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    Paddy Whacker *

picture of the greyhound Paddy Whacker *
(Heart Rumble *  x  Spicy Candy)
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Sport Prefix   Rocky Mountain Greyhounds
Colour   Brindle
Date of Birth   8 JUL 2008
Land of Birth   Canada
Standing Land   Australia
Breeder   Doug & Lisa Riches
Studbooks Licensed with   Kevin Wright [email protected]
Choice of Semen available   Frozen
Countries Semen available for   Ireland

Stud Fee:  Frozen P.O.A.

Contact: Kevin Wright

ABOUT Paddy Whacker *


WHAT the heck is a Canadian greyhound, US raced, with a smattering of Aussie, Irish, English and US blood doing standing at stud in Australia?
Bidding to revolutionize the breeding industry in this country - that's what!

That dog is PADDY WHACKER (Heart Rumble x Spicy Candy by Jawa Leonas Best) and what a galloper he was. 
A multiple Group finalist, he won the 2010 Orange Park Puppy Stakes and twice smashed the 503m track record at that track. He first ran 30.11 only to a few runs later lower it again with a 30.08 run.
PADDY WHACKER ran fourth in the 2011 Hollywoodian a glamor race in the US. He was also a finalist in the 2010 Orange Park Night Of Stars Sprint, the 2010 Silver Cup and 2011 Orange Park Derby. He was also second in the 2011 Hecht Consolation.
Twice he was named in the All American team, in 2010 and 2011.

PADDY WHACKER was just what most US race dogs have to be, tough, sound and determined.
He comes to Australia to stand stud duty with wonderful credentials.
Broodbitch owners must first be attracted to the fact he was a multiple track record breaker, even if it was his own track record that he broke just two starts after he had already set the time standard. He was a "Stakes Dog" as they call 'em in the US.
PADDY WHACKER raced 113 times for 37 wins, 18 seconds and 15 thirds. His Stakes record was 28 starts for eight wins, 3 seconds and 4 thirds. From a six dog litter, he and his litter mates compiled a win tally of 110 wins, 51 2nds and 60 3rds.

Paddy Whackers Mothers litter sister has produced the number one dog racing in the USA today called 


2010 & 2011 All American. Winner 2010 

OP JGR Puppy Stakes. 4th 2011 Hollywoodian. 

2nd '11, Hecht Consolation, 2010 

OP James J. Patton Silver Cup & 2011 

OP Derby finalist. Orange Park 550 yd. track record 30.08, 2011.

See race videos of Paddy Whacker *
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
ORANGE PARK 22 Sep 2011 HT E11Orange Park22 SEP 2011GR A503 Paddy Whacker *31.09
ORANGE PARK 17 Sep 2011 HT E11Orange Park17 SEP 2011GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.66
ORANGE PARK 12 Sep 2011 HT E12Orange Park12 SEP 2011GR B503 Paddy Whacker *30.59
ORANGE PARK 29 Jul 2011 HT E10Orange Park29 JUL 2011GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.82
Mardi Gras 28 Apr 2011 HT 6Mardi Gras Racetrack28 APR 2011STAKE603 Kenbob Calah37.86
Mardi Gras 24 Apr 2011 HT 2Mardi Gras Racetrack24 APR 2011STAKE603 Flying Berea37.49
Mardi Gras 21 Apr 2011 HT 6Mardi Gras Racetrack21 APR 2011STAKE603 WW's McCoy37.52
Mardi Gras 17 Apr 2011 HT 3Mardi Gras Racetrack17 APR 2011STAKE603 Paddy Whacker *37.24
ORANGE PARK 18 Mar 2011 HT E15Orange Park18 MAR 2011STAKE503 Paddy Whacker *30.54
ORANGE PARK 09 Mar 2011 HT E11Orange Park9 MAR 2011GR A503 Paddy Whacker *31.39
ORANGE PARK 05 Mar 2011 HT A11Orange Park5 MAR 2011GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.20
ORANGE PARK 24 Feb 2011 HT E11Orange Park24 FEB 2011GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.08
ORANGE PARK 19 Feb 2011 HT A11Orange Park19 FEB 2011GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.25
ORANGE PARK 14 Feb 2011 HT E11Orange Park14 FEB 2011GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.11
ORANGE PARK 24 JAN 2011 HT E9Orange Park24 JAN 2011STAKE603 Paddy Whacker *37.59
ORANGE PARK 21 Jan 2011 HT E9Orange Park21 JAN 2011STAKE603 Paddy Whacker *37.63
ORANGE PARK 03 Nov 2010 HT A11Orange Park3 NOV 2010GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.65
ORANGE PARK 29 Oct 2010 HT E12Orange Park29 OCT 2010GR B503 Paddy Whacker *30.84
Orange Park 20 AUG 2010 HT E15Orange Park20 AUG 2010STAKE503 Paddy Whacker *30.33
Orange Park 30 JUL 2010 HT E10Orange Park30 JUL 2010GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.39
ORANGE PARK 26 JUL 2010 HT E10Orange Park26 JUL 2010GR A503 Miss Kate30.95
ORANGE PARK 23 JUL 2010 HT E10Orange Park23 JUL 2010GR A503 Mr. Clark30.99
ORANGE PARK 19 JUL 2010 HT E10Orange Park19 JUL 2010GR A503 Miss Romy30.90
Orange Park 15 JUL 2010 HT E11Orange Park15 JUL 2010GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.63
Orange Park 10 JUL 2010 HT E11Orange Park10 JUL 2010GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.41
Orange Park 07 JUL 2010 HT E9Orange Park7 JUL 2010GR A503 Kiowa Kind Gel30.72
Orange Park 24 JUN 2010 HT E11Orange Park24 JUN 2010GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.55
Orange Park 14 JUN 2010 HT E10Orange Park14 JUN 2010GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.78
Orange Park 9 JUN 2010 HT E11Orange Park9 JUN 2010GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.36
Orange Park 5 Jun 2010 HT E11 - JGR Puppy StakeOrange Park5 JUN 2010STAKE503 Paddy Whacker *30.37
Orange Park 31 May 2010 HT A15Orange Park31 MAY 2010STAKE503 Paddy Whacker *30.31
Orange Park 28 May 2010 HT E11Orange Park28 MAY 2010STAKE503 Playing Amy Song30.73
Orange Park 24 May 2010 HT E10Orange Park24 MAY 2010STAKE503 Paddy Whacker *30.65
Orange Park 15 May 2010 HT E11Orange Park15 MAY 2010GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.39
ORANGE PARK 12 May 2010 HT E11Orange Park12 MAY 2010GR A503 Kiowa Gooddesign31.01
ORANGE PARK 06 May 2010 HT E7Orange Park6 MAY 2010GR A503 Kiowa Top Design30.84
ORANGE PARK 02 May 2010 HT A11Orange Park2 MAY 2010GR A503 Paddy Whacker *30.77
ORANGE PARK 29 Apr 2010 HT E7Orange Park29 APR 2010GR TA503 USS West Coast30.76
ORANGE PARK 23 Apr 2010 HT E7Orange Park23 APR 2010GR TA503 Paddy Whacker *30.74
ORANGE PARK 17 Apr 2010 HT E11Orange Park17 APR 2010GR A503 BH's Doitmyway30.69
ORANGE PARK 14 Apr 2010 HT A7Orange Park14 APR 2010GR B503 Paddy Whacker *30.71
ORANGE PARK 10 Apr 2010 HT A2Orange Park10 APR 2010GR C503 Paddy Whacker *31.07
ORANGE PARK 07 Apr 2010 HT A2Orange Park7 APR 2010GR C503 Hanks Dinah31.60
ORANGE PARK 24 Feb 2010 HT A12Orange Park24 FEB 2010GR C503 Kiowa Rip It31.01
ORANGE PARK 20 Feb 2010 HT A12Orange Park20 FEB 2010GR C503 Cayenne Labron30.89
ORANGE PARK 11 Feb 2010 HT E14Orange Park11 FEB 2010GR B503 Jointheque30.92
Orange Park 06 Feb 2010 HT E4Orange Park6 FEB 2010GR B503 Hanks Reno30.54
ORANGE PARK 03 Feb 2010 HT E5Orange Park3 FEB 2010GR B503 Mr. Duncan30.86
ORANGE PARK 23 Jan 2010 HT E15Orange Park23 JAN 2010GR TA503 Yourgood Imgreat30.46
ORANGE PARK 20 Jan 2010 HT A11Orange Park20 JAN 2010GR TA503 Kiowa Gooddesign30.96
ORANGE PARK 15 Jan 2010 HT E11Orange Park15 JAN 2010GR TA503 Kiowa Vinita31.27
Orange Park 10 Jan 2010 HT E9Orange Park10 JAN 2010GR B503 Paddy Whacker *32.56
ORANGE PARK 07 Jan 2010 HT E9Orange Park7 JAN 2010GR B503 Awesomeofcourse32.50
ORANGE PARK 03 Jan 2010 HT A12Orange Park3 JAN 2010GR B503 TMC's Bestofshow30.76
ORANGE PARK 31 Dec 2009 HT E5Orange Park31 DEC 2009GR B503 USS Fine Touch30.46
ORANGE PARK 26 Dec 2009 HT E4Orange Park26 DEC 2009GR B503 Whatever Works30.57
ORANGE PARK 21 Dec 2009 HT E2Orange Park21 DEC 2009GR C503 Paddy Whacker *31.16
ORANGE PARK 18 Dec 2009 HT E1Orange Park18 DEC 2009GR D503 Paddy Whacker *31.42
Orange Park 14 DEC 2009 E3Orange Park14 DEC 2009MAIDEN503 Paddy Whacker *31.36
ORANGE PARK 11 Dec 2009 HT E3Orange Park11 DEC 2009MAIDEN503 Aqua Screen31.76
ORANGE PARK 06 Dec 2009 HT A5Orange Park6 DEC 2009MAIDEN503 Yib Coogan31.55


First litter to race 
Rush N Whacker  / Billy Club /Rumer has it ..All racing in the and winning in the USA .Kat Zapper broke her leg in multiple places and was keep by Doug Riches as a future Brood .
Jailbreak Lass ( Australia ) who Robert Britton  one of Australia's best trainers went over to the USA to buy her at the nationals when she was 14 months old for 18k 

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

  Will suit all Irish Bitches


Heart Rumble, a son of Steve Kavanagh's Australian Cup winner Smooth Rumble and sire of PADDY WHACKER, was all strength. He won 39 races back in Ireland and set three track records, two at Cork, and won on nine different tracks. At stud PADDY WHACKER was easily his best produce, but he has also sired Mohican Mink Mae who was a finalist in Derby Lane's Sprint and Distance Classic.
Heart Rumble's dam, Beaming Heart, has worked spectacularly with Australian lines. She has produced Group 1 performers to

Aussie sires Brett Lee, Crash, Honcho Classic and of course Smooth Rumble. It is reasonable to assume then that PADDY WHACKER will also work with bitches that include Brett Lee, his son Crash and Crash's litter brothers Where's Pedro and Hallucinate.
Spicy Candy is the dam of PADDY WHACKER and he is an extremely interestingly bred bitch. She was Grade A and then Stakes Class at Palm Beach in the US but also finished third in a major race in Canada.
She is spectacularly in-bred 3x4 along a very powerful position in her pedigree to the half brothers Bara Buzz and Blendway who were both out of the legend broodbitch Buzz Off, a Hall of Famer, who in turn was a daughter of the great Benatar. Buzz Off was also spectacularly in-bred 4x5 to half sisters Valoretta and Nettler, both out of the great producer Lahoma Judy.
With such line breeding to the half brothers Bara Buzz and Blendway, this means PADDY WHACKER will be absolutely perfect to be mated to bitches that carry this famous US family in their pedigree.

In Australia, this family is generally picked up via Braddy (Perceive-Buzz Off) a litter brother to Blendway and a half brother to Bara Buzz (by Bara Ray).
Braddy was extensively used by Paul Wheeler some years ago

and he can be found in many of the Wheeler bred stars. Braddy's son Ashom Bale is the damsire of the great Dyna Lachlan who is making great waves in his own stud career. Daughters of Dyna Lachlan will be a natural to be mated to PADDY WHACKER.
Any bitches with Ashom Bale in their make-up will suit PADDY WHACKER. Ashom Bale recently sired Dyna Nalin the winner of the Group 1 Perth Cup.
Buzz Off, the Hall of Fame broodbitch found twice in the pedigree of PADDY WHACKER'S dam Spice Candy, is a half sister to the great US stud dog Big Tar who is turn sired the very good stud dog By Tar.
If we look closely at the pedigree of the Sandown and Meadows track record holders, litter brothers Bekim and Heston Bale, you will see that By Tar figures in their tail female line. By Tar is also found in the pedigree of the brilliantly fast Remo Rubik whose first progeny is just starting to race and show great promise. Putting bitches by Heston Bale, Bekim Bale and Remo Rubik to PADDY WHACKER will introduce some very special crosses.

PADDY WHACKER's damsire is Jawa Leonas Best and he was a superstar on the racetrack All American in 2003 and a good sire from limited opportunities in the US. He raced just 30 times but was a multiple classic winner in the US. As damsire of PADDY WHACKER, he will have a significant impact upon whatever matings PADDY WHACKER has.
The fact Jawa Leonas Best has Bara Buzz as his damsire means the famous Buzz Off influence will impact even greater than many would expect. This means mating bitches by Dyna Lachlan, Bekim Bale, Heston Bale, Ashom Bale will be vitally important for PADDY WHACKER.
Jawa Leonas Best has also had an important nick with Oswald Cobblepot in the States. Oswald Cobblepot can be found in Australia via his sons Kiowa Sweet Trey and EA's Itsaboy who have been used extensively in this country.

Molotov has been one of the greatest sire influences in the US, so much so that Molotov has been inducted into the US Hall of Fame, as has his own sire the legend HB's Commander.
Duplicating Molotov will be a must in the offspring of PADDY WHACKER. There is more than enough Molotov and HB?s Commander blood in Australia. This can importantly come via daughters of Premier Fantasy who has a daughter of HB's Commander in his sireline.
Broodbitches with SONS of Molotov in their make-up will also be important for PADDY WHACKER because Paddy has a DAUGHTER of Molotov as his second dam.
Sons of Molotov with progeny in Australia include Clappin Thunder, Craigie Whistler and DK's Prime Time. Broodbitches with these sires in their make-up are naturals for PADDY WHACKER. Clappin Thunder bitches will be even more important for Paddy. That's because Clappin Thunder has a son of Trouper Zeke in his pedigree. Trouper Zeke is found as the sire of PADDY WHACKER's third dam.

Another US dog with close ties to PADDY WHACKER and also with plenty off offspring in Australia is Dragon Fire the brilliantly fast son of Brett Lee who is out of a Molotov bitch. Putting daughters of Dragon Fire to PADDY WHACKER will introduce a daughter duplication of Molotov in a very powerful position.
The influence of Molotov should not be understated. Broodbitches owners should take great notice of the fact PADDY WHACKER is the spitting image of Molotov. Both are about 34 kilos and almost identical in colour. It would be reasonable to assume that PADDY WHACKER has thrown to Molotov. By reinforcing Molotov, or his sire HB's Commander who is in much the same mould as both, would hopefully increase broodbitch owners chances of success.

The fact PADDY WHACKER is by Heart Rumble, a son of the former great Aussie sprinter and Irish stud success Smooth Rumble opens up a myriad of options for broodbitch owners.
Smooth Rumble is out of the legendary broodbitch Follow Through. She can be found in the pedigrees of such great Aussie sires as champion Collision, the much underrated Collide, Ace Hi Rumble, now a stud success in Ireland, and Excite Ability. Daughters of all these sires, or bitches with them in their pedigree, will suit ideally to be mated to PADDY WHACKER.
It is significant that Paddy's sire Heart Rumble is out of a daughter of Spiral Nikita. His damline is one that works exceptionally well when it is reinforced.
Spiral Nikita can be found in many pedigrees of broodbitches in Australia. He also has stud dog influences like Oaks Road, Cosmic Rumble (a very important stud dog for PADDY WHACKER), Talks Cheap, Bo Frazier and Late Late Show. College Causeway bitches will be ideal. He has already sired a champion out of a Spiral Nikita bitch.
Putting bitches by Cosmic Rumble to PADDY WHACKER will not only bring in a duplication and balance to Spiral Nikita, but it will also double the great Follow Through. This works for brilliant pace.

Westmead Hawk won two English Derbies and has since become a champion sire in Ireland and England. His is dominant for stamina in his progeny and has been extensively used by Australian breeders. His daughters will also suit PADDY WHACKER. They will provide a duplication and balance to Smooth Rumble.
Another Irish dog with an Aussie influence and which has been used in Australia is Boherna On Air. He too is out of a Smooth Rumble bitch. Boherna On Air daughters should suit PADDY WHACKER.
The fact Fortress, the Irish bred dog who made such an impact in the US, is found significantly in the pedigree of such Aussie greats as Velocette and Slater means daughters of those two will also suit PADDY WHACKER.
Australians love intensely line breeding their greyhounds. But it is significant that many of the greatest champions produced in this country have at least one outcross influence up close in their pedigree.

PADDY WHACKER is ready for the mountainous number of intensely in-bred Australian broodbitches awaiting him. As a track record breaker twice, with many of the best bloodlines found

throughout the world, he could indeed be just what Australians have been waiting for.
Intensely in-bred stud dogs like Surf Lorian, Where's Pedro and Hallucinate, Bombastic Shiraz etc are crying out for a dog like PADDY WHACKER. Brett Lee has worked with bloodlines throughout the world. His line are ready and waiting for Paddy.

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