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Carwood Kennels

Breeder   Tom Cairns
Zip   BT36 5ju
City   Newtownabbey
Country   Ireland
Email   tomcairns12@googlemail.com
Phone   07973113710

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

a small kennel with only one brood and a hand full of race dogs at anyone time so they can receive the best of every thing,my breeding success is limited as yet ,with one litter racing first pup to run winning her first race second pup to run winning her first two races.

the photos below are race dogs i have owned all winning races first picture TINSLEY KELLY

2nd picture CARWOOD BOLT

3rd picture MUCKROSS MARGO

4th picture CARWOOD KELLY wins her 1st two races

5th picture ALL BLACK MAJOR

6th picture CARWOOD RIZZINI feeding with her sisters and mum