Aston Exceed

Service Fee$ 1650
ContactNicholas De La Roche
Email[email protected]

Colour   Black
Date of Birth   MAY 2020
Land of Birth   Australia
Standing Land   Australia

From just 11 starts, he won eight and in six of those he ran best of the day and scorched in them all.

He showed from just 11 starts a glimpse of what he could do but showed the promise of what his half brother Aston Rupee delivered in time.

It is why Ray Borda and Newhaven Stud have given Aston Exceed every chance to excel at stud.

Aston Exceed is bred on the now famous nick of a daughter of Barcia Bale going to Fernando Bale. It is proven to G1 level throughout the land. The combination of two of the greatest stud dogs of the modern era.

But it also brings in the Aston Elle/Elite Oriental/Knocka Norris damline that has been producing greats and great stud dogs for decades.

It is the direct dam line of Awesome Assassin.

Aston Exceed is in-bred to this family which augurs well for him at stud.

He carries Bombastic Shiraz close up in his dam line to help him greatly succeed at stud.

11 Races

DateStadiumDist m/yGradeDogsTrapStimePostsFinCommentPtsSpkgWinnerWinTmTimeETime
9 OCT 2022 Bendigo425 / 465GR S/E6DT36.584669Trouble $2.70 Typhoon Sammy23.52
27 SEP 2022 Warragul460 / 503GR Mixe7DT26.461111st 2.0$1.10F Aston Exceed25.5825.5825.58
20 SEP 2022 Warragul460 / 503GR Mixe5DT76.421111st  $1.04F Aston Exceed25.7125.7125.71
4 SEP 2022 Healesville350 / 383GR S/E7DT86.5144th  $3.40 Nicolson Bale19.2419.3819.38
21 AUG 2022 Healesville350 / 383FEATURE8DT56.5346th  $5.90 Quinlan Bale18.9819.2119.21
5 AUG 2022 Warragul400 / 437GR Free6DT28.20111st 2.0$1.20F Aston Exceed22.2922.2922.29
15 JUL 2022 Bendigo425 / 465GR Rest7DT26.591111st  $1.10F Aston Exceed23.8223.8223.82
21 MAY 2022 Warragul400 / 437GR Mixe8DT38.18111st 4.0$1.30F Aston Exceed22.2722.2722.27
17 APR 2022 Bendigo425 / 465FEATURE8DT16.461111st 2.0$1.30F Aston Exceed23.5023.5023.50
13 APR 2022 Bendigo425 / 465GR Maid8DT16.451111st  $1.50F Aston Exceed23.6123.6123.61
8 APR 2022 Bendigo425 / 465GR Maid5DT16.391111st  $1.10F Aston Exceed23.6123.6123.61