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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDateHtGradeDist mWinner ^TimeFilm
The Hibernian Insurance StakeCork25 JUL 20081GR A6480 Art and Design29.16
Mardi Gras 13 Dec 2014 HT E4Mardi Gras Racetrack13 DEC 2014E4GR TA603 Bethan Hustle37.68
William Hill - Hotbox Bet Stakes HT 7Newcastle (Brough Park)11 JAN 20177GR A2480 Bramble Tudor29.36
Owners Bonus Series A4 Final HT 7Newcastle (Brough Park)25 OCT 20167GR A4480 Bramble Tudor29.18
Tuesday HT 1Newcastle (Brough Park)9 AUG 20161GR A6480 Bramble Tudor29.67
Mardi Gras 18 Apr 2014 HT E4Mardi Gras Racetrack18 APR 2014E4GR SA503 Ladybug31.07
HOVE MAIDEN SPRINT (DUPLICATED) HT 12Hove & Brighton17 JAN 201912OPEN285 A Better Place16.49
Fynsk Mesterskab VeteranOdense12 MAY 20101GR 260 A Bigger Bang15.40
Royal Canin Keith RichardsOdense4 NOV 20097GR GR4260 A Bigger Bang15.49
Royal Canin G 5Odense11 SEP 20093GR 5260 A Bigger Bang15.30
Royal Canin - Gruppe 4/5Odense8 APR 20092GR 4/5260 A Bigger Bang15.25
Viborg Kommunes ĆresprćmieBjerringbro2 NOV 20082GR A303 A Bigger Bang18.47
ROYAL CANIN speciallřbBjerringbro28 SEP 20085GR B303 A Bigger Bang18.37
Henlow 07 Oct 2017 HT 1Henlow7 OCT 20171GR A10460 A Bit Nippy29.19
Henlow 03 Aug 2017 HT 4Henlow3 AUG 20174GR A10460 A Bit Nippy28.39
CALL YOUR LOCAL STOW RGTWalthamstow9 SEP 20065GR A5475 A Bit Tricky29.18
ANN BARFOOT BIRTHDAY STAKESWalthamstow20 MAY 20063GR A6475 A Bit Tricky29.22
VISIT: www.wsgreyhound.co.uk STAKESWalthamstow27 AUG 200513GR A2475 A Bit Tricky28.97
EMAIL mail@wsgreyhound.co.uk STAKESWalthamstow23 AUG 200510GR A2475 A Bit Tricky29.11
SUNDERLANDDOGS.COM STAKESSunderland4 JAN 20066GR A3450 A Cushla27.79
SUNDERLANDDOGS.COM STAKESSunderland4 JAN 20066GR A3450 A Cushla27.79
CH425 - 08712 444 666 STAKESSunderland9 DEC 20053GR A4450 A Cushla28.09
CH425 - 08712 444 666 STAKESSunderland9 DEC 20053GR A4450 A Cushla28.09
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel1 MAY 20163GR AA0480 A Day Late28.51
Geldrop 21.June 14 HT2Geldrop21 JUN 20142GR 280 A Decent Lad17.44
Geldrop 15 June 2013 HT1Geldrop15 JUN 20131GR 490 A Decent Lad31.24
Bjerringbro 15. Sep. HT12Bjerringbro15 SEP 201212GR GR2524 A Decent Lad33.34
Geldrop 18. June 2011 HT1Geldrop18 JUN 20110GR GR280 A Decent Lad16.70
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 07 AUG 2006 HT 6Harolds Cross7 AUG 20066GR A4480 A Gone Gone29.52
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 07 AUG 2006 HT 6Harolds Cross7 AUG 20066GR A4480 A Gone Gone29.52
The Champion Professional Racer A4 570Harolds Cross21 APR 20065GR A4521 A Gone Gone31.97
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 24 JUN 2005 HT 9Harolds Cross24 JUN 20059OPEN521 A Gone Gone31.78
The Friday Night Standard HT 9Central Park5 JAN 20189OPEN480 A Good Skin29.30
The Suirview Kennels A4 Stakes. Semi-FinalWaterford21 JAN 20126GR A4480 A Hot Drop28.95
Wheeling Downs 02 Apr 2021 HT A10Wheeling Downs2 APR 2021A10GR A620 A Killer Queen38.14
Download The Star Sports App Maiden StayersSwindon20 SEP 20207OPEN649 A Little Respect40.33
Swindon 02 AUG 2020 HT 3Swindon2 AUG 20203GR A5476 A Little Respect28.84
Swindon 17 FEB 2020 HT 11Swindon17 FEB 202011GR A3476 A Little Respect29.01
Swindon 03 FEB 2020 HT 4Swindon3 FEB 20204GR A4476 A Little Respect29.01
Swindon 22 NOV 2019 HT 9Swindon22 NOV 20199GR A3476 A Little Respect28.88
Swindon 04 NOV 2019 HT 6Swindon4 NOV 20196GR A4476 A Little Respect28.90
Swindon 31 MAY 2019 HT 12Swindon31 MAY 201912GR A4480 A Little Respect29.12
Swindon 17 May 2019 HT 9Swindon17 MAY 20199GR A6480 A Little Respect29.69
The Forest MasterCork22 DEC 20123OPEN302 A New Venture17.99
The Christmas Party Nights A4 525 Stake. SeCork30 NOV 20128GR A4480 A New Venture28.97
The Friends Of Mount Mercy 525Cork19 OCT 20121GR A8480 A New Venture29.25
BILLY AND SHEILA MEMORIAL 525 HT 1Derry11 JUN 20186GR A1480 A Perfect Ten29.72
RACE 6Derry23 APR 20186GR A1457 A Perfect Ten28.38
RACE 1 TRACK LOTTO SPONSORED SPRINTDerry14 NOV 20161GR S7274 A Perfect Ten17.42
Happy Birthday Kitty Gilvarry A4Galway25 AUG 20126GR A4503 A Pure Mule30.63
Mardi Gras 12 MAY 2010 HT E3Mardi Gras Racetrack12 MAY 2010E3GR D503 A Star Bullseye31.11
Bluffs Run 24 Jul 2009 HT A5Bluffs Run24 JUL 20095GR D679 A Star Bullseye39.99
PALM BEACH 09 Nov 2012 HT E4Palm Beach9 NOV 2012E4GR TC275 A Star Diamond16.94
Bluffs Run 12 JUL 2009 HT A1Bluffs Run12 JUL 2009A1GR D503 A Star Passion31.16
Bluffs Run 22 Aug 2009 HT A7Bluffs Run22 AUG 20097STAKE503 A Star Rocket30.36
Bluffs Run 30 July 2009 HT A10Bluffs Run30 JUL 2009A10GR A503 A Star Rocket30.44
The Greyhound Ownership 525Harolds Cross21 DEC 20139GR A4480 A Step Ahead29.57
The E 9.99 Sizzler Deal 525Harolds Cross12 NOV 201311GR A6/7480 A Step Ahead29.61
Christmas Cheer to DarGolf Construction ParNewbridge21 DEC 20129GR A6480 A Step Ahead29.64
Christmas Greetings to DEALZ Nebridge A8 52Newbridge1 DEC 20123GR A8480 A Step Ahead30.02
Shelbourne A2/A3 525Shelbourne Park10 JAN 20077GR A2480 A Tall Tail29.87
THE CUMMINS SPORT A4 525 STAKESCork10 SEP 20055GR A4480 A Tall Tail28.86
Stainforth (Meadow Court) 15 MAR 2013 HT 3Stainforth15 MAR 20133GR A6483 A Touch of Magic31.14
Stephen Rooney's 30th Birthday S6 400Dundalk15 MAY 20155GR S6366 A Wild Weeman22.05
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S8/S9 400Dundalk1 MAY 20151GR S8366 A Wild Weeman22.02
national derby 2011 choori chakFaisalabad2 FEB 20111GROUP3275 A-One13.45
Geneva Lakes 6 NOV 2005 HT A12Geneva Lakes6 NOV 2005A12GR D503 AA's Destiny31.27
The Harolds Cross Bookmakers A2 550Harolds Cross24 MAR 20068GR A2503 Aar Bar30.38
The Harolds Cross Bookmakers A2 550Harolds Cross17 MAR 20065GR A2503 Aar Bar30.52
The Harolds Cross Bookmakers A2 550Harolds Cross10 MAR 20067GR A2503 Aar Bar30.85
The Martin Barrett Ltd A3 525Harolds Cross21 FEB 20067GR A3480 Aar Bar29.13
Cork (Curraheen Park) 20 AUG 2005 HT 4Cork20 AUG 20054OPEN480 Aarons Boy28.65
Drumbo Park Jackpot Starts Now A4 525Drumbo Park27 JUN 20094GR A4480 Aarons Kewell29.22
PLAY LOW6 ON THE TOWCESTER APP STAKES HT 2Towcester24 MAR 20182GR A8480 Aayamza Bonnie28.83
CORAL REGENCY - FINAL HT 9Hove & Brighton25 APR 20199GROUP1695 Aayamza Breeze41.42
GREYHOUND STAR MARATHON - HEAT 2 HT 6Henlow3 MAR 20196OPEN870 Aayamza Breeze55.85
LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET 1048 HT 11Crayford23 FEB 2019A11FEATURE1048 Aayamza Breeze68.87
LADBROKES.COM INVITATION MARATHON HT 3Crayford16 FEB 20193GR IV874 Aayamza Breeze56.55
PETER BUSSEY MEMORIAL TROPHY - Heat 3Crayford13 FEB 202126OPEN540 Aayamza Lexie33.37
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 12Swindon3 DEC 202012OPEN476 Aayamza Lexie28.39
The Ted Hegarty Bookmaker Open Marathon RouHarolds Cross6 DEC 20136GR DD0924 Aayamzabella59.22
Wimbledon (London) 26 OCT 2013 HT 6Wimbledon26 OCT 20136OPEN687 Aayamzabella42.46
Supporters Club No Backgraders A3 Stake FinClonmel4 NOV 20124GR A3480 Aayamzalad29.31
Supporters Club No Backgraders A3 Stake SemClonmel25 OCT 20127GR A3480 Aayamzalad28.84
PETER BUSSEY MEMORIAL TROPHY - FinalCrayford22 FEB 20147OPEN540 Aayamzamodel33.65
Crayford 15 FEB 2014 HT 3Crayford15 FEB 20143OPEN540 Aayamzamodel34.18
Romford 03 JAN 2014 HT 4Romford3 JAN 20144OPEN575 Aayamzamodel35.48
Wheeling Downs 14 Oct 2020 HT A10Wheeling Downs14 OCT 2020A10STAKE501 AB Bad Influence29.58
Wheeling Downs 09 Oct 2020 HT A14Wheeling Downs9 OCT 2020A14STAKE501 AB Bad Influence29.75
Wheeling Downs 09 Aug 2019 HT A9Wheeling Downs9 AUG 2019A9GR C501 AB Specialreserv30.20
Oyster Tavern 325Tralee8 AUG 20142GR S7297 Abbey18.25
The Original Rudeboys Playing Derby Final DShelbourne Park30 AUG 201411GR A1480 Abbey Carla28.71
The MPL Construction Bitch A1/A2 525 Semi-FHarolds Cross27 JUN 20148GR A1480 Abbey Carla29.13
The MPL Construction Bitch A1/A2 525 Round Harolds Cross20 JUN 20149GR A1480 Abbey Carla29.42
The Confirmation Party Congratulations A3 5Shelbourne Park28 MAY 20144GR A3480 Abbey Carla29.09
GAIN Pet Foods A1 525 FinalShelbourne Park28 DEC 20132GR A1480 Abbey Carla28.84
The Santa Is Coming To Shelbourne A2 525Shelbourne Park12 DEC 20134GR A2480 Abbey Carla29.35
The E 12.50 pp December Deal Of The Month AShelbourne Park5 DEC 20136GR A2480 Abbey Carla28.91
Craven Pavement Services A3Shelbourne Park30 OCT 20131GR A3480 Abbey Carla28.77
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