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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Sittingbourne 05 MAR 2021 HT 6Central Park5 MAR 20216GR S1642 Teecee Tom40.56
Crayford 05 MAR 2021 HT 9Crayford5 MAR 20219GR A8380 Bugalagrande23.91
Watch Nottingham Dogs On Sky Sports Racing Nottingham5 MAR 20217GR A4500 Waltham Star30.85
Hove & Brighton 04 MAR 2021 HT 7Hove & Brighton4 MAR 20217GR A6500 Galaxy Royale30.62
The Try A Trio A5 525Shelbourne Park2 MAR 20215GR A5480 De Bumblebee29.03
The Sporting Press A4 525Shelbourne Park2 MAR 20216GR A4480 Razldazl Curtis28.92
Tuesday 2nd March 2021Towcester2 MAR 20211GR A2500 Pennys Plumber29.76
Crayford 27 FEB 2021 HT 26Crayford27 FEB 202126GR S4540 Woodcocks Alivia34.10
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY FINALMonmore27 FEB 20215GROUP2480 Jaguar Macie28.04
LADBROKES.COM 480 FINALMonmore27 FEB 20216OPEN480 Pacemaker Ted28.36
The 2021 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 Round 2 HShelbourne Park27 FEB 20218GR AA0503 Golden Tiger29.67
Sittingbourne 26 FEB 2021 HT 11Central Park26 FEB 202111GR A2480 Balistic Johnny29.85
Crayford 25 FEB 2021 HT 7Crayford25 FEB 20217GR A3380 Pennys Nathan23.70
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 25 FEB 2021 HT 1Monmore25 FEB 20211GR A7480 Skys Rubes29.24
Arena Racing Company StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)25 FEB 20215GR A6480 View Panda29.74
Wheeling Downs 25 Feb 2021 HT A1Wheeling Downs25 FEB 2021A1GR D501 Spiky30.76
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 23 FEB 2021 HT 8Monmore23 FEB 20218GR A4480 Drumdoit Kel29.10
Arena Racing Company Puppy Standard TrophyNottingham22 FEB 20214OPEN500 Geelo Celticgold30.23
Sittingbourne 21 FEB 2021 HT 3Central Park21 FEB 20213GR A2480 Balistic Johnny29.60
THE PETER BUSSEY MEMORIAL TROPHY - FinalCrayford20 FEB 20218OPEN540 Woodcocks Akia33.76
THE CHIEF RAMSBOTTOM HURDLE - FinalCrayford20 FEB 202112OPEN540 Nomansland Flyer34.13
Crayford 20 FEB 2021 HT 17Crayford20 FEB 202117GR A10380 Hitthelids Mick24.35
Crayford 20 FEB 2021 HT 21Crayford20 FEB 202121GR S2540 Fredie the Man33.94
LADBROKES.COM 480 HEAT 2Monmore20 FEB 202111OPEN480 Pacemaker Ted28.37
Newcastle Greyhound Stadium StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)20 FEB 20216GR A7480 Hitthelids Harry29.81
RETIRED GREYHOUNDS LOVE SOFASRomford20 FEB 202112GR A1400 Rioja Coco24.38
The 2021 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 Round 1 HShelbourne Park20 FEB 20219GR AA0503 Ballymac Kingdom29.74
Greyhound Racing Ireland S3/S4 330 ydsThurles20 FEB 20216GR S3302 Seanchara17.97
Crayford 19 FEB 2021 HT 11Crayford19 FEB 202111GR S6540 Woodcocks Alivia34.28
Crayford 17 FEB 2021 HT 12Crayford17 FEB 202112GR A3380 Gibstans Flyer23.51
Hove & Brighton 17 FEB 2021 HT 2Hove & Brighton17 FEB 20212GR A2500 Enchanted Wish29.89
Hove & Brighton 17 FEB 2021 HT 14Hove & Brighton17 FEB 202114GR A2500 Pocket Lulu30.06
Wheeling Downs 17 Feb 2021 HT A2Wheeling Downs17 FEB 2021A2GR D501 Atascocita Javas30.54
The Welcome To Curraheen Park 525Cork16 FEB 20211GR ON3480 Away Connor29.17
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2021 HEAT 4Monmore16 FEB 20214OPEN480 Bettys Book28.72
Nottingham 16 FEB 2021 HT 9Nottingham16 FEB 20219GR A5500 Haydeezhawk31.24
Nottingham 16 FEB 2021 HT 12Nottingham16 FEB 202112GR A2500 Salacres Greegsy30.71
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 15 FEB 2021 HT 11Monmore15 FEB 202111GR A5480 Drumdoit Kel29.02
ARC Standard TrophyNottingham15 FEB 20215OPEN500 Fight the Power29.84
THE 2021 LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET - 3rd SemiCrayford13 FEB 202123OPEN714 Redzer Renae45.48
PETER BUSSEY MEMORIAL TROPHY - Heat 3Crayford13 FEB 202126OPEN540 Aayamza Lexie33.37
#Lovethedogs StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)13 FEB 202114GR A2480 Fair Suave28.93
@owlertonracing On Twitter StakesSheffield13 FEB 202113GR A1500 Ballyboss Con28.80
Hove & Brighton 12 FEB 2021 HT 14Hove & Brighton12 FEB 202114GR A3500 Enchanted Wish29.73
Nottingham 12 FEB 2021 HT 3Nottingham12 FEB 20213GR A2500 Myboyfrankie30.36
www.greyhoundsaspets.ie A3 525Shelbourne Park12 FEB 20216GR A3480 Kildallon Pearl29.08
Crayford 11 FEB 2021 HT 7Crayford11 FEB 20217GR A2380 Nissels Thunder23.54
Hove & Brighton 10 FEB 2021 HT 3Hove & Brighton10 FEB 20213GR A3500 Galaxy JaJa Binx29.66
Wednesday 10th February Evening 2021Newcastle (Brough Park)10 FEB 20211GR A1480 Colliery Billy28.75
Hove & Brighton 09 FEB 2021 HT 5Hove & Brighton9 FEB 20215GR A6500 Yassoo Eliza30.43
Wheeling Downs 07 Feb 2021 HT A3Wheeling Downs7 FEB 2021A3GR M501 Easi Veloce30.63
Epic Hero Leger Winner 2020 A3 525 FinalLimerick6 FEB 202110GR A3480 Bling Bling Paul28.88
Greyhounds Make Great Pets StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)6 FEB 20214GR A3480 Fair Suave28.89
2021 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 FinalShelbourne Park6 FEB 202111GROUP1480 Inforapenny28.97
Crayford 05 FEB 2021 HT 3Crayford5 FEB 20213GR A3380 Kid Bailey23.77
ROMFORD Friday 5th February 2021 SIS MeetinRomford5 FEB 20211GR A2400 Rioja Coco24.38
The Retired Greyhound Trust A2 575Shelbourne Park5 FEB 20215GR A2526 Tip Top Taylor31.50
Sittingbourne 04 FEB 2021 HT 10Central Park4 FEB 202110GR A2480 Balistic Johnny29.92
Arena Racing Company Standard TrophyNewcastle (Brough Park)4 FEB 20216OPEN480 Pacemaker Ted28.81
Greyhounds Make Great Pets StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)4 FEB 202112GR A3480 Annas Secret29.35
Nottingham 04 FEB 2021 HT 4Nottingham4 FEB 20214GR A3500 Myboyfrankie30.59
Thursday 4th February 2021 Sheffield StadiuSheffield4 FEB 20211GR A4500 Hitthelids Paddy29.25
Sittingbourne 03 FEB 2021 HT 2Central Park3 FEB 20212GR D1265 Poirot16.77
Crayford 03 FEB 2021 HT 6Crayford3 FEB 20216GR A2380 Belfast Fellaini23.33
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 03 FEB 2021 HT 13Monmore3 FEB 202113GR A3480 Elderberry Icon29.21
Wednesday 3rd February 2021 EveningNewcastle (Brough Park)3 FEB 20211GR A1480 Droopys Pilot28.61
Newcastle Greyhound Stadium StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)3 FEB 202111GR A1480 Morpeth Lad28.96
Crayford 02 FEB 2021 HT 2Crayford2 FEB 20212GR A8380 Farran Violin24.04
Hove & Brighton 02 FEB 2021 HT 1Hove & Brighton2 FEB 20211GR A5500 Galaxyfarfaraway30.47
ARC Sprint TrophyNottingham1 FEB 20219OPEN305 Master Roo17.87
31 JAN 2021 HT 13Towcester31 JAN 202113GR A6500 Thameside Val30.92
Crayford 30 JAN 2021 HT 9Crayford30 JAN 20219GR S1540 Southfield Ariel34.18
Crayford 30 JAN 2021 HT 10Crayford30 JAN 202110GR A10380 Aero Purdy24.43
Wheeling Downs 30 Jan 2021 HT A2Wheeling Downs30 JAN 2021A2GR M501 Artex Bronzewing31.26
Sittingbourne 29 JAN 2021 HT 7Central Park29 JAN 20217GR A1480 Courts Ad Lyn30.48
Crayford 28 JAN 2021 HT 5Crayford28 JAN 20215GR S4540 Unleashthehope34.74
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 28 JAN 2021 HT 2Perry Barr28 JAN 20212GR A4480 Drahbeg Delish29.49
Sittingbourne 27 JAN 2021 HT 10Central Park27 JAN 202110GR A1480 Leon Nebula29.40
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 27 JAN 2021 HT 6Perry Barr27 JAN 20216GR D3275 Weston River16.81
Newcastle Greyhound Stadium StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)26 JAN 202112GR A4480 Mr Jones29.33
Nottingham 25 JAN 2021 HT 4Nottingham25 JAN 20214GR A3500 Salacres Vulcan30.09
WWW.OECSHEFFIELD.CO.UKSheffield25 JAN 20216GR S2660 Saleen Jake39.60
Sittingbourne 24 JAN 2021 HT 7Central Park24 JAN 20217GR A1480 Teecee Tom29.16
Crayford 23 JAN 2021 HT 11Crayford23 JAN 202111GR S2540 Woodcocks Fury34.21
Greyhounds Make Great Pets 525Tralee23 JAN 202111GR A1480 Ardrahan Justice29.46
Sittingbourne 22 JAN 2021 HT 5Central Park22 JAN 20215GR A1480 Dannid29.01
RásaĂ­ocht Con Éireann 350Galway22 JAN 20213GR S8320 Domain Joe19.68
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 22 JAN 2021 HT 9Monmore22 JAN 20219GR A6480 Drumdoit Kel29.83
#Lovethedogs StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)22 JAN 202110GR A4480 White Satin29.34
CORAL ESSEX VASE FINALRomford22 JAN 202110GROUP1575 Antigua Romeo34.66
Crayford 21 JAN 2021 HT 6Crayford21 JAN 20216GR A3380 Raging Storm23.59
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 21 JAN 2021 HT 12Perry Barr21 JAN 202112GR A5480 Drahbeg Delish29.22
Wheeling Downs 20 Jan 2021 HT A7Wheeling Downs20 JAN 2021A7GR B501 Tickle Ur Fancy30.94
17 JAN 2021 HT 8Towcester17 JAN 20218GR A6500 Ballycoole Magic30.60
Crayford 16 JAN 2021 HT 12Crayford16 JAN 202112GR A3380 Dunham Dizzy23.83
Epic Hero Leger Winner 2020 A3 525 Round 2 Limerick16 JAN 202111GR A3480 Bling Bling Paul28.75
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 16 JAN 2021 HT 9Monmore16 JAN 20219GR D3264 Delboys Cabra15.97
Wheeling Downs 16 Jan 2021 HT A1Wheeling Downs16 JAN 2021A1GR TB302 Hashtag Resist17.28
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