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Breeding Kennels of  
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35 breeding kennels

Name of KennelLandBreeder ^ZipCity
Cashel Farm
USAAnne R. SheridanColorado
SnoFire Kennels
USAApril Bruce84020Draper
Rosmor Farms
USABob Rosko95692Wheatland
Hiway Kennels
USABrian Wallis76226Argyle
Legg Kennel, LLC
USABryon LeggLewis
Classic Sighthounds
USACackie Vroom & Frank DePaulo17532Holtwood
Charter Kennel, Inc.
USACary S. Alsobrook77379-8827Spring, Texas
Windrock L L C
USAColin R. and Kimberly Lewark FritzlerColorado
Country Roads Kennel
USACountry Roads KennelBuffalo, WV
Windyglen WG
USADon Papin74727Boswell
DM Greyhounds
USAElaine & Rob SummerhillEdgewood
Gulf & Bay
USAGulf & Bay Kennel Inc.Bonita Springs
Gulf and Bay (West Virginia)
USAGulf and Bay26075Windsor Heights
Sunsand Kennel
USAHarland (Mooch) & Dixie Olson67480Solomon
AHK Racing Greyhounds
USAJames and Janelle Jackson76567-5880Rockdale, Texas
John Bladen Farms
USAJohn Bladen73526Blair,Ok
Arno Racing
USAJon Arno
Blu Too Kennel
USAKatherine AbattiOcala, FL
KB's Greyhound Farm Inc.
USAKen Biehle76577Thorndale, TX
Team Greyhound
USAKevin Fish39503Gulfport
Block Sporthounds, Inc.
USAKristin BlockCentral North Carolina
Larry Knott Farm
USALarry KnottAz
El-Aur Greyhounds
USALaurel E. Drew87105-6408Albuquerque
Aryal Hounds
USALila E Snow98011Bothell
Mesa Racing Inc
USAMark Adams92660Newport Beach
EZ Greyhound Farm
USAMike & Judy Jones75160Terrell,Texas
Haber Kennels Inc.
USAMitch Haber34491Summerfield, FL
Grosh Greyhounds
USAPat Grosh94952California
Grandmaster Farm Greyhounds and Whippets
USAPeppi Anne Greco26175Sistersville, West Virginia
Vermillion Greyhounds
USARhian Williams
Hevener Farms
USARon Hevener17545Manheim. Pennysylvania
Amestoy Kennel
USARoss Amestoy74868Seminole
C & C Greyhound Farm
USAThe Scitern Family76567Rockdale
Master Greyhounds
USAWendy Brotherton38017Memphis
Williams Greyhound Farm
USAWillie Williams73801Woodward, OK