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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
SIS Irish Cesarewitch Open 600 2021 FinalMullingar16 MAY 20215GROUP1549 Amazing Alice33.20
16 MAY 2021 HT 3Towcester16 MAY 20213GR D3270 Courthouse Jim16.22
16 MAY 2021 HT 6Towcester16 MAY 20216GR D4270 Franco Domino16.44
16 MAY 2021 HT 11Towcester16 MAY 202111GR A4500 Alarming Franco29.97
The €17,000 Clona Blaze At Stud Open 525 FiCork15 MAY 20219GROUP2480 Skywalker Barry28.16
Crayford 15 MAY 2021 HT 25Crayford15 MAY 202125GR A4380 Kid Bailey23.57
2021 SIS Limerick Oaks FinalLimerick15 MAY 20217GROUP2480 Scooby Princess28.39
LADBROKES TV TROPHY 2021- HEAT 1Monmore15 MAY 20216OPEN900 Aayamza Royale55.26
ROMFORD Saturday Night 15th May 2021 SIS MeRomford15 MAY 202115GR A3400 Lift the Roof24.27
Text Alerts to your Mobile 325Tralee15 MAY 20216GR S6297 Perfecto Storm17.78
Hove & Brighton 14 MAY 2021 HT 2Hove & Brighton14 MAY 20212GR A6500 Enchanted Lake30.15
ARENA RACING COMPANY DASHPerry Barr13 MAY 20217OPEN275 Dream On Lass16.24
Crayford 12 MAY 2021 HT 8Crayford12 MAY 20218GR A7380 Bugalagrande23.92
Hove & Brighton 12 MAY 2021 HT 8Hove & Brighton12 MAY 20218GR A9500 Brave Ranger30.45
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 12 MAY 2021 HT 3Perry Barr12 MAY 20213GR A5480 Westview Murphy29.07
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 11 MAY 2021 HT 12Monmore11 MAY 202112GR A4480 Skipalong Nidge29.17
HENLOW MONDAY 10TH MAY 2021Henlow10 MAY 20211GR A3460 Cara Dilis28.16
SIS Irish Cesarewitch Open 600 2021 Semi-FiMullingar10 MAY 20217GR AA0549 Akay Forty Seven33.23
Henlow 09 MAY 2021 HT 6Henlow9 MAY 20216GR A2460 Saffrons Smash27.79
LADBROKES.COM 264Monmore8 MAY 20212OPEN264 Skipalong Sarge15.63
LADBROKES.COM 900Monmore8 MAY 20213OPEN900 Aayamza Royale55.91
LADBROKES.COM 480Monmore8 MAY 202111OPEN480 Droopys Dime29.02
Talking Dogs TV 525Tralee8 MAY 20215GR A6480 Westway Sydney29.09
Henlow 07 MAY 2021 HT 2Henlow7 MAY 20212GR D4277 Agincourt Iris17.13
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 06 MAY 2021 HT 4Monmore6 MAY 20214GR A2480 Elderberry Icon28.59
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 06 MAY 2021 HT 7Perry Barr6 MAY 20217GR A8480 Im Lovin It29.41
Hove & Brighton 04 MAY 2021 HT 6Hove & Brighton4 MAY 20216GR A9500 Lizzies Way30.76
SIS Irish Cesarewitch Open 600 2021 Round 2Mullingar3 MAY 20218GR AA0549 Amazing Alice34.00
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRICIA FULLER Capalaba2 MAY 20217GR Mixe366 Merchant Navy19.90
The Talking Dogs On line TV A2 575Shelbourne Park1 MAY 202111GR A2526 Galadriel30.96
Henlow 30 APR 2021 HT 10Henlow30 APR 202110GR A3460 Setanta28.00
Henlow 29 APR 2021 HT 11Henlow29 APR 202111GR A4460 Cara Dilis28.19
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 29 APR 2021 HT 6Monmore29 APR 20216GR D1264 Madam Villa15.51
GJ WALSH & COIpswich28 APR 20218GR Mixe431 Merchant Navy24.98
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 28 APR 2021 HT 12Perry Barr28 APR 202112GR A4480 Drahbeg Dandy29.09
Swindon 28 APR 2021 HT 11Swindon28 APR 202111GR A3476 Native Belle28.52
TABBundaberg26 APR 20211MAIDEN460 Louie Luxe26.75
SIS Irish Cesarewitch Open 600 2021 Round 1Mullingar26 APR 202111GR AA0549 Droopys Wyatt33.56
attheraces.com Winner Of One Sprint TrophyNottingham26 APR 202112OPEN305 Wind Madness18.08
JUST GREYHOUND PHOTOSCapalaba25 APR 20212MAIDEN366 Canny Lad20.25
Central Park MaidenCentral Park25 APR 202111OPEN480 Knight of Merlin29.73
CORAL SUPER STAYERSHove & Brighton24 APR 202110OPEN740 Slippy Eva44.74
Knocknaboul Syd Open 350Limerick24 APR 20215GR SS0320 Two Amigos18.43
Pelaw Grange 24 APR 2021 HT 5Pelaw Grange24 APR 20215GR A5435 Hurleys Spring26.48
The Try A Trio A1 525Shelbourne Park24 APR 20213GR A1480 Antigua Storm28.66
Crayford 23 APR 2021 HT 12Crayford23 APR 202112GR A3380 Project Year23.43
The T.P. Weadick Open 725 FinalKilkenny23 APR 20217OPEN663 Droopys Wyatt40.94
VISIT ATTHERACES.COM/GREYHOUNDS DASHPerry Barr22 APR 20216OPEN275 Skipalong Sarge16.33
ARENA RACING COMPANY LAURELS FINALPerry Barr22 APR 202111GROUP1480 Havana Class28.68
JUST GREYHOUND PHOTOSIpswich21 APR 20218GR Mixe431 Merchant Navy25.18
Arena Racing Company Standard TrophyNewcastle (Brough Park)21 APR 20216OPEN480 Pacemaker Ted28.50
ARTHUR MCMAHON TRAININGTownsville20 APR 20215GR Mixe380 Awesome Alex21.97
The 2021 Waterford Select Stakes FinalWaterford20 APR 20218GROUP1480 Skywalker Barry28.14
ARC Sprint TrophyNottingham19 APR 202110OPEN305 Ballymac Alfonse17.69
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 19 APR 2021 HT 2Perry Barr19 APR 20212GR D2275 Tee Pe Que17.09
Sunday Night Maiden FinalCentral Park18 APR 20219OPEN480 Waikiki Seat29.45
Crayford 17 APR 2021 HT 23Crayford17 APR 202123GR H1380 Foxrock Brae23.96
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 17 APR 2021 HT 1Monmore17 APR 20211GR A1480 Jupiter Rising28.80
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 17 APR 2021 HT 6Perry Barr17 APR 20216GR A6480 Westview Murphy29.51
REHOME A RETIRED GREYHOUNDRomford17 APR 20212GR A4400 Wychwood Jake24.98
Crayford 16 APR 2021 HT 2Crayford16 APR 20212GR S4540 Oscars Memories34.38
The Retired Greyhound Trust A3 575 FinalShelbourne Park16 APR 20219GR A3526 Razldazl Curtis31.20
TAB-LONG MAY WE PLAYAlbion Park15 APR 20211GR NOV520 Merchant Navy30.22
Crayford 14 APR 2021 HT 6Crayford14 APR 20216GR A7380 Bugalagrande23.92
Henlow 13 APR 2021 HT 10Henlow13 APR 202110GR D1277 Agincourt Eve16.57
Crayford 10 APR 2021 HT 2Crayford10 APR 20212GR S5540 Hitthelids Annie34.38
Henlow 10 APR 2021 HT 13Henlow10 APR 202113GR A4460 Setanta28.06
Crayford 09 APR 2021 HT 4Crayford9 APR 20214GR A2380 Sweetsantreats23.90
The Talking Dogs Online TV A2 525 Round 1 HShelbourne Park9 APR 20217GR A2480 Generous Energy28.87
The Retired Greyhound Trust A3 575 Semi-FinShelbourne Park9 APR 202110GR A3526 Chew Tobacco31.72
The Retired Greyhound Trust A3 575 Semi-FinShelbourne Park9 APR 202111GR A3526 Razldazl Curtis31.07
The www.grireland.ie 525Tralee9 APR 20214GR A4480 Cash Return28.67
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A1Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A1GR TB302 Jay's Abu17.45
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A2Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A2GR TAA302 SH Avenger17.12
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A3Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A3GR M501 Saber Maui30.76
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A4Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A4GR D501 Bone Giver30.16
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A5Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A5GR TC620 JK Iceinmyveins38.51
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A6Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A6GR C501 L's Dinger30.34
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A7Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A7GR B501 WW Go Chiefs Go30.34
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A8Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A8GR C501 UBX Unclesweater30.25
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A9Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A9GR AA501 BGR Big Daddy29.78
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A10Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A10GR C620 BGR The Wizard38.52
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A11Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A11GR A501 SNL Relic30.19
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A12Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A12GR C501 RS's Kingofkings30.16
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A13Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A13GR B501 Pat C Melocut29.87
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A14Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A14GR C501 XB Submerge30.35
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A15Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A15GR B620 AMF Uno38.22
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A16Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A16GR C501 Get Back Up30.09
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A17Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A17GR AA501 Abbi's Frontman29.59
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A18Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A18GR C501 AMF Holy Halo30.00
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A19Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A19GR A501 BGR Trail Boss29.51
Wheeling Downs 09 Apr 2021 HT A20Wheeling Downs9 APR 2021A20GR B501 T's Rose Tico30.04
Henlow 08 APR 2021 HT 2Henlow8 APR 20212GR A5460 Derramore Queen28.10
Swindon 08 APR 2021 HT 4Swindon8 APR 20214GR A6476 Westwell Delilah29.38
Wheeling Downs 08 Apr 2021 HT A1Wheeling Downs8 APR 2021A1GR TC302 CTW Tempos Queen17.60
Wheeling Downs 08 Apr 2021 HT A2Wheeling Downs8 APR 2021A2GR D501 Kelsos Saynomore30.33
Wheeling Downs 08 Apr 2021 HT A3Wheeling Downs8 APR 2021A3GR C501 Blood Red Sky30.15
Wheeling Downs 08 Apr 2021 HT A4Wheeling Downs8 APR 2021A4GR D501 FGF Dolly Parton30.27
Wheeling Downs 08 Apr 2021 HT A5Wheeling Downs8 APR 2021A5GR TC620 Britney Eureton38.34
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