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The Greyhound-Data Forum has been created to act as a platform for greyhound enthusiasts to share information on this magnificent animal called a greyhound.

Greyhound-Data reserve the right to remove any post that is off topic, advertisements or opinions they consider to be offensive.

Please read the forum usage manual please note:

If you answer then please try to stay on topic. It's absolutely okay to answer in a broader scope but don't hijack posts by switching to something off topic.

In case you see an insulting post: DO NOT REPLY TO IT!
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Reporting Unsuitable Forum Content

Forum Administrator
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12 May 2015 17:07



The Greyhound-Data (GD) Forum is for greyhound enthusiasts to share information on greyhound related topics. GD aims to provide the Forum as a social media environment where members can communicate safely. Whilst there is an international team of moderators who volunteer to monitor the Forum they cannot read all the posts on all the threads. Therefore, GD greatly appreciates the contributions of Forum members who report any content that they deem to be unsuitable***


This can be done by clicking on the ‘REPORT’ tab when you see posts that you believe are ‘unsuitable’ for the Forum. The REPORT tab can be found on the left hand side of each post under the name of the person who wrote the post. It is a green box with a red exclamation mark. Please type a brief explanation why you believe the post is unsuitable. Then click the ‘REPORT BAD POST’ tab.

NB Please do NOT report posts if you simply do not agree with the replies that have been posted as a result of general discussion. Using the 'REPORT' tab repeatedly in an inappropriate manner may be deemed as spamming. This will incur a warning and if continued may result in suspension of Forum access. We would very much appreciate your co-operation in using the REPORT tab appropriately. Thank you.


An automatic email will be generated and sent to several GD Team members who will aim to take action on the post within 48 hours. This action may involve deleting the post.

If the post is deleted then an automatic email will be sent to the person who wrote the post with a brief explanation as to why the post has been deleted. The person who reported the post will NOT be identified. If a post you have written has been deleted please check your email to find out the reason why.

NB: please ensure that you check the same email address that you used to register on the Forum.


In some circumstances the GD Team members may deem that further action is necessary where the reported posts contain unsuitable content that is particularly extreme eg:

***Offensive, libellous (defamation in written word), harassment, related to court proceedings, obscene, copyright, personal detail exchange (unless freely available in the public domain), spam (repeated and continual posting of a similar message), trolling (intentionally trying to anger, frustrate or provoke someone), inflammatory, off-topic or any other comments that are deemed to be unsuitable in any other ways.

NB: GD team members can also initiate the moderation process if they find posts which they deem unsuitable.

All Forum members are entitled to their opinion. Whilst debate is acceptable, personal insults directed at other members will be removed and further action taken if deemed necessary.

GD will not become involved in disputes which arise on the Forum and reported posts will be removed in most cases.

Posting the word 'bump' (or similar) on a topic, simply to push it forward to the front page of the Forum is not permitted.


GD Team members will take independent action in straight forward cases to delete reported posts within 48 hours and an explanatory email will be sent to you.

In a few extreme cases the action will be discussed in the GD Team section where all international GD Team members have the opportunity to suggest appropriate action. This will include discussion on whether the content of the post warrants a suspension of Forum access for the person who posted it. The outcome of this discussion and/or the duration of the suspension will be emailed to you by the GD Forum Manager within 48 hours.

NB This email will be the outcome of a GD Team discussion and NOT the sole view of the Forum Manager.


If you receive an email informing you that your post has been removed, then you reserve the right to appeal. We would kindly ask that you refrain from appealing post removals unless you are aggrieved.

There is a strict and systematic process for appealing which must be followed. Please reply to the email you were sent regarding your post removal, briefly stating why you wish to appeal. This appeal will be reviewed in the GD Team section in an unbiased manner.


Please do not raise the issue of your post removal on the Forum as this will incur an automatic suspension of your Forum access.

Please write your appeal in a professional manner. Appeals containing abusive language will also incur an automatic suspension of your Forum access.

Lastly, we would ask that you please be patient when waiting on feedback from your appeal. We aim to provide an email response within 48 hours of your appeal being received.


Following a period of Forum access suspension please adhere to the terms within the GD advertising guidance which specifically refers to activity on the Forum following a period of suspension.


We sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy the Forum and please be reassured that Greyhound-Data wishes the Forum to be enjoyable for ALL to interact and that it remains a place where members can express themselves in a safe environment.

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