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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate ^HtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
English Derby 77 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19770GROUP1500 Balliniska Band29.16
English Derby 78 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19780GROUP1500 Lacca Champion29.42
Golden Jacket 83 UKHarringay1 FEB 19830GROUP2660 Minnies Matador *40.69
National DerbyWentworth Park26 MAR 19830GROUP1530 World Park Ned31.02
English Derby 83 FINWhite City London25 JUN 19830GROUP1500 Im Slippy29.40
GradedWhite City London25 AUG 19830GR A7500 Jim the Judge30.19
National Distance ChampionshipCannington FEB 19840FEATURE740 Princess Baden44.32
GradedWhite City London25 FEB 19840GR A7500 Jim the Judge30.83
White City HurdleWhite City London25 FEB 19840GR 500 Alshas Diamond30.78
White City HurdleWhite City London29 MAR 19840GR 500 Alshas Diamond30.69
GradedA1White City London31 MAY 19840GR A1500 Cardonaghy30.16
English Derby 84 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19840GROUP1500 Whisper Wishes29.43
The Eric Morescambe Sunshine StakesWembley30 MAY 19850OPEN710 Scurlogue Champ43.76
The Beaumont British Puppy StakesWembley5 FEB 19860OPEN490 Speedy Pursuit29.59
The Briand StakesWembley19 MAR 19860OPEN490 Speedy Pursuit29.52
TV Trophy 86 UKNewcastle (Brough Park)1 APR 19860GROUP2825 Scurlogue Champ52.65
Empire Stadium StakesWembley14 APR 19860OPEN490 Fearless Power29.59
British Breeders Forum Produce Trial StakesHarringay21 APR 19860OPEN475 Speedy Pursuit28.80
British Breeders Forum Produce StakesHarringay14 JUL 19860GROUP1475 Speedy Pursuit28.50
Pall Mall Trial StakesHarringay23 FEB 19870OPEN475 Speedy Pursuit29.22
Royal Palm Course 29.52 Canary LegsPalm Beach  19880GR 498 Canary Legs29.52
The Regency FinalHove & Brighton19 MAR 19880GROUP1515 Lulu's Son31.30
Sprint Championship 1988 Final DogsOberhausen15 MAY 19880OPEN325 Aschan20.27
Hildesheim 05 June 1988Hildesheim5 JUN 19880GR GR480 Amazing Girl29.33
Muenster 19 June 1988Münster19 JUN 19880GR GR480 Joan v.d. Eichquelle30.64
Murray Kemp Classic EliminationMultnomah9 JUL 19889STAKE503 He's My Man30.60
German Championship 1988 Dogs FinalGelsenkirchen7 AUG 19880OPEN480 Nyakiglab Turbo *29.14
International Derby 1988Hamburg27 AUG 19880OPEN480 Jaapie28.96
UICL Championship 1988 Dogs FinalBeringen10 SEP 19880OPEN475 Aschan29.23
Gelsenkirchen 14 May 1989Gelsenkirchen14 MAY 19890GR GR480 Jaapie29.10
Sprint Championship 1989 Final DogsOberhausen21 MAY 19890OPEN325 Restless Boy19.80
German Championship 1989 Dogs FinalOberhausen6 AUG 19890OPEN480 Restless Boy29.40
Oaks TSWexford and District CC27 DEC 19891COURSING0 Barbican Swank0.00
Derby TSWexford and District CC27 DEC 19891COURSING0 Dream Big0.00
Loch Garman CupWexford and District CC27 DEC 19891COURSING0 Poker Aces0.00
Derby TSEnniscorthy CC14 JAN 19901COURSING0 Sky Pilot0.00
Oaks TSEnniscorthy CC14 JAN 19901COURSING0 Quarrymount Bibi0.00
Bookmakers All-Age StakeEnniscorthy CC14 JAN 19901COURSING0 Rossa Inn0.00
Scottish Derby 90 UKShawfield1 MAY 19900GROUP1500 Westmead Harry29.62
Gelsenkirchen 03 June 1990Gelsenkirchen3 JUN 19900GR GR480 Nyakiglab Turbo *99.00
Hamburg 01 July 1990Hamburg1 JUL 19900GR GR480 Restless Boy29.10
Hannover 22 July 1990Hannover22 JUL 19900GR GR480 Airwolf29.31
Oaks TSWexford and District CC27 DEC 19901COURSING0 Little Note0.00
Derby TSWexford and District CC27 DEC 19901COURSING0 Boscatt Ash0.00
Loch Garman CupWexford and District CC27 DEC 19901COURSING0 Quarrymount Zig0.00
Bookmakers All-Age CupEnniscorthy CC14 JAN 19911COURSING0 Barnagore Breeze0.00
Oaks TSEnniscorthy CC14 JAN 19911COURSING0 Miss Saleen0.00
Derby TSEnniscorthy CC14 JAN 19911COURSING0 Smokey Bingo0.00
Irish Puppy Derby 91Harolds Cross11 OCT 19910GROUP2480 Polnoon Chief28.98
Derby TSWexford and District CC27 DEC 19911COURSING0 Cushie Rusty0.00
Loch Garman CupWexford and District CC27 DEC 19911COURSING0 Orio Thriller0.00
Oak TSWexford and District CC27 DEC 19911COURSING0 Cushie Crafty0.00
Palm Beach 14 Mar 1992 - St. Pats InvitatioPalm Beach14 MAR 19920STAKE498 Briggs Stratton29.75
Scottish Television Marathon 1992Shawfield21 MAY 19920GROUP2730 Poor Sue99.00
Swaffham Derby Final 1992Swaffham18 JUL 19920OPEN480 Bank Tunnel99.00
Sussex Cup 92 UKHove & Brighton6 AUG 19920FEATURE515 Parquet Patch29.96
English Puppy Derby 92 UKWimbledon1 SEP 19920GROUP3460 Bixby28.04
Romford Graded Hurdle.Romford5 SEP 19920GR 2400 Aglish Bono25.55
Derby TSWexford and District CC27 DEC 19921COURSING0 Triple Mover0.00
Oaks TSWexford and District CC27 DEC 19921COURSING0 Greenore Sooty0.00
Loch Garman CupWexford and District CC27 DEC 19921COURSING0 Mardine Legend0.00
Derby TSEnniscorthy CC JAN 19931COURSING0 Our Wonder0.00
Bookmakers All-Age CupEnniscorthy CC JAN 19931COURSING0 Quarrymount Cha0.00
OAKS TSEnniscorthy CC JAN 19931COURSING0 Carols Friend0.00
Golden Jacket 93 UKCrayford20 FEB 19930GROUP2714 Heavenly Lady45.33
TV Trophy 93 UKWimbledon21 APR 19930GROUP2820 Heavenly Lady51.40
English Derby 93 FINWimbledon30 JUN 199350GROUP1480 Ringa Hustle28.62
Corn Ceatharlach All Age CupCounty Carlow CC NOV 19931COURSING0 Jolly Princess0.00
Oaks TSCounty Carlow CC NOV 19931COURSING0 Ruby Blue0.00
Derby TSCounty Carlow CC NOV 19931COURSING0 Ground Shaker0.00
PERTH CUP 94 AU WACannington1 APR 19940FEATURE530 Just Like Whisky0.00
Breeders Produce Stakes 94 IRClonmel28 APR 19940GROUP1480 Come On Ranger28.82
Palm Beach 17 MAR 1995 HT E11Palm Beach17 MAR 1995E11STAKE498 Twilite Demand29.44
MONMORE STAYERSMonmore25 MAR 19950GR S1647 Burslem Boy41.17
PERTH CUP 96 AU WACannington20 APR 19960GROUP1530 Tenthill Doll30.70
Peterborough Derby 96 UKPeterborough1 JUL 19960GROUP1420 Dynamic Fair *25.46
Eclipse Stakes 96 UKNottingham7 NOV 19960GROUP2500 Some Picture29.83
English Cesarewitch 96 UKCatford1 DEC 19960GROUP2718 Elbony Rose45.90
English Derby 97 ConsWimbledon28 JUN 19970GROUP2480 Toms the Best28.42
sporting life dorando marathonWimbledon28 JUN 19971GR 868 Moanrue Slippy54.77
sporting life greencard trophyWimbledon28 JUN 19972OPEN660 Petal34.84
English Champion Stakes 97 UKRomford18 JUL 199750GROUP1575 Elderberry Chick34.86
Mile High 23 JUL 1997 HT E6Mile High23 JUL 1997E6STAKE518 Oswald Cobblepot31.63
English Derby 98 FINWimbledon27 JUN 199850GROUP1480 Toms the Best28.75
Irish Derby 1998 FinalShelbourne Park30 SEP 19980GROUP1503 Eyeman30.09
Irish Coursing Derby 99 IRClonmel CC3 FEB 19990COURSING0 Big Fella Thanks0.00
Derby Lane (St. Petersburg ) 29 APR 2000 HTDerby Lane29 APR 2000E8FEATURE503 Craigie Whistler30.53
Continental Classics 00 280m B FinGeldrop3 JUN 20008OPEN280 Boolavogue Flash *17.30
Continental Classics 00 280m D FinGeldrop3 JUN 20009FEATURE280 Ballybeg Ronaldo *17.05
E C 2000 325m Dogs 2nd SemiTurku2 AUG 20000OPEN325 Ballybeg Ronaldo *18.86
E C 2000 325m Dogs 1st SemiTurku2 AUG 200050OPEN325 Playboy19.52
European Champion 00 325m D FINTurku6 AUG 20005GROUP1325 Ballybeg Ronaldo *18.88
Irish Derby 2000 FinalShelbourne Park2 SEP 20000GROUP1503 Judicial Pride29.68
Adelaide Cup 01 AUAngle Park25 JAN 20010GROUP1515 Brett Lee28.88
Moyons Trohpy 2001 Cons.Geldrop27 MAY 20016R280 Aherla Contender *17.30
Moyons Trohpy 2001 FinalGeldrop27 MAY 200110OPEN280 Hurricanes Overjoyed17.15
Final Open Dutch 680m MixedGeldrop15 JUL 20010OPEN680 Burning Pride44.35
Final Open Dutch 680m MixedGeldrop15 JUL 20010OPEN680 Burning Pride44.35
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