Arcade Games Construction Kit

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I'm currently developing an Arcade Game Construction Kit.
The Kit will allow everybody to create beautiful Shoot-em ups with just a few clicks.
Thanks to using SDL for portability the games created with the Kit will run on nearly all platforms: As Windows, Linux, MorphOS, MacOS, AmigaOS, BeOS, RiscOS, QNX, and even on consoles like GP2x and Playstation II.

Work on the AGCK was started as development project for the exiting new EFIKA hardware.

'194X' is my working game to develop the features of the Kit around it.
The game is "heavely inspired" by classic the Arcade and Amiga 2D shoot em ups.
The demo downloads of 194x are intended to give you an 'idea' of possibilities of the Kit.

Are you a skilled GFX artist?
Then please email me now!

To finish the Kit I need to create now with it a few more Shoot-Em-Ups.
I need the help of GFX artist to create these games.

Do you have the GFX of a good Shoot-Em-Up and want to support the development of this cross plattform Kit? Would you be willing to donate GFX for a demo level of your existing Shooter? Or are you a skilled GFX-artist who ever wanted to create a high quality Shoot-Em-Up? Then please email me now!

Cheers Gunnar