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Du Domaine de Pharamond

Breeder   Carole Somers-Lenancker
Street   40 Chemin du Pilon
City   F-06520 Magagnoc
Country   France
Email   domainedepharamond@yahoo.fr
Phone   +33 680 55 16 83
Phone 2   +33 950 85 65 42

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Pharamond Story & Spirit - Love & Passion of Greyhound

Animal World since always and for ever,

The Breeding a passion,

Our discovery of Greyhound (1992) was a thunderbolt with "Hazel nut" (For Ever de la Haultière) and her companion Etna de la Haultière.

In addition to their sculptural beauty these two Greyhounds, in a few minutes had conquered us.

Followed from there 4 years of division, training, the pleasure "of speaking Grey" with Genevieve Crop-Margueritat, French breeder with the affix “de la HAULTIERE” who has always the kindness to transmit to us, day after day, her passion, her knowledge, her experiment with Greyhound.

Thereafter, many contacts as various as profitable with other international breeders ( “SOBERS”), specialists informed (international judges) very involved regarding the Greyhound evolution, allowed us to progress in the discovery and the comprehension of the "Group 10” in general and of that of the "Greyhound" in particular.

Our presence in the Greyhound world is the symbiosis of all these exchanges. ..Of course, these meetings allowed the acquisition of a knowledge but more especially the possibility of consolidating this one and offer to our Greyhounds even happier because understood better,... the remainder belongs to "Pharamond Spirit"...

In 1996, we had the immense joy, the emotion, the honor to welcome our first bitch, Fabulous Moïra du clos des ardents.

Nyskhane the secret one but presents at every moment, a dignity out of the commun run, and her brother Nirvana de la Haultière tells "Cham" , soft dreamer and compared with A Oriental Prince, joined us in 1997.

Then it was in 1998, "Birdy" On the blue bird' s wings de la Haultière, jewel of deep sincerity and its sister "Ondine" Over the Stars de la Haultière, delicate bitch, quiet but at how much presents by her richness of character, offering her love of a glance but dissimulating it at once.

And finally, in 2000, Ryahnna de la Haultière (worthy girl of Moïra and Neptune of Haultière) stayed with us and her mother.

Our way with these six Greyhounds who become members of the family is all over a whole formidable adventure, of an incomparable richness. We love them and daily they are present with us. Our open or secret relations are always full with emotion. Each one of them offers to us his personality, his charisma, his discretion, his elegance, his softness confirming thus that with Greyhound, each exchange is personalized.

It is also with them and by them that we take pleasure to find friendly and owners trought the exposures, to make known Greyhounds with the public or to take them along to run for their greater pleasure.

2003 saw the birth of the first litter born under the affix "du Domaine de Pharamond", Ulhan, Utaho, Utenah, Uromah, the soft arrival of Ukah de Belouyeva, very lovely bitch and Sobers Elianto, marvellous male, Greyhound with such force and such softness too...Each glance that he grants to us, that we exchange is for us a spark of emotion, and finally dedication of Ryahnna which became International champion .

2004 Ryahnna and Nyskhane offer each one to us a marvellous litter with Elianto, become meanwhile Champion of France and International Champion.

Finally beyond successes and the titles which always give pleasure, the best reward for us is an happy Greyhound appreciating his life with us or his family, being in a sofa, or playing around the house, pricking a gallop only for him in fields or on track, happy to go for a walk in forest or on a beach, or just happy to advance in the life time near people who like him.

Last but not least...2005 Our young Kennel won The Best Breeder’s Group at The National Breeder Show...
2006 Ulhan won The French Championship and finished his International Championship...

To be continued...

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