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19 Recent Matings

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Whelping Date Sire and Dam Details

17/02/2021 Path to Power  x  Dana Jorja Show Testmating    Contact    

23/02/2021 Fast Times  x  Don't Knocka Gee Show Testmating    Contact    

27/02/2021 Lightning Frank  x  Aston Milla Show Testmating    Contact    

27/02/2021 Barcia Bale  x  Cheeky Tunes Show Testmating    Contact    

28/02/2021 Aston Kimetto  x  Aston Aniston Show Testmating    Contact    

13/03/2021 Deliver  x  Urana Vee Eight Show Testmating    Contact    

15/03/2021 Fernando Bale  x  Spooky Sensation Show Testmating    Contact    

18/03/2021 Hooked On Scotch  x  Serene Machine Show Testmating    Contact    

19/03/2021 Fernando Bale  x  Venus and Mars Show Testmating       

23/03/2021 Fernando Bale  x  Ratajkowski Show Testmating    Contact    

25/03/2021 Zambora Brockie  x  Kanzan Show Testmating       

29/03/2021 La Grand Logie  x  Sense Show Testmating    Contact    

31/03/2021 My Bro Fabio  x  Empress Lu Show Testmating       

02/04/2021 Blue Moon Rising  x  All Night Fever Show Testmating    Contact    

05/04/2021 Zulu Zeus  x  Off to Monaco Show Testmating    Contact    

06/04/2021 Zipping Garth  x  Strike Power Show Testmating    Contact    

08/04/2021 Dyna Double One  x  Prancing Tiger Show Testmating       

14/04/2021 Aussie Infrared  x  Regal Savannah Show Testmating    Contact    

28/04/2021 Dyna Double One  x  Prophetess Show Testmating    Contact    

19 Recent Matings