Gunnar von Boehn's Software Pages

Name Gunnar von Boehn
Born 1972, living in Nagold Germany
Profession Software Developer
Email [email protected]
Phone +49 (0)7452 838979

During my career as software developer I was involved in many exciting projects.
  • I had a colorful start with game development for the succesful Amiga computers.
  • I'm a certified MySQL expert and designed and managed high performance database centers and webservers. I work as Database performance consultant and even developed my own lowlevel database engine.
  • I wrote numerous general applications for many operating systems
  • Last but not least, I had the pleasure to take part in the development of a 3D-GFX-card doing the hardware design, the GFX-chip design and the driver development.

Below you can find a selection of interesting projects of mine:

ABC of MySQL Database Server Tuning
MySQL Case Studies and MySQL Performance Patches
ABC of Webserver Tuning
NOVA - High Performance Datacompression Algorithm
Linux Kernel and Glibc Performance Patches

MiniBench - Multiplatform CPU and System Benchmark
AWEB Max Internet Web Browser
Several Arcade Games and the Arcade Game Construction Kit
PPC Linux port of the award winnning Robin Hood action adventure

PPC Linux port of Northland
Voxel Game Engine
3D Game Engine - Star Wars Game

Some links to interesting websites that I've created

    The world biggest Greyhound Racing and Breeding Database.
    Very popular site with over 300 million hits in 2005.

    NatAmi is a new AMiGA compatible computing and gaming platform.
    The 3D core of this NatAmi chipset was designed by me.
    This was the 2nd GFX chip which I had the pleasure to contribute to.