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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Hove & Brighton 23 JUN 2021 HT 5Hove & Brighton23 JUN 20215GR A1500 Mollys Diva29.31
Sittingbourne 20 JUN 2021 HT 2Central Park20 JUN 20212GR A2480 Love29.59
The ARC Puppy Cup FinalSunderland20 JUN 20217GROUP2450 Skywalker Stan27.28
20 JUN 2021 HT 3Towcester20 JUN 20213GR A4500 Boynepark Drill30.03
20 JUN 2021 HT 4Towcester20 JUN 20214GR D3270 Pennys Fraxinus15.94
The Denis Linehan Solicitors Unraced Round Cork19 JUN 20215GR ON1480 Droopys Dorado28.49
The Denis Linehan Solicitors Unraced Round Cork19 JUN 20216GR ON1480 Dromana Bucko28.22
The Denis Linehan Solicitors Unraced Round Cork19 JUN 20217GR ON1480 Strides Impact28.80
LADBROKES KENT VASE - Heat 1Crayford19 JUN 202116OPEN540 Galaxy Moonshine34.43
LADBROKES KENT VASE - Heat 2Crayford19 JUN 202118OPEN540 Baby Bullet33.92
LADBROKES GUYS & DOLLS - Dolls Semi-FinCrayford19 JUN 202119OPEN380 I’ve Got Gears23.50
LADBROKES KENT ST LEGER - 1st Semi-FinalCrayford19 JUN 202121OPEN714 Bo Shine Bullet45.27
Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Treaty Cup SemiLimerick19 JUN 20218GR SS0320 Seomra Nate18.46
LADBROKES.COM 480 PUPPYMonmore19 JUN 20211OPEN480 Tromora Birdie28.31
Sporting Press Online Edition Irish Oaks FiShelbourne Park19 JUN 20219GROUP1480 Susie Sapphire28.15
SIS Race Of Champions FinalTralee19 JUN 202110GROUP2503 Explosive Boy29.36
Sittingbourne 18 JUN 2021 HT 9Central Park18 JUN 20219GR D1265 Nans Tom16.33
QLD EMERGING ORIGIN STARS FINALAlbion Park17 JUN 20214GR Open520 Regal Rocky30.58
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 15 JUN 2021 HT 11Perry Barr15 JUN 202111GR A6480 Im Lovin It29.38
15 JUN 2021 HT 12Towcester15 JUN 202112GR D3270 Franco Domino16.22
ARC Maiden Sprint TrophyNottingham14 JUN 202110OPEN305 Ysbryd Gwynt18.30
Crayford Saturday 12th June 2021 Morning SICrayford12 JUN 20211GR A7380 Knockane Ava23.98
LADBROKES KENT ST LEGER - Heat 1Crayford12 JUN 202117OPEN714 Bo Shine Bullet45.60
LADBROKES KENT ST LEGER - Heat 2Crayford12 JUN 202118OPEN714 Ragtime Arthur45.98
LADBROKES KENT ST LEGER - Heat 3Crayford12 JUN 202119OPEN714 Nightingale Don45.70
SIS Race Of Champions Semi-FinalTralee12 JUN 202110GR AA0503 Explosive Boy29.22
Crayford 11 JUN 2021 HT 2Crayford11 JUN 20212GR S6540 Aghaburren Pilot34.52
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDEN STAYERS - HRomford11 JUN 20216OPEN575 Agincourt Xena35.31
SELL YOUR CAR @ MOTORHUBAlbion Park10 JUN 20219GR Grad520 Merchant Navy30.11
Crayford 10 JUN 2021 HT 8Crayford10 JUN 20218GR S4540 Blackberry Jam34.45
ARENA RACING COMPANY PUPPY DASHPerry Barr10 JUN 20212OPEN275 Drahbeg Dandy16.45
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 10 JUN 2021 HT 5Perry Barr10 JUN 20215GR A3480 Westview Puddles28.77
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 10 JUN 2021 HT 10Perry Barr10 JUN 202110GR A5480 Murlens Miracle29.39
10 JUN 2021 HT 5Towcester10 JUN 20215GR D3270 Franco Domino16.33
Hove & Brighton 08 JUN 2021 HT 13Hove & Brighton8 JUN 202113GR A2500 Galaxy Freedom29.67
Elite Canine Genetics Unraced Stake FinalEnniscorthy7 JUN 20216FEATURE480 Sovereign Boy28.89
Sunday Night Winner Of One FinalCentral Park6 JUN 202110OPEN480 Carter Bar29.53
Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes FinaClonmel5 JUN 20217GROUP1480 Explosive Boy28.28
Hansa Union 2021Hamburg5 JUN 20211OPEN270 Alva99.00
Hansa Union 2021 Finale Huendinnen 270mHamburg5 JUN 20215OPEN270 Alva16.84
FLYING AMY CLASSIC HEAT 1Albion Park3 JUN 20214GR S/E520 Jungle Deuce30.23
Crayford 03 JUN 2021 HT 8Crayford3 JUN 20218GR S5540 Hitthelids Brian34.28
Scottish Borders Rehoming Centre StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)3 JUN 20213GR A1480 Droopys Conrad28.35
Watch Live Greyhound Racing On Sky Sports RNewcastle (Brough Park)3 JUN 202112GR A1480 Droopys Dazzler28.52
Towcester Thursday 3rd June 2021Towcester3 JUN 20211GR A4500 Tiffield Maximus30.23
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 01 JUN 2021 HT 2Monmore1 JUN 20212GR D3264 Adeles Queen15.96
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 31 MAY 2021 HT 6Perry Barr31 MAY 20216GR A5480 Tee Pe Que29.23
Sunday Night Winner Of One (Heat 1)Central Park30 MAY 20217OPEN480 Kaiser Kubrick29.43
Sunday Night Winner Of One (Heat 2)Central Park30 MAY 20218OPEN480 Lylas Boy29.10
Sunday Night Maiden FinalCentral Park30 MAY 202110OPEN480 Getwiththetimes29.22
The Blunsdon StandardSwindon30 MAY 20215OPEN476 Ballymac Intent28.02
The Blunsdon StayersSwindon30 MAY 20217OPEN649 Magical Ezra39.77
GJ WALSH & COIpswich29 MAY 20217GR Mixe520 Merchant Navy30.64
29 MAY 2021 HT 7Towcester29 MAY 20217GR D4270 Tuftys Baloo16.49
Lee Strand Butter A3 500 Stakes Div 1 FinalTralee29 MAY 20214GR A3457 Skips Avatar27.53
Lee Strand 750Tralee29 MAY 20217GR D2686 Lanody Gazelle42.52
Crayford Friday 28th May 2021 Afternoon SISCrayford28 MAY 20211GR A10380 Hitthelids Kid23.96
Henlow 28 MAY 2021 HT 8Henlow28 MAY 20218GR A8460 Agincourt Xman28.69
Rasaiocht Con Eireann 525Tralee28 MAY 20218GR A5480 Stormy Sydney29.15
Newcastle Greyhound Stadium StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)27 MAY 202112GR A4480 Ballyrobin Bruno29.39
Nottingham 27 MAY 2021 HT 8Nottingham27 MAY 20218GR A9500 Franco Posh Boy32.75
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 27 MAY 2021 HT 4Perry Barr27 MAY 20214GR A4480 Westview Murphy29.02
Adopt A Greyhound @ Sheffield Greyhound TruSheffield27 MAY 20215GR S2660 Having a Giggle40.31
23 MAY 2021 HT 4Towcester23 MAY 20214GR A4500 Agincourt Xpert29.74
23 MAY 2021 HT 6Towcester23 MAY 20216GR D3270 Go Danny Boy16.37
23 MAY 2021 HT 12Towcester23 MAY 202112GR D3270 Makeit For Ella16.18
Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes RounClonmel22 MAY 20214GR AA0480 Vipers Buzz28.66
Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes RounClonmel22 MAY 20215GR AA0480 Good Cody28.20
Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes RounClonmel22 MAY 20217GR AA0480 Explosive Boy28.38
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 22 MAY 2021 HT 8Perry Barr22 MAY 20218GR A4480 Westview Murphy29.25
Towcester Saturday 22nd May 2021Towcester22 MAY 20211GR D1270 Fierce Freddy16.12
22 MAY 2021 HT 3Towcester22 MAY 20213GR A3500 Billis Nipper29.89
Crayford 21 MAY 2021 HT 11Crayford21 MAY 202111GR S3540 Kid Bailey34.45
Henlow 21 MAY 2021 HT 2Henlow21 MAY 20212GR A3460 Mister Eventful27.95
Lee Strand Butter A3 500 Stakes Div 1 Semi-Tralee21 MAY 20213GR A3457 Perfecto Storm27.89
Talking Dogs TV 325Tralee21 MAY 20215GR S5297 Perfecto Syd17.97
SELL YOUR CAR @ MOTORHUBAlbion Park20 MAY 202110GR Grad520 Pamelas Girl30.13
Crayford 20 MAY 2021 HT 5Crayford20 MAY 20215GR A8380 Hitthelids Harry23.94
Arena Racing Company Northern Flat FinalNewcastle (Brough Park)19 MAY 202110GROUP1480 Pacemaker Ted28.37
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 19 MAY 2021 HT 2Perry Barr19 MAY 20212GR A3480 Drahbeg Dandy28.48
Henlow 17 MAY 2021 HT 5Henlow17 MAY 20215GR A2460 Cara Dilis27.80
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 17 MAY 2021 HT 9Perry Barr17 MAY 20219GR A7480 Im Lovin It29.59
Kinsley (Pontefract) 16 MAY 2021 HT 8Kinsley16 MAY 20218GR D3268 Carlos Kaiser16.73
SIS Irish Cesarewitch Open 600 2021 FinalMullingar16 MAY 20215GROUP1549 Amazing Alice33.20
16 MAY 2021 HT 3Towcester16 MAY 20213GR D3270 Courthouse Jim16.22
16 MAY 2021 HT 6Towcester16 MAY 20216GR D4270 Franco Domino16.44
16 MAY 2021 HT 11Towcester16 MAY 202111GR A4500 Alarming Franco29.97
The €17,000 Clona Blaze At Stud Open 525 FiCork15 MAY 20219GROUP2480 Skywalker Barry28.16
Crayford 15 MAY 2021 HT 25Crayford15 MAY 202125GR A4380 Kid Bailey23.57
2021 SIS Limerick Oaks FinalLimerick15 MAY 20217GROUP2480 Scooby Princess28.39
LADBROKES TV TROPHY 2021- HEAT 1Monmore15 MAY 20216OPEN900 Aayamza Royale55.26
ROMFORD Saturday Night 15th May 2021 SIS MeRomford15 MAY 202115GR A3400 Lift the Roof24.27
Text Alerts to your Mobile 325Tralee15 MAY 20216GR S6297 Perfecto Storm17.78
Hove & Brighton 14 MAY 2021 HT 2Hove & Brighton14 MAY 20212GR A6500 Enchanted Lake30.15
The RásaĂ­ocht Con Éireann A3 Bitch 525Shelbourne Park14 MAY 20212GR A3480 Stardust Sydney28.87
Hove & Brighton 13 MAY 2021 HT 8Hove & Brighton13 MAY 20218GR S1695 Touchdown Sky42.05
ARENA RACING COMPANY DASHPerry Barr13 MAY 20217OPEN275 Dream On Lass16.24
Crayford 12 MAY 2021 HT 8Crayford12 MAY 20218GR A7380 Bugalagrande23.92
Hove & Brighton 12 MAY 2021 HT 8Hove & Brighton12 MAY 20218GR A9500 Brave Ranger30.45
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