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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
NSW GBOTA WELCOME MAIDENBathurst10 AUG 20201MAIDEN307 Crystal Shacoby18.55
The www.igb.ie A3 525 Round 2 Heat 1Shelbourne Park4 AUG 20206GR A3480 Strides Bilibong28.42
Box 1 Photography 600Albion Park3 AUG 20207GR 5600 Frieda Las Vegas35.09
The Barking Buzz App A0 525Shelbourne Park1 AUG 20207GR A0480 Da Bold Eagle28.36
The Racing Every Friday Night 525Newbridge31 JUL 20209GR A4480 Tinryland Boy28.85
The Salute To Our Industry Open Unraced SemShelbourne Park31 JUL 20206GR ON1480 Ballymac Lowry28.53
The Salute To Our Industry Open Unraced RouShelbourne Park24 JUL 20209GR ON1480 Amazing Champ28.57
Ipswich Young Guns (Heat)/Class 2/520Ipswich18 JUL 20206GR Open520 Marske30.48
RICHMOND RACE CLUBRichmond15 JUL 20205GR Grad535 Pamelas Girl30.92
Kiepenkerl Rennen 12.07.2020 FinaleMünster12 JUL 20209OPEN275 Arrivederci99.00
Kiepenkerl Rennen 12.07.2020 B-FinaleMünster12 JUL 202013OPEN275 Allegra17.19
drumbopark.com 335Drumbo Park11 JUL 20205GR S5306 Holdem Japan17.84
SKY RACING STAKEAlbion Park2 JUL 20201GR NOV520 Hopeful Lash30.11
The BoyleSports A5 525Shelbourne Park30 JUN 20205GR A5480 Columbia28.76
DUBBO RSL CLUBDubbo26 JUN 20207GR Grad318 Platinum Status18.65
The Try A Trio A3 525Shelbourne Park26 JUN 20205GR A3480 Grandslam Champ28.98
The Welcome To Clonmel A6/A7 525Clonmel19 JUN 20201GR A6480 Vancouver Ali28.92
www.igb.ie A6 525Kilkenny19 JUN 20204GR A6480 High St Bran29.39
Sports Bowl Function Centre StakesManukau14 JUN 20203GR C2527 Thrilling Izzy30.31
Motorhub 600Albion Park28 MAY 20206GR 5600 Frieda Las Vegas34.65
GARRARD'S HORSE & HOUND STAKEAlbion Park14 MAY 20201GR NOV520 Special Cyndie30.16
GREYHOUND PRODUCTS DIRECT STAKESRichmond8 MAY 20204GR Grad400 Zipping Dion22.63
TSR ACCESS SERVICES STAKESRichmond29 APR 20204GR Grad400 Pamelas Girl22.71
GARRARD’S HORSE AND HOUNDAlbion Park23 APR 20201GR 520 Fernando Beach30.19
TABIpswich21 APR 20208GR Mixe520 Blue Jillem30.86
TAB EASTER TROPHY FINALAlbion Park9 APR 20207FEATURE520 Frieda Las Vegas30.08
G-SIX YOU. ME. 6 WEEKS. MAIDEN STAKEAngle Park3 APR 20201MAIDEN388 Aston Opal22.05
TAB EASTER TROPHY HEAT 3Albion Park2 APR 20205FEATURE520 Frieda Las Vegas29.98
EXPAT LODGEAlbion Park30 MAR 20208GR 5520 Frieda Las Vegas30.19
Ardnasool Jet At Stud Open/S1 330 ydsThurles21 MAR 20206OPEN302 Strides Bilibong18.01
The March ON3 Unraced Stake FinalClonmel20 MAR 20207GR ON3480 Shouldagonfaster29.29
Greyhounds Make Great Pets A5/A6 525 Semi-FShelbourne Park20 MAR 20204GR A5480 Columbia29.52
ACCELL THERAPYIpswich17 MAR 202010GR GRAD431 Special Karmar25.26
The 2020 Ladbrokes Easter Cup Open 550 FinaShelbourne Park14 MAR 20209GROUP1503 Wolfe29.89
Brownstown Tango/NTSC Open Unraced Bitch RoNewbridge13 MAR 20206GR ON1480 Droopys Curio28.07
Greyhounds Make Great Pets A5/A6 525 Round Shelbourne Park10 MAR 20204GR A5480 Columbia29.38
QBRED 5th GRADE FINALAlbion Park9 MAR 20207GR 5520 Frieda Las Vegas30.53
Find Us on Facebook 525Waterford7 MAR 20207GR A5480 Clash Denzo28.97
The www.greyhoundaspets.ie A4 525 Round 1 HShelbourne Park5 MAR 20208GR A4480 Traceys Bob28.35
QLD BRED 5th GRADE HEAT 1Albion Park2 MAR 20201GR 5520 Frieda Las Vegas30.52
KEVIN WATERS TOWING MAIDENRichmond1 MAR 20202MAIDEN330 Pamelas Girl18.82
Try a Trio 525Drumbo Park22 FEB 20203GR A5480 Zoos Zico29.39
Welcome to Shelbourne Park A1/A2 525Shelbourne Park22 FEB 20201GR A1480 Distant Star28.47
LADBROKES LAUNCESTON CUPLaunceston17 FEB 20208GROUP2515 Caishen29.76
Vince Curry Memorial (G3) (Final)/Class 2/5Ipswich15 FEB 20208GROUP3520 Farmor Beach30.33
The Restaurant Packages A2 525Shelbourne Park15 FEB 20207GR A2480 Distant Star29.27
LAUNCESTON CUP HEAT 2Launceston10 FEB 20205OPEN515 Mr. Camacho30.04
Ladbrokes Launceston Cup Heat 5Launceston10 FEB 20208FEATURE515 Caishen29.41
Vince Curry Memorial (G3) (Semi-Final)/ClasIpswich8 FEB 20208GR S/E520 Frieda Las Vegas30.97
The Greyhounds Make Great Pets SprintClonmel7 FEB 20203GR S5274 Jet Mac16.50
Vince Curry Memorial (G3) (Heat)/Class 2/52Ipswich1 FEB 20209GR S/E520 Frieda Las Vegas30.74
2020 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 Semi-Shelbourne Park1 FEB 20209GR AA0480 Ballymac Inspeed28.07
2020 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 Semi-Shelbourne Park1 FEB 202010GR AA0480 Run Happy28.28
The www.igb.ie 525 Unraced Stake Semi-FinalWaterford1 FEB 20203GR ON3480 Airmount Balf29.02
Rural Hawaii @ Stud ON1 Unraced Stake RoundClonmel26 JAN 20207GR ON1480 Newinn Session28.66
SOUTH WINDSOR BUTCHERY STAKESRichmond26 JAN 202011GR Grad330 Towering Dawn18.77
The www.igb.ie 525 Unraced Stake Round 1 HeWaterford25 JAN 20205GR ON3480 Airmount Balf29.08
January Unraced ON2/ON3 325 FinalNewbridge24 JAN 20205GR ON2297 Crucial Shiner17.83
Sales @ Kilkenny Track A6 525Kilkenny22 JAN 20204GR A6480 Tip Top Gold30.01
January Unraced ON2/ON3 325 Semi-FinalNewbridge17 JAN 20204GR ON2297 Crucial Paddy18.01
Try a Forecast ON 335Drumbo Park11 JAN 20202GR ON2306 Sams Elle18.05
January Unraced ON2/ON3 325 Round 1 Heat 2Newbridge10 JAN 20203GR ON2297 Yonder She Goes17.75
Welcome To Waterford Greyhound Stadium 525Waterford4 JAN 20201GR A5480 Hellroad Blitzer29.45
Happy New Year ON2 Unraced Stake Semi-FinalWaterford4 JAN 20204GR ON2480 Laughil Toby29.19
Slán Abhaile 525Waterford28 DEC 201910GR A2480 Uptospeed29.06
SEASONS GREETINGSIpswich24 DEC 20193GR NOVI431 Special Karmar25.33
Robert Connolly Memorial Tri Distance FinalDrumbo Park21 DEC 20197GR A0526 Friendly Finn31.90
The Slan Abhaile 525Cork20 DEC 201910GR A3480 Super Vic28.93
follow us on facebook 335Drumbo Park6 DEC 20195GR S6306 Drumcrow Dakota18.04
The Bet On The Tote A3 525Shelbourne Park14 NOV 201911GR A3480 Distant Star28.78
The Curraheen Park ON3 525 Unraced Stake SeCork8 NOV 20194GR ON3480 Beatties Power28.90
CHASERS FUNCTION CENTRE HT2Bendigo1 NOV 20192GR Maid425 East Street24.13
Kleindöttingen 27.10.2019 Finale KSMKleindöttingen27 OCT 20195OPEN280 Fantasy16.84
The Munster Juvenile Cup Round 1 Heat 3Clonmel20 OCT 20197GR A1480 Sunshine Lad29.19
Oberhausen 20.10.2019Oberhausen20 OCT 20191OPEN280 Ceannloch Boa16.94
WWW.IPSWICHGREYHOUNDS.COMIpswich24 SEP 20193GR Maid431 Special Karmar25.49
2019 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby FinaShelbourne Park21 SEP 201910GROUP1503 Lenson Bocko29.40
FOLLOW THE DOGS SA ON TWITTER (5+ WINS N/P)Angle Park18 SEP 20198GR Spec515 Emerley Nolen30.32
WILD GRAINS BAKERY HT1Healesville16 SEP 20191GR Maid300 Ali Tonic17.38
The Slan Abhaile 525Cork31 AUG 201911GR AA0480 Skywalker Rafa28.28
Freiburg 11.08.2019 FinaleFreiburg11 AUG 20194OPEN280 Rooney Camolin17.44
Freiburg 11.08.2019 FinaleFreiburg11 AUG 20195OPEN280 Cashen Princess17.74
Freiburg 11.08.2019 FinaleFreiburg11 AUG 20196OPEN480 Oquino29.34
The KM Plant and Glenbio 525Cork13 JUL 201911GR A2480 Lubagh Kirsty28.44
THE TRACK LOTTO ON3 UNRACED 350 SPRINT SemiLifford13 JUL 20192GR ON3320 Unlikely Harley19.39
THE TRACK LOTTO ON3 UNRACED 350 SPRINT SemiLifford13 JUL 20193GR ON3320 Gobby Dobby19.27
SKY RACING BRISBANE CUP FINALAlbion Park4 JUL 20198GROUP1520 Sennachie29.38
The Follow Us On Twitter 525Cork3 JUL 20199GR A4480 Odell Blitz29.06
LEEROY ROGUE @ STUD Capalaba30 JUN 20197GR Open366 Rally Dryva19.83
FLYING AMY CLASSIC FINALAlbion Park20 JUN 20196GROUP3520 Feral Franky29.99
KEYBOW @ STUDCapalaba9 JUN 20195GR Mixe366 Rally Dryva19.95
GREYHOUND_DATA.COMIpswich7 JUN 20194GR Mast431 Sweet Karmar25.69
Hansa Union Rennen VLHamburg1 JUN 20193OPEN270 Gypsy Yolo99.00
Sonny Butler Memorial A4/A5 525 yds stk RouThurles1 JUN 201910GR A3480 Storeman Tom29.87
RED MILLS Champion Unraced A5 525Kilkenny22 MAY 20199GR A5480 Phillys Choice29.51
WWW.IPSWICHGREYHOUNDS.COMIpswich21 MAY 20196GR Grad431 Rocky Spies25.39
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