Warning of a Nigerian scam ring

Please be aware that a fraudulant scam ring is answering
to the dogs for sale ads in our classified section.

Some of our users reported us that they had suspicious enquiries about their dogs they had/have for sale or adoption on our site.
The scheme the frauds are using is always the same:
1) They pretend to be from a foreign country(e.g. Holland)
     and to be interested in buying a dog
2) They offer to pay unusual high prices and don't bargain
3) They send you a fake or stolen cheque with a much larger amount of money than the dog will cost
4) They ask you to pay the difference to the shipping company that will transport the dog to their country

In case you got similar enquiries, please go to your local police office and report it!

Here are some examples of what our users reported us:


"Have read your article and would like to inform you that I had 2 horses for sale with Ad Horse and received up to 6 or 7 enquiries of a similar nature.
They would ask for details saying the horse was for daughter and even give background info on the kind of place they lived.
I was being offered 4000 or over for a horse valued at 800. They wanted me to recieve a check from a client who they said owed them money and then to send them the change and they would arrange shipping and collection.

In some cases they wanted to send me a cashiers check. In all cases when I insisted on receiving their phone number before any dealings, that was the last I heard from them.
Good job I have a suspicious nature. Hope this helps you to warn others.

Here are some of the e-mail names and addresses of people who contacted me making suspicious offers.

[email protected].
[email protected]

this one was about dogs e-mail address is a company offereing web site domains. "


"I had enquiries about some of the dogs I had up for adoption via your site.
The enquiry seemed genuine, they asked all about the dogs etc and
they were paying all costs to have the dogs transfered to their country.
They mostly claim they want a dog sent to HOLLAND.
The parties are asking that the balance of the funds they send you be sent to their shipping agents ie


All seems OK, as they do not ask you to send or part with any money
untill you get their cheque. They then think you trust them and will
cash their cheque and send them the money to their agents,
I have had 5 cheques sent to me for 5 different dogs each for 6000
and all are fraudulent or stolen


" We have had a rather suspicious response to our advert
from Holland offering us 400.00 bankers draft to clear the sale of our dog
for 900.00 the balance to be paid to the shippers.

Surprisingly, two friends of ours have had exactly the same offer for their dog!

We have pulled up the name of the person 'Dayo Evans' on the Google search engine
and it comes up with 'Nigerian Fraud'.
Apparently he was answering ads for used cars offering to pay way above the
asking price and issuing fraudulant bankers draft, which only came to light
after the buyer had paid a large amount to the shipping company
(again fraudulant) which they pocketed and then disappeared.

He has been found out and is now trying any site offering something for sale.
The e-mail he used to us was [email protected].
The car trade number he used was [email protected]


"I recently advertised some dogs on your web site and I received an e-mail
from an interested customer.
The customer told me he was from Africa and would look after the shipping himself.
I smelt a rat and when I checked the address of the shipping company I came accross
several warnings about a scam operating from the address.
The group are buying items advertised on web sites and are sending certified checks
with the shipping co when they come to collect your item
When you lodge the cheque it will clear but when it is returned to issuing bank
it will be a stolen or fake cheque and you will be caught for the value of the cheque as well as your dogs.