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12 Recent Matings

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Whelping Date Sire and Dam Details

29/05/2022 Zipping Garth  x  Lens Pick Show Testmating    Contact    

30/05/2022 SH Avatar  x  Wynburn Lily Show Testmating    Contact    

02/06/2022 Hooked On Scotch  x  Pennybacker Show Testmating    Contact    

03/06/2022 Federal Morgan  x  Nanas Habit Show Testmating    Contact    

03/06/2022 Federal Morgan  x  Nanas Habit Show Testmating    Contact    

04/06/2022 Sideshow Marjen  x  Lady Mikado Show Testmating       

05/06/2022 Aston Dee Bee  x  Sharnis My Girl Show Testmating    Contact    

06/06/2022 Flying Ricciardo  x  Hunter Lidcombe Show Testmating    Contact    

18/06/2022 Droopys Sydney  x  Hopeful Lash Show Testmating    Contact    

19/06/2022 Feral Franky  x  Explosive Madame Show Testmating       

27/06/2022 Mogambo  x  Juliette Show Testmating    Contact    

29/06/2022 Fernando Bale  x  Merlot Hayze Show Testmating    Contact    

12 Recent Matings