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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
The Welcome to Harold's Cross Greyhound StaHarolds Cross10 FEB 20151GR A8480 Mun Montana30.23
The Early Pick 4 Jackpot Starts Now 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20152GR A7480 Doonanes Hashtag29.60
The Bet with the Tote 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20153GR A7480 Graney Lady29.80
The Try a Trio Bet 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20154GR A6480 Ballymac Ricky29.15
The Harold’s Cross Party Pack 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20155GR A5480 Howld Ann29.74
The Fundraising @ Harold’s Cross Stadium Harolds Cross10 FEB 20156GR A4480 Geneva Sophie29.65
The Late Pick 4 Jackpot Starts Now 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20157GR A6480 Kearneys Diesel30.28
The Online Deal of the Month 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20158GR A5480 Bolton Storm29.64
The Follow us on Facebook @ Twitter 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20159GR A4480 Park Luscious29.83
The Barking Buzz APP 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 201510GR A3480 Affane Jewel29.44
The Lucky Last @ Harold's Cross 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 201511GR A5480 Julies Secret29.56
The Welcome To Clonmel A5 525Clonmel8 FEB 20151GR A5480 Shaws Jet29.21
The Bet On The Tote S1 / S2 300Clonmel8 FEB 20152GR S1274 Scooby the Joker16.17
The Upcoming Sweepstakes A4 525Clonmel8 FEB 20153GR A4480 Nomadic Timo29.15
The Try The Trio Always A4 525Clonmel8 FEB 20154GR A4480 Charity Buster29.27
The Suirside Restaurant A3 525Clonmel8 FEB 20155GR A3480 Slanestown Jacko28.82
The Barking Buzz App A3 525Clonmel8 FEB 20156GR A3480 Popular Tiffany29.22
Ryan School Of Dancing A3 Buster Stake SemiClonmel8 FEB 20157GR A3480 Nomadic Misty29.01
Ryan School Of Dancing A3 Buster Stake SemiClonmel8 FEB 20158GR A3480 Classy Opinion29.46
The Sporting Press A2 525Clonmel8 FEB 20159GR A2480 Kerryroad Kelly29.16
The Welcome To Clonmel A5Clonmel7 FEB 20151GR A5480 Minor Winner29.45
The Bet On The Tote A5Clonmel7 FEB 20152GR A5480 Free Machine29.35
Zero Ten @ Stud/T.S.C. A3/A4 Bitch Stake FiClonmel7 FEB 20153GR A3480 Willmount Jewell28.81
Boylesports Hero @ Stud A1/A2 Puppy 525 FinClonmel7 FEB 20154GR A1480 Leahs Warrior29.20
The Sporting Press A1 / A2 550 Stake FinalClonmel7 FEB 20155GR A1503 Roo Ace30.03
The Park Hotel A0 525Clonmel7 FEB 20156GR A0480 Magical Harry28.55
The Suirview Kennels Open Bitch Stake FinalClonmel7 FEB 20157GR AA0480 Cromac Belle28.71
The Greyhound and Pet World Open 790 Stake Clonmel7 FEB 20158GR DD0722 Volcano43.66
The Red Mills/T.S.C. Open Unraced Stake FinClonmel7 FEB 20159GR N0480 Ballydoyle Honey28.50
The Try The Trio Always Open 1015Clonmel7 FEB 201510GR DD0928 Kilfane King59.04
Welcome To Curraheen Park 525Cork7 FEB 20151GR A7480 Mucky Diva29.55
The Valentines Day Laurels Restaurant PackaCork7 FEB 20152GR N1480 Unique Wishes29.28
The Find Us On Facebook 330Cork7 FEB 20153GR SS0302 Creamery Tower17.56
The Naz 525Cork7 FEB 20154GR A4480 Glaise Socks29.55
The February Laurels Restaurant Specials 52Cork7 FEB 20155GR A4480 Big Hoss29.20
The Gain Greyhound Feeds A4 Stakes. Semi-FiCork7 FEB 20156GR A4480 Alfjack28.88
The Gain Greyhound Feeds A4 Stakes. Semi-FiCork7 FEB 20157GR A4480 Montana Knight28.93
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Semi-FinalCork7 FEB 20158GR A1480 Captain Karnage28.67
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Semi-FinalCork7 FEB 20159GR A1480 Sunrise Ice28.91
The Nora Dennehy Race 550Cork7 FEB 201510GR A1503 Burgess Rumble30.06
The Katriona Hourihan 550 RaceCork7 FEB 201511GR A2503 Beechers Brook29.89
Welcome to Drumbo Park S8-S10 335Drumbo Park7 FEB 20151GR S8306 Chancer Simpson18.48
Sammy McVeigh’s 70th Birthday Stakes S5/SDrumbo Park7 FEB 20152GR S5306 Sugarland Breeze18.77
Louise Kerr’s 30th Birthday Lap of HonourDrumbo Park7 FEB 20153GR A5480 Ballycraigy Star29.54
The Christine Bassett Birthday Race S4 335Drumbo Park7 FEB 20154GR S4306 Drumcrow Joey18.05
The Carol McGrath Retirement stakes A3 525Drumbo Park7 FEB 20155GR A3480 Thumpher Hill29.06
Princess Kirsty’s Leavers dash S3 335Drumbo Park7 FEB 20156GR S3306 Tumpher John18.12
Restaurant Packages A4 (Bitches Only) 525 FDrumbo Park7 FEB 20157GR A0480 Kevinsfort Turbo29.32
The Upcoming Events A2 525Drumbo Park7 FEB 20158GR A2480 Big Blue Sky29.00
Drumbo Park Tote Stakes A1/A2 525Drumbo Park7 FEB 20159GR A1480 Clondoty Leona28.84
WELCOME TO THE SPORTSGROUND A7/8Galway7 FEB 20151GR A7480 Drominboy Mia29.88
THE RECENT TOTE RETURNS S9Galway7 FEB 20152GR S9320 Ballard Hawk19.78
THE VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL A6/7Galway7 FEB 20153GR A6480 Killanin Lizzie29.53
Happy 60th Birthday Frankie From all your FGalway7 FEB 20155GR A4480 Radio Show29.72
THE UPCOMING RACE EVENTS A4Galway7 FEB 20157GR A4480 Rathglassane Jet29.27
THE RACE ENTRIES A1/2 550Galway7 FEB 20158GR A1503 Move Over Ozzie30.61
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S8/S9 350Lifford7 FEB 20151GR S8320 Geneva Tracy19.46
THE TRY A TRIO S7 350Lifford7 FEB 20152GR S7320 What About Der19.20
THE BUY A BUSTER S5/S6 350Lifford7 FEB 20153GR S5320 Wellpad Tina19.39
THE BOOKING OFFICE A6/A7 525Lifford7 FEB 20154GR A6480 Harrow Wolf29.32
THE RACE SPONSORSHIP A5 525Lifford7 FEB 20155GR A5480 Colarhouse Bound29.35
THE LIFFORD €15 SPECIAL S4/S5 350Lifford7 FEB 20156GR S4320 Fernhill Scolari19.19
www.liffordgreyhounds.com S2/S3 350Lifford7 FEB 20157GR S2320 Orlando Milan19.30
THE LIFFORD €10 SIZZLER DEAL A4/A5 525Lifford7 FEB 20158GR A4480 Fernhill Travis29.52
THE PAURIC QUINN 50th and HURLERS A2/A3 550Lifford7 FEB 20159GR A2503 Dynamo Millar30.39
FEBRUAY £25 STERLING RESTAURANT SPECIAL SOLifford7 FEB 201510GR S0320 Ely Rambler18.87
THE A McLEAN BOOKMAKERS A3 525Lifford7 FEB 201511GR A3480 Tromora Tiger29.62
THE GETTING OUT A4 525 BUMPER STAKESLifford7 FEB 201512GR A4480 Britania Belucky28.95
Gain Feeds A2 /A3 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park7 FEB 20151GR A2480 Bellside Merry29.15
Gain Feeds A2 /A3 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park7 FEB 20152GR A2480 Blakefield Jack28.63
Dublin Coach A2 525Shelbourne Park7 FEB 20153GR A2480 Home Peadar29.00
Booking A Confirmation Party Tel:1890 269 9Shelbourne Park7 FEB 20154GR A2480 Coyote Sea28.85
Run A Fundraising Event At Shelbourne In 20Shelbourne Park7 FEB 20155GR A1480 Skywalker Echo29.09
The Valentines Night Restaurant Package A1 Shelbourne Park7 FEB 20156GR A1503 Mays Tubby29.95
Best Car Parks A1 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park7 FEB 20157GR A1480 Canal View Jenny29.02
Best Car Parks A1 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park7 FEB 20158GR A1480 Barefoot Apollo28.71
Hamilton Architects A1/A2 Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park7 FEB 20159GR A1480 Skywalker Pearl28.85
Best Car Parks Gold Cup 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park7 FEB 201510GR AA0480 Fiery Splendour28.60
Best Car Parks Gold Cup 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park7 FEB 201511GR AA0480 Barefoot Agent28.60
Dandelion Bar and Nightclub 525Shelbourne Park7 FEB 201512GR AA0480 Coran Sky28.80
Welcome To Thurles A3/A4 525 ydsThurles7 FEB 20151GR A3480 Champion Candy29.71
Inter Track Betting A8/A9 525 ydsThurles7 FEB 20152GR A8480 Bllyphilip Bob29.89
Bet With The Tote A4/A5 525 ydsThurles7 FEB 20153GR A4480 Knockroe Lad30.06
Book your Party Here S3/S5 330 ydsThurles7 FEB 20154GR S3302 Knockalton Roxy18.26
Race Sponsorship A6/A7 525 ydsThurles7 FEB 20155GR A6480 Fairyhill Eva30.08
Track Poker Players A3/A4 525 yds stk FinalThurles7 FEB 20156GR A3480 Whizzing Home29.48
Try A Trio A3/A4 570 ydsThurles7 FEB 20157GR A3480 Lisheen Ella31.89
Hope Foundation Buster A1/A2 525 yds stk FiThurles7 FEB 20158GR A1480 Davy of Ozz29.22
Bet With The Tote A2/A3 525 YDSThurles7 FEB 20159GR A2480 Jogon Ruth29.85
The Welcome To Kilcohan Park 525Waterford7 FEB 20151GR A8480 Monmahogue Roy29.48
The Try A Trio 325Waterford7 FEB 20152GR S5297 Cougar Classic17.89
The Dublin Coach 525Waterford7 FEB 20153GR N1480 Pinewood Diva29.43
The Upcoming Events 525Waterford7 FEB 20154GR A5480 High St Jesse29.20
The Bet With The Tote 525Waterford7 FEB 20155GR A4480 Druids Diana29.05
The Noel Ryan Tree Surgeon 525Waterford7 FEB 20156GR A3480 Saltmills Vixen29.02
The Live Intertrack 525Waterford7 FEB 20157GR A4480 Alannahs Lady28.98
The O'Dwyer Dog Foods D2/3 730 FinalWaterford7 FEB 20158GR D2668 Cormac the Flyer41.37
The Droopys Stud 525Waterford7 FEB 20159GR A2480 Town Clock28.83
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