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picture of the greyhound Konomi
(SH Avatar  x  Money Maid)
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Colour   Red Fawn
Date of Birth   6 JUL 2015
Land of Birth   USA
Standing Land   USA
Studbooks Licensed with   
Choice of Semen available   Straws
Countries Semen available for   Australia

Stud Fee: 2200AUD

Contact: George Dailly. Anakie, Victoria Australia Mob: 0419568349

ABOUT Konomi

Konomi was named 2018 first team All American and was captain of the 2017 second team All American.

United Greyhound racing Selected Konomi to their 'Great Eight' Team.

His sire is the superstar SH Avatar (2 time All American) and his mother, Money Maid was Dam of the Year in 2017.


Career - 125 Races for 59-23-12

At Southland - Konomi broke 583 yard track record (Smashing Bella Infrared's long standing record).
                      - Finalist in the Hound madness Stake (2nd).
                      - Finalist in the King and Queen Stake (3rd).
                      - Voted by Southland kennel owners and trainers as 583 yard Greyhound of the year.

At Wheeling  - Winner of the Wheeling Island National Futurity Stakes.

At Iowa Greyhound Park - Finalist in Iowa Breeders Classic (2nd).
                                         - Finalist in the king and Queens Stake (2nd).


Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

No greyhound in recent history has proven to be a true champion the way Konomi has, he could run anywhere.

How would you describe the temperament of your Dog?   Average
Was your Dog a fast beginner?   Very Fast
Was your Dog a strong finisher?   Finished like a train
What was your Dog's favourite distance?   500 600 mtrs
What was your Dog's best racing weight?   

Terms and Conditions

Contact: George Dailly. Anakie, Victoria Australia Mob: 0419568349