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    Dragon Shield

picture of the greyhound Dragon Shield
(Cabra Cool  x  Dragon Crash)
show pedigree

Colour   White and Black
Date of Birth   25 APR 2010
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Dave Lonergan
Studbooks Licensed with   ICC
Choice of Semen available   Natural and AI
Countries Semen available for   Ireland

Stud Fee: 200 Euro

Contact: Eileen Coffey 0861694561 and lonergandavid@yahoo.com

ABOUT Dragon Shield



Opportunity Knocks the First Stud Dog with a double double Of Staplers Jo and super brood Sobbing Sal in his first 4 lines of pedigree.. 4x3 and 3x4

Data Rating 133

From the Knocknaboha Snap Damline that Produced Classic Winners The Other Toss ,Arrancourt Duke prolific dams Knocknaboha Snap and Knocknaboha Noir, dam of the Noirs prefix, can be found in the pedigree of Windy Millar and Toomaline Jack, Quarter to Five just to name a few

Winner on Debut (FTON) IN GMHD Juvenile Classic in a blistering 28.34 (306 sec)

Fastest Novice Debut ever in Tralee

Winner of 11  Top races and 6 seconds against Ireland's Best beating the following super stars when virtually a novice with only 4 races under his belt

Barefoot AllStar(Scottish Derby Champion)North Bound(Easter Cup Winner)Razldazl Appollo

Tyrur Sugar Ray (Night of the Stars 600 winner)Allen Master (Laurels finalist)

Shield also went faster then Tralee track  record for in an official solo trial in 17.36
and a official trials Limerick 28.28, 28.50
Some of his Times
Tralee 525 28.34(debut FTON) ,28.39
Shelbourne 525 28.74, 28.55, 28.42,28.44
Shelbourne 550 29.83, 29.95,
Limerick 525 28.56
Limerick 550 29.88
Kilkenny 29.22
Shield ran in the Classics and Top Open stakes in Ireland eg GHMD Juvenile Classic ,Derby,Laurels, D-Ferramo, St.Leger ,McCalmont Cup, Cox Cup

To quote Derby winning Trainer Pat Buckley

"Dragon Shield is as fast as any Greyhound I ever put a strap on"


Dragon Shield has won the following races: (6.0 PTS)

Race NameDateStadiumGradeDist m/yTimeBoxComment
The Track Supporters Club Open/A1 52522 DEC 2013ClonmelOPEN480 / 52529.245 
Ladbrokes A1 525 Final11 MAY 2013Shelbourne ParkGR A1480 / 52528.443EP,drclr
Ladbrokes A1 525 Semi-Final4 MAY 2013Shelbourne ParkGR A1480 / 52528.424FAw,drclr
E 10,000 Kilford Arms Hotel McCalmont Cup Round 15 APR 2013KilkennyGR A1480 / 52529.321FAw,ALd
Kingdom Greyhound StadiumSupportersClub Semi-Final15 DEC 2012TraleeGR A1480 / 52528.394EP,drclr
2012 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger Round 23 NOV 2012LimerickGR AA0503 / 55029.884FAw,ALd
2012 Ladbrokes Irish Greyhound Derby Round 29 AUG 2012Shelbourne ParkFEATURE503 / 55029.831EP,ALd
2012 Ladbrokes Irish Greyhound Derby Round 12 AUG 2012Shelbourne ParkFEATURE503 / 55029.952EP,ALd
Tyrur McGuigan Open 525 Semi-Final30 JUN 2012Shelbourne ParkGR AA0480 / 52528.552EP,drclr
The 'Sporting Press Pup Spy' Open 52523 JUN 2012Shelbourne ParkGR AA0480 / 52528.743FAw,ALd
Gallivan Murphy-Hooper-Dolan Round 12 MAR 2012TraleeOPEN480 / 52528.343FAw,ALd


See race videos of Dragon Shield
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
The SIS Live Gold Cup Round 2Shelbourne Park23 FEB 2013GR AA0480 Kereight King27.82
Tyrur McGuigan Open 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park30 JUN 2012GR AA0480 Dragon Shield28.55
The 'Sporting Press Pup Spy' Open 525Shelbourne Park23 JUN 2012GR AA0480 Dragon Shield28.74
Gallivan Murphy-Hooper-Dolan Round 1Tralee2 MAR 2012OPEN480 Dragon Shield28.34


           next litter should bring pup number to 50 pups on ground                  

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

Suitable to Most Bitches in Ireland and England

The only Stud dog that offers you Aussie style cross with a double double Of Staplers Jo and wonder brood Sobbing Sal in the first 4 lines of Pedigree.. Have a look at the dogs pedigree and the percentages
Perfect cross for any Frightful Flash, Head Honcho, And American Breeding, suitable to most irish bitches
So if you want an injection of early pace,and thinking outside the box thinkiing and breeding with classic lines and value... Take a chance on Shield


Terms and Conditions

Fee 200. .

free one time free service or 80% refund to missing bitches

Contact: Eileen Coffey 0861694561 and lonergandavid@yahoo.com