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Paua Kennels

Breeder   Steve White
Street   150 Albatross Rd
Zip   2540
City   Nowra Hill
Country   Australia
Email   pauakennels@hotmail.com
Phone   0412433379
Phone 2   0244216376

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

Very successful breeding operation thru Broodbitch Alice Dooley.

Mother of 4 x Time Group 1 winner,and HALL OF FAME and holder of 5 track records (Paua To Burn),Group 2 winner Miss Megastar, Grandmother of GROUP 1 WINNERS, Bit Chilli ,Prankster,Tricky Shelley,Digital Magic. Mother or Grandmother of Group Winners and numerous listed races and Track Record Holders from every litter.This line continues to throw city winners and group winners.Now the daughters of Alice Dooley are following the tradition.

We Train, BREED and SELL pups from the Alice Dooley line BROODBITCHES INCLUDE Paua To Burn, Paua To Explode., Paua To Ignite, Paua To Erupt, Karma To Burn. Paua To Terrify. Burning Nikita.We currently have Solve The Puzzle, Nocka Norris ,El Galo and Bombastic Shiraz x 2 litters on the ground or racing from these fantastic bitches.

Paua To Burn
9 pups to Bombastic Shiraz May 09...( Paua To Burn ) has thrown a Group 1 Winner ,T/R holder and city winners fom her only 2 litters

Paua To Ignite is to be mated to Bombastic shiraz soon .5 pups already PRE SOLD to this magnifient fast bitch