MiniBench - Multiplatfrom CPU and System Benchmark

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Minibench is a multiplatform, lowlevel CPU and System benchmark.
The tool was designed to provide information about system design bottlenecks.
The generated information is a very good basis to enable system performance improvements.
Minibench was used for System verification by several major commercial system manufacturers.

Quick Test overview:
MiniBench Mikrobenchmark Suite

Minibench is a collection of several Micro-benchmarks to measure different aspects of the CPU Performance.

The ALU Benchmark measures the integer ALU performance.

Workload Benchmark are several mixes of simple ALU and 1st level Cache Reads.

1st level Cache to EA Calculation
Speed of 1st Level Cache Read/write Operations using different Addressing modes.

Different sized loops of simple ALU operations to show the impact of Loop unrolling and or cost of instruction fetch.

Gosub Chain
Performance Subroutine Calling.

IF / GotoCC
Performance of conditional branches used in IF statements.

Goto-bra / Goto-LR / Goto-CTR
Different types of unconditional branches and computed branches.

Random Memory Read Performance

Streaming sequential Read /Write / Copy Performance

Latency measurement ALU
Measuring the overhead of dependent ALU operations.

Latency measurement CACHE

Latency measurement ALU to EA usage
Measuring the cost of address operations depending on ALU results