wishes For 2017Cannington31 DEC 201614GR Novi275 / 301Lilli Flash15.92
SKYRACING.TVCannington4 DEC 201711GR Grad275 / 301Brutal Lomar15.93
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington29 MAR 20171GR Novi275 / 301Oh Thats Cold15.93
Get The TABTOUCHCannington4 DEC 20178GR Free275 / 301Lillith15.94
Bring The Team AlongCannington6 NOV 20176GR Mixe275 / 301Sunset Mouse15.94
Love The ChaseCannington27 FEB 201710GR Grad275 / 301Gold Top15.94
Get The TABtouchCannington20 NOV 20178GR Free275 / 301Millys Way15.96
skyracing.tvCannington15 MAY 201711GR All275 / 301Jamaica the Fun15.96
James Jeffries Leading TrainerCannington27 MAR 20173GR Mixe275 / 301Lord Reddan15.96
Get A Syndicate TogetherCannington31 DEC 20169GR Mixe275 / 301Running for Two15.96
Racing Monday Wednesday SaturdayCannington13 NOV 20179GR Mixe275 / 301Sunset Licorice15.97
Love The ChaseCannington24 APR 20179GR Mixe275 / 301Em Morney15.97
skyracing.tvCannington27 FEB 201711GR Grad275 / 301Millys Way15.97
Get The TABtouchCannington5 DEC 20167GR Mixe275 / 301Timmy Mac15.97
Happy New Year From GreyhoundsWACannington30 DEC 201712GR Free275 / 301Bushmans Gold15.98
Happy Birthday Greg BrowneCannington12 APR 20172GR Novi275 / 301Rubble Gundi15.98
Property Plus Real EstateCannington2 MAY 20169GR All275 / 301Jamaica the Fun15.98
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington25 APR 201612GR All275 / 301Hello Im Leo15.98
GET THE TABTOUCHCannington11 DEC 20178GR Grad275 / 301Sin City Boy15.99
The Sports DailyCannington8 MAY 201712GR All275 / 301That Dude15.99
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington15 FEB 201711GR Novi275 / 301Lillith15.99
Racing Monday Wednesday SaturdayCannington13 FEB 201712GR Grad275 / 301Rickshaw Millie15.99
Perth Cup & Galaxy On Feb 4Cannington16 JAN 20177GR All275 / 301Simply Ready15.99
Bring The Team AlongCannington20 NOV 20176GR Mixe275 / 301Betty Gundi16.00
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington6 FEB 201710GR Grad275 / 301Mighty Tay16.00
Community Newspaper GroupCannington5 DEC 20163GR Grad275 / 301Honda Monelli16.01
skyracing.tvCannington14 NOV 201611GR Grad275 / 301Rosie Choice16.01
Community Newspaper GroupCannington7 NOV 20163GR Grad275 / 301Henrys Flash16.01
D & L Building ServicesCannington25 APR 20166GR Grad275 / 301Quedos16.01
Fast Fun AffordableCannington16 MAY 20163GR Grad275 / 301Enchancia16.02
BOX 1 RestaurantCannington27 NOV 201712GR Grad275 / 301Sunset Sherbet16.03
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington26 APR 201712GR Novi275 / 301Moment In Sofala16.03
Bring The Team AlongCannington6 FEB 20175GR Grad275 / 301Kobi Rocks16.03
Bet Local Bet TABtouchCannington9 MAY 20163GR Grad275 / 301Arizona Rocket16.03
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington20 NOV 20173GR Grad275 / 301Asa Torpedo16.04
Box 1 BuffetCannington10 MAY 20172GR Novi275 / 301Optic Nerve16.04
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington8 MAY 201710GR Grad275 / 301Pink Keeping16.04
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington22 FEB 20171GR Novi275 / 301Lillith16.04
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington18 DEC 20173GR Grad275 / 301Asa Torpedo16.05
Racing Monday Wednesday SaturdayCannington20 NOV 20179GR Mixe275 / 301Star Shower16.05
Racing Monday Wednesday SaturdayCannington6 NOV 20179GR Grad275 / 301Sunset Licorice16.05
The Sports DailyCannington20 MAR 20177GR All275 / 301Karon's Boy16.05
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington20 FEB 20173GR Grad275 / 301Hard Hat Mick16.05
Get The TABtouchCannington7 NOV 20167GR All275 / 301Timmy Mac16.05
Bring The Team AlongCannington18 DEC 20176GR Free275 / 301Lillith16.06
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington13 NOV 201710GR Grad275 / 301Rebel Contender16.06
The Sports DailyCannington24 APR 20177GR Grad275 / 301Aye Vee Bee16.06
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington21 DEC 201612GR Novi275 / 301Majestic Mia16.06
The Sports DailyCannington15 MAY 20177GR Grad275 / 301Rock On Moe16.07
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington20 MAR 201710GR Mixe275 / 301Thanks Dad16.07
Get The TABtouchCannington21 NOV 20167GR All275 / 301Timmy Mac16.07
Bet Local Bet TABtouchCannington16 MAY 20164GR Grad275 / 301Vampire Wish16.07
greyhoundsaspet.com.auCannington18 DEC 201710GR Mixe275 / 301Running for Two16.08
Property Plus Real EstateCannington24 APR 20176GR Grad275 / 301Winsome Jacob16.08
Check In With TABtouchCannington24 APR 201712GR All275 / 301Brookes Buddy16.08
The Sports DaillyCannington5 DEC 20169GR Grad275 / 301That Dude16.08
Community Newspaper GroupCannington4 DEC 20175GR Grad275 / 301Sea Brook Boy16.09
Free Entry TABTOUCH ParkCannington29 NOV 20171GR Novi275 / 301Combination16.09
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington23 AUG 201711GR Novi275 / 301Nadias Fun16.09
The Sports DailyCannington12 APR 201712GR Novi275 / 301Rockabye Daisy16.09
GREYHOUNDSASPETS.COM.AUCannington27 DEC 201714GR Grad275 / 301Mighty Matt16.10
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington6 NOV 20173GR Mixe275 / 301Mr. Couragous16.10
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington6 SEP 20171GR Novi275 / 301Star Shower16.10
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington3 MAY 201710GR Novi275 / 301Rock On Moe16.10
Community Newspaper GroupCannington20 MAR 20174GR Mixe275 / 301Mighty Tay16.10
Love The ChaseCannington13 MAR 201710GR Grad275 / 301Jessie Rocks16.10
Property Plus Real EstateCannington27 FEB 20177GR All275 / 301Henrys Flash16.10
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington23 JAN 20171MAIDEN275 / 301Lillith16.10
Fast Fun AffordableCannington2 MAY 20163GR Grad275 / 301Rock the World16.10
Fast Fun AffordableCannington25 APR 20163GR Grad275 / 301Mongo Style16.10
Try The Chefs SpecialCannington13 NOV 20173GR Grad275 / 301Betty Gundi16.11
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington13 SEP 20171GR Novi275 / 301Canya Fab16.11
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington7 JUN 20171GR Novi275 / 301Rollie Bexon16.11
Bring Your Team AlongCannington15 MAR 201711GR Novi275 / 301Hurricane Hayley16.11
Box 1 RestaurantCannington6 FEB 20172MAIDEN275 / 301Hurricane Hayley16.11
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington18 JAN 201712GR Novi275 / 301Capri Belle16.11
Community Newspaper GroupCannington16 JAN 20174GR Grad275 / 301Cool Hawk16.11
Get The TABtouchCannington8 MAY 20178GR Mixe275 / 301Em Morney16.12
Love The ChaseCannington25 APR 20167GR Grad275 / 301Clangers16.12
Leap Lead LoveCannington6 DEC 201712GR Novi275 / 301Combination16.13
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington6 NOV 201710GR Mixe275 / 301Rebel Contender16.13
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington25 OCT 20171GR Novi275 / 301Gypsy Said Run16.13
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington5 APR 20171GR Novi275 / 301Rock On Moe16.13
Bet Local Bet TABtouchCannington13 MAR 20173GR Mixe275 / 301Karon's Boy16.13
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington27 FEB 20174GR Grad275 / 301Low Tide16.13
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