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    Kiowa Mon Manny

picture of the greyhound Kiowa Mon Manny
(Flying Penske  x  Flying Monica K)
show pedigree

Colour   Light Fawn
Date of Birth   18 SEP 2002
Land of Birth   USA
Standing Land   USA
Studbooks Licensed with   [email protected]
Choice of Semen available   FROZEN No Returns
Countries Semen available for   Australia

Stud Fee: $2000

Contact: [email protected]

ABOUT Kiowa Mon Manny

Kiowa Mon Manny not only throws STUD DOGS but his Bitches are regarded as the very best broods today in the USA!
Traits with the kind of dogs he throws is 100% pure class!
Traits with the quality of bitches he throws and the amount of quality dogs that come from Kiowa Mon Manny bitches is first class.

As a race dog his record speaks for itself 82 Start 44 wins 9 seconds 6 thirds. 

As sire he has worked his way up from the bottom of the sire's list to being one of a few sire's to have achieved this in the US for many years .
The best thing about these shipments of Kiowa Mon Manny frozen semen is, it has been DRAWN FRESH RIGHT NOW AT THE VETS FOR THE AUSTRALIAN MARKET .
The Quality of his semen does not need to questioned it is packaged to all the rules and regulations of GA .
There has been some rumours flooding the industry by people with hidden agenda's that Kiowa Mon Manny has poor quality semen . I can 100% say this is untrue.
These same people are the ones who have made plenty of money over the years importing semen into Australia and they should know better.
Kiowa Mon Manny is drawing FRESH semen for Australia as we speak .
Fully Vet tested
Full Guarantee on quality of semen with a 100% refund!
We welcome any test from any Vet within Australia on the quality of KIOWA MON MANNY Semen!

We think there would not be a single breeder in the world who would not like a couple of dogs like his son's SH Avatar and Bella Infrared.
Manny was a pure sprinter by our standards (550-583 yards), who raced with distinction at 5 different tracks, 4 of them top tier venues.
He was all about pace and breakaway speed. He tends to throw quite an array of types, however, from blazing speedballs, to leather-lunged marathoners.
His pedigree is a bit unusual for an American dog, however, despite the inbreeding to She's A Natural, it seems that in some instances, adding even more of that works well enough. The female family just keeps throwing higher and higher class, and sire on top of sire. It's remarkable.
His damsire, Minaki Zeke, was another pacey sprinter, who would have run through a titanium wall, and who tended to throw that trait pretty reliably. It's a good balance to the Unruly influence, which tends to provide some staying capacity. Of course I haven't handled any of Manny’s pups, but I haven't heard too much negativity at all about them. 
A look at his top offspring is pretty impressive and revealing.

Top 39 Sires on that list USA - All Americans 13 Sons at stud  
> Gable Dodge (Date of Birth 2 DEC 1995 dec) 3 son’s: 
Kc and All 
Lonesome Cry 
Flying man of god

> Kiowa Sweet Trey (Date of Birth 7 JAN 2000 dec) 3 son’s: 
Flying Hydrogen 
Flying Coal City ...All American 
P's Gibbs

KIOWA MON MANNY (Date of Birth 18 SEP 2002 alive and kicking) He is 12 years old!
4 sons at stud on the present list: 
AMF Ex President - All American  
SH Avatar - All American 
Bella Infrared - All American 
Venus Espinosa - All American

Sire Lines of Flying Penske 15 sons:  
The very best producing son of Flying Penske is by far Kiowa Mon Manny

A span of 17 races at Wheeling Downs produced 16 AA wins....That’s insane! 

Only the great Kiowa Sweet Trey can claim a streak of some likeness in our generation. 
Manny dominated 3 racetracks and when asked to run further all he did was win the Southland Derby. 
That win just showed his sire's distance attributes. Manny brings the rock hard qualities of Penske with a powder keg of explosiveness to the turn. 
In today's Greyhound world , it's vital to maintain the versatility of getting sprinters and distance runners in your puppies. Manny is certainly showing that quality in his offspring:

KIOWA MON MANNY 2971 off spring 14% major races 3279 points
Collision 4339 off spring 11% major races 3126 points 
Where's Pedro 3762 off spring 10% major races 3071 points

Four Son's of KIOWA MON MANNY on the present top forty most used sires in the USA!
Those same four son's ARE ALL AMERICANS
No other sire on the current USA list can boost such a record!
KIOWA MON MANNY at stud on the present list
starts 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Bella Infrared......All American.......Starts...100 . 71 . 7 . 7 . 4
SH Avatar......All American...........Starts...103 .59 . 13 .14 . 6
AMF Ex President...All American ... Starts ...112 . 51. 21 .8 .9
Venus Espinosa...All American.......Starts......161 . 69 .23 .13 . 15

FOUR sons of

The Facts don't lie!

KIOWA MON MANNY is one of those very special sires who can throw super fast dogs and bitches sprinters and stayers.
CALL for one of the BEST SIRES in the world TODAY!
Very Limited Vials!!! Don’t be late..


No other SIRE today has produced so many Quality offspring who themselfs have gone on to also be the very best of the best .....


To many to list .

See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Kiowa Mon Manny
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Southland 07 Aug 2021 HT 15Southland7 AUG 2021STAKE533 CBJ Elektra31.85
Wheeling Downs 13 Nov 2020 HT A14Wheeling Downs13 NOV 2020STAKE501 Go On Horse29.43
ORANGE PARK 30 Oct 2020 HT E12Orange Park30 OCT 2020STAKE503 Lee Endo30.61
Southland 03 Oct 2020 HT 11 - Super MarathonSouthland3 OCT 2020STAKE750 FGF Rebecca46.91
Wheeling Downs 20 Sep 2020 HT A8Wheeling Downs20 SEP 2020STAKE501 Go On Horse29.89
Wheeling Downs 16 Sep 2020 HT A6Wheeling Downs16 SEP 2020STAKE501 Go On Horse30.25
Wheeling Downs 11 Sep 2020 HT A8Wheeling Downs11 SEP 2020STAKE501 Go On Horse30.05
Southland 31 Jul 2020 HT 6Southland31 JUL 2020STAKE603 O Ya Sniper37.43
Wheeling Downs 23 Nov 2019 HT A15 - Keystone Ch.Wheeling Downs23 NOV 2019STAKE620 Mac's Trudeaux38.11
Tri-State 22 May 2019 HT E11Tri State22 MAY 2019STAKE503 Mac's Trudeaux30.45
PALM BEACH 11 May 2019 HT E2Palm Beach11 MAY 2019GR A603 Fraulein Audrey37.71
Tri-State 11 May 2019 HT 13Tri State11 MAY 2019STAKE503 Mac's Gordiehowe30.65
Wheeling Downs 15 Nov 2018 HT A16Wheeling Downs15 NOV 2018STAKE501 Mac's Trudeaux31.34
Derby Lane 24 Mar 2018 HT E10Derby Lane24 MAR 2018STAKE603 Rich N Famous37.53
ORANGE PARK 02 Nov 2015 HT E7Orange Park2 NOV 2015STAKE503 C Ville Wynter30.47
Dubuque 17 May 2014 HT A10Dubuque17 MAY 2014GR A503 L Sully30.58
ORANGE PARK 02 Sep 2013 HT A11Orange Park2 SEP 2013STAKE503 Scortch McBones30.98
Bluffs Run 06 Apr 2013 HT A13Bluffs Run6 APR 2013STAKE503 SH Avatar29.98
Southland 08 Dec 2012 HT E11Southland8 DEC 2012GR AA533 Bella Infrared31.14
Bluffs Run 03 Nov 2012 HT A15Bluffs Run3 NOV 2012STAKE503 SH Avatar30.24
Southland 30 Jun 2012 HT E11Southland30 JUN 2012STAKE533 Bella Infrared31.85
Southland 04 Jun 2012 HT 11Southland4 JUN 2012GR AA533 Bella Infrared31.28
Southland 01 Apr 2011 HT E11Southland1 APR 2011STAKE533 Bella Infrared31.78
Phoenix 14 DEC 2009 HT E8Phoenix14 DEC 2009STAKE503 Phoenix Flash31.25
Phoenix 12 NOV 2009 HT E5Phoenix12 NOV 2009STAKE503 Kiowa Bandanna31.21
Phoenix 23 OCT 2009 HT E14Phoenix23 OCT 2009STAKE626 Kiowa Bandanna39.17
Phoenix 19 OCT 2009 HT E6Phoenix19 OCT 2009STAKE626 Kiowa Bandanna39.53
Phoenix 15 OCT 2009 HT E6Phoenix15 OCT 2009STAKE626 Kiowa Bandanna39.41
Phoenix 21 MAR 2009 HT E10Phoenix21 MAR 2009STAKE626 Kiowa Bandanna39.84
Phoenix 12 MAR 2009 HT E12Phoenix12 MAR 2009STAKE626 Kiowa Bandanna39.58
Phoenix 6 DEC 2008 HT E8Phoenix6 DEC 2008STAKE503 Bella Siphonic30.81

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

Martin Roper (USA) talking about Kiowa Mon Manny:

‘’He’s an excellent sire. He was a very competent but not awe-inspiring race dog, so he didn't end up in the hands of a large stud house. He got a very late start and mostly average bitches. When you consider the obstacles he had to overcome, his production is pretty remarkable.’’

Dennis McKeon (USA) talking about Kiowa Mon Manny:

‘’The idea of questioning the sire of arguably the 2 most dominant major track sprinters to emerge in a decade, seems a bit counter-intuitive. Inasmuch as whatever alleged deficiencies Kiowa Mon Manny may have had, they could just as easily be heritable as they might have been a result of human handling error.
Needless to say, for a greyhound who has not been spoonfed the finest producers from the most well-stocked kennels, he has acquitted himself beyond all expectation.
Here in the USA, you see, breeders are highly skeptical of any greyhound who is as tightly inbred as Kiowa Mon Manny. It doesn't matter to many of them, how many great Australian greyhounds emerge from breedings as close or closer. For most, it's simply out of their comfort zone. The way they see it, our American dogs were developed by outcrossing--ironically--and most successfully, to Australian imports.
So what you see regarding his progeny, and their versatility and quality, was hard earned. I'm not certain you will find a dog as inbred as Manny near the top of the US sire standings, no matter how far back you delve into the archives, as long as they've been keeping such stats here.
As far as the Manny sireline goes---it should be familiar to all of you in Australia, because it is the sireline of Tell You Why>Tumble Bug>Andrew Micawber. Not likely it will breed out.
His family is the female family of Fawn Rita, whose first, modern expression was Johnny Leonard, whose daughter, Kinto Nebo, when bred to Tell You Why, produced none other than Westy Whizzer, to whom American greyhounds are about as indebted as Australian greyhounds are to Temlee.
The Dias Stormy Day branch of the Fawn Rita family, which includes She's a Natural, to whom Manny is inbred 2x3 and who is his 3rd dam, is a sire producing juggernaught, including among its contemporary luminaries, Manny himself, Flying Penske, Dragon Fire, Super Lee, Hometown Boy, and Brady Thomas.’’

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Terms and Conditions

No Returns 

Contact: [email protected]