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Business Ads
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5 ads


Winning Post Supplies
Description  Winning Post Supplies.
For all your racing needs
To order Call or SMS Peter Bryce 0411 442 052
next day dispatch Australia wide.
Website www.winningpostonline.com.au
For your Complimentary (FREE) Greyhound Diet and 3 page Product/Pricelist
email me at [email protected]
To discuss any issues in your Kennel feel free to call me ph 0411 442 052
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Winning Post Supplies
Origin powders & Liquids
Winning Formula
Dr Rons Products
Companion Pet Products
Contact Name  Peter Bryce
State  Victoria   
Contact Address  Menzies Creek
Phone  0407680814
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Peter Bryce   
 (ad posted on 06-May-22)

Greyhound laser
Description  If your after the worlds best greyhound laser, go no further.
The GPPIFR 3300 fantastic product fantastic price over 1350 lasers sold world wide .see our web site for full details www.greyhoundpp.com.au
Mention this add and I will give you a $200 discount.
Contact Name  Jack Ogilvie
State  Victoria   
Contact Address  
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Jack Ogilvie   
 (ad posted on 27-Apr-22)

Description  A few vacancies for whelping coming up involved with breeding/ whelping since late 1970's.
Contact Name  Meredith Prentice
State  Victoria   
Contact Address  1 Glenrowan rd
Phone  0448581211
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Meredith Prentice   
 (ad posted on 04-May-22)

Dyna double straw
Description  2.6k Located Tiver Rd Vets
Contact Name  Connor Murray
State  South Australia   
Contact Address  

Phone  0427185646
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Connor Murray   
 (ad posted on 26-Apr-22)

Description  Greyhounds not chasing, latching on, bad box dogs. We have 37 yrs experience, two week intensive course, only small number of dogs taken at a time. All dogs must be washed clean and wormed two days prior to entering our property. Couriers go past our door daily. $180 per week per dog.
Contact Name  Barry and Roz evans
State  New South Wales   
Contact Address  Po box 119 moonbi 2353 nsw
Phone  04282893341. Or 67605267
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  roselyn evans   
 (ad posted on 26-Apr-22)

5 ads