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Save Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium from demolition

Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium in England will be demolished after Manchester City Council approved developers plans to build 247 houses on the site.

Please sign the petition to help us fight the plans to demolish this iconic and viable stadium.
The stadium first opened in 1926, as part of the legendary Belle Vue area and is famous for staging the first ever Greyhound racing event in the UK.

Please click YES to sign the petition.

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Canil Ribeiro

Breeder   Roberto Ribeiro
Street   rua de caniços nº17 -Cristelo
Zip   4755-181
City   Barcelos
Country   Portugal
Email   rbrtribeiro@sapo.pt
Phone   964235045

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Canil vocacionado para a criação de galgos de corrida em pista recta.----------------------------------------------------------------------- Miss CINDY com apenas 11meses fez 3ºlugar na catogoria das honras,na classe de cachorros em MACEDO DE CAVALEIROS.--------------------------------------------- Miss Blue Vencedora da finalissima da taça da A.G.L.N. 2012 na categoria de repescagem adultos.