Memories of Owners, Trainers and Breeders

On this page you can locate or add a memorial page for owners, trainers and breeders that have loved their greyhounds but now have sadly passed away. These are the people who in their own way helped shape the greyhound world we currently have today. Their lives should be celebrated by any stories, photos or tributes you can add so that future generations can also remember them as a person and not just a name from the past.

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For best quality results we recommend to upload pictures with at least 640x480 pixel resolution.
If you have problems uploading pictures please make sure that your picture is saved in a standard graphic format (JPG/GIF/PNG/TIFF) and not bigger than 300 KB.
Please Note: Please respect each and every memorial page of our greyhound community. Any tributes that are inappropriate will be removed and your access to Greyhound-Data will be revoked, legal action may also be pursued.