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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadium ^DateHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Abilene 11 Oct 2012 HT A19Abilene11 OCT 2012A19GR R503 Jailbreak Lass *30.11
Abilene 11 Oct 2012 HT A21Abilene11 OCT 2012A21GR R503 Eyes Handsome31.14
Abilene 08 Oct 2012 HT X10Abilene8 OCT 20120GR R503 T's Hank It30.94
Abilene 08 Oct 2012 HT X7Abilene8 OCT 20120GR R503 Jailbreak Lass *30.18
christchurchgreyhounds.co.nz Stakes C1Addington21 DEC 20120GR C1520 Come a Cropper30.47
Business Time At Stud Dash C0Addington30 NOV 20120GR C0295 Come a Cropper17.92
I Pave Concrete Dash C3Addington9 AUG 20120GR C3295 Flying Jojo17.23
Carol's TAB Sprint C2Addington31 JUL 20120GR C2295 Flying Jojo17.80
Methven Panel & Paint Ltd SprintAddington24 JUN 20120GR C1295 Flying Jojo17.10
NZ Stayers Cup.Addington7 JUL 201110GROUP1732 Swift Fantasy43.81
Shirley Veterinary Centre Stakes C1 HeatsAddington18 FEB 20110GR C1520 Micker Morris30.75
CHALLENGE OPAWA ALL-UP SPRINT C1 295mAddington17 FEB 20092GR C1295 Cap Fantastic17.61
Canterbury Draught DashAddington2 OCT 200720GR c5295 Another Gale16.84
TAB-LONG MAY WE PLAYAlbion Park15 APR 20211GR NOV520 Merchant Navy30.22
FABREGAS @ METICULOUS LODGE HEAT 2Albion Park18 MAR 20216GR 5TH520 Werina Express29.93
ORSON ALLEN @ STUD RESTRICTED WINS STAKEAlbion Park15 MAR 20215GR R/W600 Lola Coaster35.63
GARRARD'S HORSE & HOUND STAKEAlbion Park11 MAR 20211GR NOV520 Rochill Lady29.99
BORGBET TIPPING SERVICE STAKEAlbion Park8 MAR 20211GR MIX520 Rumbling Away30.05
MOTORHUB STAKEAlbion Park1 MAR 20212GR NOV520 Double Malt30.00
GARRARD'S HORSE & HOUND STAKEAlbion Park15 FEB 20213GR NOV520 Latrell30.26
BOX 1 PHOTOGRAPHY FINALAlbion Park10 JAN 20212MAIDEN331 Ringbark Road19.10
TAB MIDDLE DISTANCE CHALLENGE HEAT 2Albion Park17 DEC 20208OPEN600 Frieda Las Vegas34.93
BORGBET TIPPING SERVICE STAKEAlbion Park10 DEC 20202GR 5TH710 Frieda Las Vegas42.22
BORGBET TIPPING SERVICE STAKEAlbion Park9 DEC 20207GR 5TH520 Hopeful Lash30.25
BOX 1 PHOTOGRAPHY FFAAlbion Park26 NOV 20206OPEN600 Frieda Las Vegas34.89
MOTORHUB STAKEAlbion Park26 NOV 202010GR 5TH520 Hopeful Lash30.14
MOTORHUB RISING STARS HEAT 1Albion Park22 OCT 20205OPEN520 Frieda Las Vegas29.65
SENTRACK 1053 AM BRISBANE STAKEAlbion Park1 OCT 20201GR NOV520 Fifty Fathoms29.92
ASSET BODY CORP BRIBIE ISLAND STAKEAlbion Park24 SEP 20205GR 5TH600 Frieda Las Vegas34.81
SKY RACING STAKEAlbion Park24 AUG 20206GR 4/5600 Frieda Las Vegas35.02
Box 1 Photography 600Albion Park3 AUG 20207GR 5600 Frieda Las Vegas35.09
SKY RACING STAKEAlbion Park2 JUL 20201GR NOV520 Hopeful Lash30.11
Motorhub 600Albion Park28 MAY 20206GR 5600 Frieda Las Vegas34.65
GARRARD'S HORSE & HOUND STAKEAlbion Park14 MAY 20201GR NOV520 Special Cyndie30.16
GARRARD’S HORSE AND HOUNDAlbion Park23 APR 20201GR 520 Fernando Beach30.19
TAB EASTER TROPHY FINALAlbion Park9 APR 20207FEATURE520 Frieda Las Vegas30.08
TAB EASTER TROPHY HEAT 3Albion Park2 APR 20205FEATURE520 Frieda Las Vegas29.98
EXPAT LODGEAlbion Park30 MAR 20208GR 5520 Frieda Las Vegas30.19
QBRED 5th GRADE FINALAlbion Park9 MAR 20207GR 5520 Frieda Las Vegas30.53
SKY RACING BRISBANE CUP FINALAlbion Park4 JUL 20198GROUP1520 Sennachie29.38
FLYING AMY CLASSIC FINALAlbion Park20 JUN 20196GROUP3520 Feral Franky29.99
GARRARD'S HORSE & HOUND STAKEAlbion Park23 AUG 20181GR NOV520 Tail Wag29.94
UBET-DOWNLOAD THE APP STAKEAlbion Park23 AUG 201810GR 5TH600 Sweet Karmar35.29
TWITTER @ BRISGREYSAlbion Park18 JUN 20185GR R/W600 Sambucca Hayze34.71
GARRARD'S HORSE & HOUND FINALAlbion Park23 MAY 20185GR 5TH395 Rally Dryva22.81
GARRARD'S HORSE & HOUND HEAT 1Albion Park16 MAY 20185GR 5TH395 Rally Dryva22.88
TWITTER @ BRISGREYS HEAT 2Albion Park2 MAY 20189GR 5TH395 Rally Dryva22.96
Thirty Talks @ StudAlbion Park25 APR 20184GR 5395 Bogan Secret22.65
ASPLEY LEAGUES CLUBAlbion Park11 FEB 20182MAIDEN331 Eye That Girl19.55
BOX 1 PHOTOGRAPHY STAKEAlbion Park21 JAN 20187GR 4/5395 Rally Dryva22.91
SKY RACING STAKEAlbion Park7 JAN 20187GR 4/5395 Rally Dryva23.40
BRISGREYS.COM STAKEAlbion Park17 DEC 20179GR 5TH395 Rally Dryva22.88
TWITTER@BRISGREYS STAKEAlbion Park13 NOV 20175GR R/W600 Sweet Karmar35.19
THIRTY TALKS @ STUD NOVICEAlbion Park28 SEP 20172GR NOV520 Bergamo30.86
GARRARD'S HORSE AND HOUND NOVICEAlbion Park21 SEP 20172GR NOV520 Freehold30.32
THIRTY TALKS @ STUD Maiden FinalAlbion Park11 SEP 20171GR MXD520 Poncherello30.63
PUBLICAN'S CUP HEAT 1Albion Park7 SEP 20173GR 5TH520 Grand Prix Dryva30.35
TWITTER @ BRISGREYS Maiden HAlbion Park4 SEP 20172MAIDEN520 Wazza Queen30.27
SKY RACING STAKEAlbion Park31 AUG 20175GR 5th520 Grand Prix Dryva30.25
BRISGREYS.COM STAKEAlbion Park21 AUG 20178GR R/W600 Sweet Karmar35.43
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park20 OCT 201610GR 5520 Miss Becky Sam30.02
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park6 OCT 201610GR 5520 Evie's Angel30.11
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park26 SEP 20169GR 5520 Chevaleir Nuit30.48
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park19 SEP 201610GR 5520 Wings of Perlita30.13
BGRC 3/4 GradeAlbion Park12 SEP 20168GR 3/4520 Rocky Be Good30.34
BGRC 3/4 GradeAlbion Park25 AUG 20167GR 3/4520 Blueys Shout30.26
BGRC 3/4 GradeAlbion Park18 AUG 20167GR 3/4520 Lauryn's Best30.11
UBET NATIONAL SPRINT QLD HEAT 2Albion Park4 AUG 20167OPEN520 Thirty Talks29.98
BGRC 3/4 GradeAlbion Park1 AUG 20168GR 3/4520 Sivamet30.49
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park31 JUL 20166GR 5395 My Sprite23.05
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park15 JUN 20166GR 5395 Swizzlestick22.69
Mick Byrne Memorial FinalAlbion Park26 MAY 20168FEATURE520 Back to Business30.00
MICK BYRNE MEMORIAL HEAT 1Albion Park19 MAY 20161GR 520 War Picture30.11
MICK BYRNE MEMORIAL HEAT 6Albion Park19 MAY 201610GR 520 Knights Templar30.47
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park5 MAY 20162GR 5600 Minnie Impact35.18
BGRC Best 8Albion Park5 MAY 20168OPEN520 Lady Abigail30.14
5th GradeAlbion Park28 APR 20163GR 600 Big Easy Red34.89
4th GradeAlbion Park28 APR 20167GR 520 Sivamet30.26
BGRC 45 GradeAlbion Park21 APR 20163GR 4/5520 Tripum30.19
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park21 APR 20164GR 5600 Apatite34.64
Qld Derby heatAlbion Park14 APR 20162OPEN520 Thirty Talks29.97
Qld Derby heatAlbion Park14 APR 20163OPEN520 My Silver Chisel29.97
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park31 MAR 20162GR 5520 Sivamet30.33
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park31 MAR 20164GR 5600 Serene Star35.07
5th GradeAlbion Park24 MAR 20160GR 600 Nureyev35.26
5th GradeAlbion Park24 MAR 20169GR 520 Split Image30.14
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park17 MAR 20166GR 5600 Minnie Impact35.26
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park17 MAR 201610GR 5520 El Chad30.30
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park10 MAR 20163GR 5520 Sivamet30.19
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park10 MAR 20165GR 5600 Serene Star35.41
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park3 MAR 20162GR 5520 Crazy Vixon30.15
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park3 MAR 20169GR 5600 Midnight Bliss35.19
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park25 FEB 20162GR 5520 Kinloch Beach30.12
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park25 FEB 20166GR 5600 Abby's Magic35.10
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park18 FEB 20162GR 5520 Alota Amy30.35
BGRC 45 GradeAlbion Park18 FEB 20165GR 4/5600 Radley Return34.91
5th GradeAlbion Park11 FEB 20160GR 520 Hay You Boy30.16
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