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630 races with stadium= Cannington, date between 2015 and 2017 and distance = 380 and any class
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Name of RaceStadiumDateHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintime ^Film
Greyhounds WACannington26 APR 20175GR Open380 / 416Hello Im Leo21.48
Saturday $45 BuffetCannington18 FEB 20171GR Novi380 / 416Dandalup Brutus21.48
Get A Syndicate TogetherCannington4 OCT 20175GR Mixe380 / 416Frida Monelli21.56
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington3 MAY 201711GR Grad380 / 416Doc Hudson21.57
Box 1 RestaurantCannington18 NOV 20178GR Free380 / 416Bolt Keeping21.59
Greyhounds WACannington27 APR 20165GR Open380 / 416Mique21.59
Bring Your Team AlongCannington24 MAY 20176GR Open380 / 416Shared Bonus21.61
Love The ChaseCannington29 MAR 20177GR All380 / 416Ouch21.61
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington16 DEC 20178GR Free380 / 416Reality Bomber21.65
skyracing.tvCannington1 APR 201710GR All380 / 416Thunder Rama21.65
Love The ChaseCannington16 NOV 20164GR Novi380 / 416Fire Blaze21.65
Dads Night OutCannington19 APR 20174GR Open380 / 416Hello Im Leo21.66
Love The ChaseCannington7 OCT 20178GR Free380 / 416Newcastle Ranger21.68
Community Newspaper GroupCannington23 DEC 20176GR Free380 / 416Shared Bonus21.69
Dont Miss Christmas In JulyCannington26 JUL 201711GR All380 / 416Shared Bonus21.69
Bring Your Team AlongCannington26 APR 201711GR Grad380 / 416Winsome Jacob21.69
Fremantle GazetteCannington8 FEB 20177GR All380 / 416Sette Bello21.70
Bring Your Team AlongCannington13 SEP 20176GR Free380 / 416West On Liam21.71
Community Newspaper GroupCannington6 SEP 20179GR Free380 / 416Semikhah21.71
Bring Your Team AlongCannington5 JUL 20177GR All380 / 416Shared Bonus21.72
Leap Lead LoveCannington3 JUN 201712GR Grad380 / 416Winsome Jacob21.72
Midweek Team BuildingCannington31 MAY 20177GR All380 / 416Donald Tux21.72
Midweek Team BuildingCannington22 MAR 20177GR All380 / 416Ouch21.72
skyracing.tvCannington7 MAY 201611GR 5380 / 416Mique21.72
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington17 JUN 20171GR All380 / 416Shared Bonus21.73
Community Newspaper GroupCannington10 JUN 20178GR All380 / 416Doc Hudson21.73
Bet Local Bet TABtouchCannington3 JUN 201711GR Grad380 / 416Doc Hudson21.73
Property Plus Real EstateCannington19 NOV 201611GR All380 / 416Sette Bello21.73
skyracing.tvCannington28 MAY 201611GR FFA380 / 416Downlight21.73
Community Newspaper GroupCannington20 APR 201610OPEN380 / 416Mique21.73
Bet Local Bet TABtouchCannington1 NOV 201710GR Mixe380 / 416Kaytwo Monelli21.74
Saturday $45 BuffetCannington25 MAR 20171GR Mixe380 / 416Maliah21.74
Community Newspaper GroupCannington11 JAN 20177GR All380 / 416Sette Bello21.74
Racing Here Monday NightCannington10 DEC 201612GR Novi380 / 416Barbican21.74
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington5 OCT 20161GR Mixe380 / 416Max Profit21.74
Love The ChaseCannington4 OCT 20177GR Free380 / 416Newcastle Ranger21.75
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington1 APR 20171GR Novi380 / 416Annas Joy21.75
Get The TABtouchCannington11 MAR 20179GR Grad380 / 416Pavel Monelli21.75
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington22 FEB 201712GR Grad380 / 416West On Liam21.75
Community Newspaper GroupCannington15 FEB 20177GR All380 / 416Lees Maggie21.75
TABtouch Live VisionCannington11 JUN 201612GR Grad380 / 416Mique21.75
Fireworks April 23Cannington6 APR 20169OPEN380 / 416Mique21.76
Mid Week Get TogetherCannington11 OCT 20178GR Free380 / 416Skylab21.77
Community Newspaper GroupCannington9 SEP 201710GR Grad380 / 416Bushmans Gold21.77
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington20 MAR 20173MAIDEN380 / 416Annas Joy21.77
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington18 NOV 201711GR Grad380 / 416Infrared Moment21.78
Get A Syndicate TogetherCannington20 SEP 20175GR Grad380 / 416Frida Monelli21.78
Get The TABtouchCannington30 AUG 20177GR Grad380 / 416Infrared Moment21.79
Property Plus Real EstateCannington11 FEB 201710GR Novi380 / 416Shift Pattern21.79
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington21 JAN 20171GR All380 / 416Sette Bello21.79
Brittons FormalwearCannington2 JUL 201612GR Novi380 / 416Jilly Keeping21.79
Property Plus Real EstateCannington2 DEC 20174GR Free380 / 416Shared Bonus21.80
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington14 OCT 20171GR Grad380 / 416Denali Monelli21.80
Get The TABtouchCannington24 MAY 20177GR All380 / 416Donald Tux21.80
Midweek Team BuildingCannington8 MAR 20177GR All380 / 416Honda Monelli21.80
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington1 MAR 20171GR Novi380 / 416Stand As One21.80
Fast Fun AffordableCannington4 FEB 201712GR Novi380 / 416Dandalup Brutus21.80
Gibbons Holden GosnellsCannington9 NOV 20167GR All380 / 416Sette Bello21.80
Get A Syndicate TogetherCannington13 DEC 20175GR Free380 / 416Em Morney21.81
Bet Local Bet TABtouchCannington2 SEP 201712GR Grad380 / 416Blackwood Burst21.81
Brittons Formal WearCannington29 JUL 20177GR All380 / 416Thunder Rama21.81
Bet Local Bet TABtouchCannington8 APR 20179GR All380 / 416Shared Bonus21.81
Love The ChaseCannington15 MAR 20177GR All380 / 416Ouch21.81
Live Band On NYECannington17 DEC 201612GR All380 / 416Sette Bello21.81
Community Newspaper GroupCannington18 OCT 20179GR Grad380 / 416Sudoku Mercedes21.82
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington26 AUG 20171GR Free380 / 416Newcastle Ranger21.82
skyracing.tvCannington6 MAY 201711GR All380 / 416Shared Bonus21.82
Get The TABtouchCannington12 APR 20177GR All380 / 416Juno Away21.82
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington5 APR 201711GR Grad380 / 416Skylab21.82
Get The TABtouchCannington21 JAN 201711GR Novi380 / 416Shift Pattern21.82
Love The ChaseCannington4 JAN 20177GR All380 / 416Sette Bello21.82
Box 1 RestaurantCannington14 DEC 20162GR Novi380 / 416Shez a Song21.82
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington22 OCT 20169GR All380 / 416Enchancia21.82
Prime TrophiesCannington18 JUN 201610OPEN380 / 416Mique21.82
Get The TABtouchCannington25 OCT 20177GR Grad380 / 416Jarbass Bale21.83
Mid Week Get TogetherCannington25 OCT 20178GR Mixe380 / 416Podge21.83
Love The ChaseCannington20 SEP 20177GR Free380 / 416Skylab21.83
Midweek Team BuildingCannington19 APR 20177GR Open380 / 416Donald Tux21.83
Love The ChaseCannington22 FEB 20177GR All380 / 416Honda Monelli21.83
Perth Cup & Galaxy On Feb 4Cannington25 JAN 20179GR Grad380 / 416Unique Leo21.83
Kids Activities On NYECannington10 DEC 201611GR Grad380 / 416That Dude21.83
SuperPick Only On TABtouchCannington2 NOV 201610GR Novi380 / 416Sutro Road21.83
Tracey EmbletonCannington18 MAY 20164GR Grad380 / 416Wayne Outwide21.83
Community Newspaper GroupCannington6 DEC 20178GR Free380 / 416Bushman's Poem21.84
Get The TABTOUCHCannington2 DEC 20177GR Grad380 / 416Tee Gundi21.84
Midweek Team BondingCannington29 NOV 20177GR Free380 / 416Em Morney21.84
skyracing.tvCannington18 NOV 20179GR Grad380 / 416Obstruction21.84
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington11 NOV 201711GR Novi380 / 416Daisy Monelli21.84
Fast Fun AffordableCannington30 SEP 201711GR Grad380 / 416Reality Bomber21.84
Bet Local Bet TABtouchCannington19 AUG 201712GR Grad380 / 416Blackwood Burst21.84
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington22 JUL 20171GR All380 / 416Hello Im Leo21.84
Professionals Property PlusCannington19 APR 20175GR Open380 / 416Hello Bobby21.84
Get The TABtouchCannington19 APR 20176GR Open380 / 416Saint Lucia21.84
Bet Local Bet TABtouchCannington4 JUN 201612OPEN380 / 416Downlight21.84
Free Entry TABTOUCH ParkCannington23 DEC 20171GR Mixe380 / 416Tee Gundi21.85
skyracing.tvCannington30 SEP 201710GR Grad380 / 416Issue21.85
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington2 SEP 20171GR Grad380 / 416Lees Maggie21.85
Sign Strategy Call PhilCannington31 MAY 201710GR Grad380 / 416Tee Gundi21.85
Free Entry TABtouch ParkCannington8 APR 20171GR Novi380 / 416Annas Joy21.85
Community Newspaper GroupCannington15 MAR 20178GR Grad380 / 416Spring Bombshell21.85
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