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Happy Easter to all at Greyhound-Data

Welcome to the Greyhound Knowledge Forum

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Greyhound-Data's Classified Section is visited by 15,000 to 25,000 greyhound friends every day. That is why you should take advantage and advertise your litter, your racing dogs and broods or any other greyhound related items there.

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Here is where you can advertise pups, saplings, dogs, brood bitches, stud dogs, syndicates, equipment or anything related to greyhounds. You can also answer all potential buyers' questions.
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  Classifieds (Saplings) :(Fernando Bale x Voussoir)Jimmy Corbo0009 Apr 09:38 0
  Classifieds (Saplings) :(Moreira x Canya Sassy)Jason Churchman0009 Apr 08:25 0
  Classifieds :TOYOTA SPACIA VANJamie Quinlivian0009 Apr 08:05 0
  Classifieds (Dogs) :Carpool Karaoke - (Fernando BaWayne Hogan0009 Apr 07:32 0
  Classifieds (Dogs) :Fail In Honour - (Fabregas x OAshley Paul Craven0409 Apr 05:14 0
  Classifieds (Dogs) :Little Whacko - (Spring Gun x Kenneth Anderson0609 Apr 04:44 0
  Classifieds (Dogs) :Only Want Mum - (Dyna Tron x SDaniel Flanagan0209 Apr 03:38 0
  Classifieds (Pups) :(Zipping Garth x Cosmic Vee BeSam Watson0009 Apr 01:34 0
  Classifieds (Pups) :(Droopys Roddick x QuarterlandRyan Magill0308 Apr 22:03 0
  Classifieds (Pups) :(Droopys Cain x Quarterland ElRyan Magill0408 Apr 21:59 0
  Classifieds (Pups) :(Laughil Blake x Quarterland ARyan Magill0208 Apr 21:40 0
  Classifieds :Irish Greyhound Review AnnualBrian Collins0408 Apr 21:25 0
  Classifieds (Dogs) :Glasmeen Genie - (Ela Ela GeniDeclan Kelly0208 Apr 18:04 0
  Classifieds (Saplings) :(Blades of Hope x Count BeDen Morrin0108 Apr 14:22 0
  Classifieds (Dogs) :Willy The Ram - (Candlelight KAlex Candlish0008 Apr 13:10 0
  Classifieds (Pups) :(My Redeemer x Starface)Michael Davison0208 Apr 10:01 0
  Classifieds (Pups) :(Mepunga Blazer x Winsome SummBilly Myers0108 Apr 09:41 0
  Classifieds (Dogs) :Cinnamon Lass - (Barcia Bale xGary Sciortino0408 Apr 09:25 0
  Classifieds (Dogs) :Farley Fire - (Fabregas x Gan Greg Harborne0208 Apr 08:58 0
  Classifieds (Saplings) :(Jagger Swagger x Its a ChDarren Mines0108 Apr 04:00 0
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